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What Hand Golf Glove

what hand golf glove
what hand golf glove

Starting out in golf sometimes can be overwhelming. So many boxes to check: Equipment, swing mechanics, course etiquette and even what to wear.

On the topic of apparel, one question we get quite often from new golfers is, “On which hand should I wear a golf glove?”

Let’s dive into it.

The Big Question: What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

The simple answer is that you should wear a golf glove on your non-dominant hand. This would be the hand that sits at the top of the golf grip (closest to your body).

Why do golfers wear gloves on the non-dominant hand? Grip. Your non-dominant hand (or lead hand) is the strongest point of contact between you and your club. Any slippage or movement between your hand and the club could result in a loss of control and an errant shot.

Can I Wear Two Golf Gloves?

It’s not unheard of and is a matter of personal preference. In fact, our very own Tony Covey was once part of the #TwoGloveGang. You’ll still see a pro wearing a glove on both hands once in a while (I’m looking at you, Aaron Rai).

Fun fact: Most golf rain gloves come in pairs of two. It makes sense. Rain can have a negative effect on your ability to grip the club so an extra glove comes in handy in wet weather.

That said, a single glove on your lead hand is more than enough in most dry conditions.

Why Should I Wear a Golf Glove?

I’ll spare you the long-winded answer (you can find that in our glove vs no glove test) but our extensive testing has shown that wearing a golf glove has a positive effect on performance.

And while we often think about using a glove to increase comfort or decrease blisters, the right glove also improves performance.

In testing we found that golf swings hit with a glove hold the edge. This is true for pitching wedge, 7-iron and driver.

  • With a glove, pitching wedges see a 1.63-mph faster ball speed than without a glove.
  • For 7-irons, there is a 2.2-mph faster ball speed than without a glove.
  • Lastly, driver ball speed has the smallest differential—.97 mph faster with a glove.

All in all, important metrics such as dispersion (how close to your aim point the ball ends up), ball speed (how fast the ball is moving after impact) and carry distances (how far the ball travels in the air) were all positively impacted by wearing a glove.

In short, better contact with the grip of the golf club creates a better overall result.

More Golf Glove Tips and Tricks

  • Finding the right glove size can be tricky. Try on a glove before you buy wherever possible. As a general rule of thumb, the glove should fit (well, like a glove) with about ¼ inch of the Velcro closure showing. This gives you room to tighten the glove as it stretches over time.
  • Most top-performing golf gloves are made from cabretta leather. Soft leather gloves provide excellent grip, a better feel and decent durability.
  • A thinner glove like the PXG Players Glove may feel better and provide a more one-to-one connection with the club but it won’t last as long as something like the PING Tour which is thicker.
  • Golf gloves are labeled as a “left-hand glove” or “right-hand glove”. This designation is referred to as the “Glove Hand”. If you’re a right-handed golfer, you’d select the “left-hand” glove as this would be worn on your left hand and vice versa for a left-handed golfer.
  • What the heck is cadet sizing? Cadet gloves, as opposed to regular gloves, have shorter fingers and a wider palm area.
  • Want a new golf glove and don’t know what to buy? Check out our rankings of the Best Golf Gloves for 2023.