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What Golf Shoes Does Scottie Scheffler Wear

what golf shoes does scottie scheffler wear
what golf shoes does scottie scheffler wear

As the field continues to shrink, so do my options for the best golf shoes of the week. And to avoid sounding like a broken record, I wanted to switch it up and show some love to some of the underdogs—those whose shoes have gone largely unnoticed.

I’m constantly reminding myself that what’s cool to me may not be cool to you. Not everyone salivates over NIKE or Jordan Brand golf kicks the way I do. With that said, here are some of the best (and most under-appreciated) golf shoes I saw at the BMW Championship.

Sepp Straka in Sqairz Golf Shoes

Sepp Straka has been one of the few Tour pros to sign a shoe deal with Sqairz. Alongside names like Nick Faldo and John Daly, Straka has quietly been giving the people at Sqairz a lot to be excited about. His lone Tour win in February came while wearing the Sqairz Speed but the model he’s been wearing recently doesn’t look like any I’ve seen before.

We can’t move on without mentioning that since their inception, Sqairz has been a great tester for us here at MyGolfSpy. The Sqairz Speed was crowned the most stable golf shoe in our 2022 spiked golf shoe testing.

I’m sure some of you are much more familiar with Sqairz than I am. If you’ve worn a pair, love your pair or have any experience with the brand at all, feel free to leave me a comment. I’m genuinely curious about your experience.

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Hideki Matsuyama in the ASICS GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD

Hideki Matsuyama has always done things a little differently and that includes his golf shoe selection. The 2021 Masters champion wears the ASICS GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD, a little-known performance golf shoe from the Japanese running shoe giant.

ASICS isn’t new to the golf scene but their footprint in North America is still fairly fresh. The GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD happens to be ASICS’ first real Tour offering with traditional styling and spiked tooling.

And unless you’ve played with me (which I know you haven’t), the chances of you seeing a pair of these in the wild is slim to none. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give these a go. If you’re a fan of ANY of ASICS running shoes, you’re going to get along with the ASICS GEL-ACE PRO M STANDARD just fine.


Scottie Scheffler in the NIKE Air Zoom Tiger Woods ’20

If Tiger Woods isn’t wearing his own shoe, someone’s got to do it, right?

The NIKE Air Zoom Tiger Woods ’20 has been world No. 1 Scottie Scheffler’s choice of golf shoe for this year. Interestingly, Scheffler had been wearing the NIKE Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 in last year’s Tour Championship.

You wonder that if NIKE had introduced a new version of the TW signature shoe, would Scheffler have switched but something tells me he’s content with what he’s got. If you remember, Scheffler was still using an old NIKE fairway wood up until he signed his recent deal with TaylorMade. And it recently came out that he still drives the same Chevy Suburban he had in college.

It’s safe to say Scheffler sticks with what he knows and that’s OK with me.

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Tyrrell Hatton in the original adidas CODECHAOS

Do you buy new golf shoes every year or are you still rocking a pair from a few years ago? If you’re in the latter group (I’m definitely not), then Tyrrell Hatton is right there with you.

Hatton is still wearing the original adidas CODECHAOS shoes from 2020. Even though adidas has released not one but two new iterations of the CODECHAOS since then, Hatton is content to stay with what he knows works.

Maybe Hatton has been reading MyGolfSpy content and knows the adidas CODECHAOS took home the title of the best spikeless golf shoe of 2020. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the newer models are any worse or better but it’s not something we can just disregard.

Obviously, adidas nailed it with the first version of the CODECHAOS and Hatton is proof of that.


Mito Pereira in the Under Armour HOVR Drive 2

PGA TOUR rookie Mito Pereira was seen in the Under Armour HOVR Drive 2. Similar to ASICS or Sqairz, you don’t see a lot of Tour pros wearing Under Armour golf shoes.

Yeah, yeah, I know Spieth does but he has his own Under Armour shoe. The HOVR Drive 2 is the Baltimore sportswear brand’s Tour offering for the masses. Despite the original HOVR Drive taking the top spot in our 2021 spiked golf shoe testing, the HOVR Drive 2 finished towards the bottom of the pack in our 2022 spiked golf shoe performance test.

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Showing Love to the Little Guys

Have you tried any of the golf shoes on my list? Drop a comment below and let me know. Often the shoes we tend to overlook turn out to be hidden performance gems.

If you’re stubborn like me and unwilling to give some of the smaller brands a try, I suggest you put aside your ego and give them a go. We can do it together, OK? All jokes aside, golf is about wearing what you want. Don’t let anyone give you grief for your golf shoe. Enjoy what you wear and you’ll enjoy the game that much more!