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Gas Golf Cart Hesitates When Accelerating

gas golf cart hesitates when accelerating
gas golf cart hesitates when accelerating

What to do when your golf cart accelerator doesn’t work perfectly? There could be multiple issues inside your vehicle that could be causing this issue. In this blog, you’ll read about how your golf cart accelerator works and some of the most common accelerator problems.

Accelerator issues are one of the most common golf cart issues. When your electric golf cart does not accelerate, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that it is not a regular vehicle like your car. That’s why the methods and solutions you use to get your car to start are not the same as the solutions you can apply to your cart.

How Does An Electric Golf Cart Accelerator Work?

The golf cart speed controller and solenoid are both controlled by the accelerator. The pedal is connected to the potentiometer. That means when you are pressing the pedal for acceleration, you are actually going through the potentiometer by pushing a rod.

The potentiometer works as a communicator and tells the speed controller how much voltage it has to consume. The more voltage means the more speed and vice versa (Check out our resource on golf cart speed).

How do you know it’s an Accelerator Problem?

If your cart does not start smoothly, hesitates before starting, or does not gain speed properly, these are all signs of a bad or damaged accelerator.

Most Common Electric Golf Cart Accelerator problems

Following are the most common reasons why your golf cart is not accelerating like it used to.

Loose Connection

Inspect the wires carefully and make sure all of them are correctly connected. Sometimes loose wiring can cause the speed controller to malfunction. You need to make sure that all the wires are plugged in tightly. Along with this, you also need to inspect the condition of the wires. If you notice any wear and tear or corrosion in any of the cables, get them replaced immediately.

Bad Solenoid

If your golf cart does not accelerate, there is a possibility of the damaged solenoid. The solenoid is basically an electrical switch that enables the battery’s flow from the battery into the motor. Check out the signs of the bad solenoid.

Speed Controller

The speed controller manages the speed of the golf cart. There are some situations when the speed controller fails, but the cart will still start and move ahead. But, as it runs for a while, it will start malfunctioning. In such a situation, no matter how many times you try, it will not move ahead. If it does not move ahead, the speed of acceleration will be uneven. There are many reasons behind a speed controller malfunction. The most common problem that happens in the controller has aged due to infrequent use.

These are just some of the issues that could be affecting your vehicle’s acceleration. If you have trouble finding the issue of your golf cart accelerator, don’t be afraid to take it to the mechanic.

Take Your Golf Cart for Repair

A golf cart that has accelerator problems should be inspected and repaired immediately. Continuing to drive with this kind of trouble can be dangerous. If you are not comfortable troubleshooting a golf cart that won’t accelerate, It’s better to seek the advice of a trusted professional.

Take your vehicle to the repair place. Let them thoroughly inspect your cart and determine what is causing the problem to have it repaired properly.

If it is not possible to take it to a mechanic, then feel free to give us a quick call for virtual expert advice from an expert mechanic. In case of any concern or query regarding golf cart customization, get in touch with us. Experts at Golf Cart Garage are here for you.