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What Is A Golf Towel Used For

what is a golf towel used for
what is a golf towel used for

What are golf towels used for? Quite simply, they keep you, your clubs, and your golf gear clean & dry. While this is true, let’s go a bit deeper.

Can you play golf without a golf towel? Yes, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Can a golf towel help you shoot lower scores? Definitely.

We are going to explore why you need a golf towel attached to your bag and even give you a list of our favorite products. Let’s get started!

What Are Golf Towels Used For? 5 Reasons You Need One

1. Cleaning Dirt Off Your Golf Balls and Clubs

A golf towel will help you shoot lower scores. Dirt or mud on your golf balls & clubs impacts how they perform. A small amount of mud on your ball can make it curve wildly in either direction. If you watch the PGA tour on television you will hear them complain about “mud balls” after a poor shot. They aren’t allowed to clean their ball in the fairway, but you can.

The grooves on the face of your clubs are designed to help you control and spin your golf ball, but if they get filled with dirt, they cannot do their job. You could hit a perfect iron shot, but it will bounce over the green if the grooves are full of mud/sand. It is very simple – clean clubs hit better golf shots.

2. Wiping Off Sweat

We all love playing golf on a warm summer afternoon, but sweat can impact your ability to hit high-quality golf shots. It is hard to concentrate with sweat running down your face or getting in your eyes. Do your hands and arms ever get sweaty on the back 9?

A golf towel is the solution. Keep your face, arms, hands, and golf grips dry. It doesn’t matter if you are sweating because of the temperature or if you are worried about your side bet with your buddy. Either way, your golf towel can solve the problem.

3. Drying Your Gear If It’s Raining

Golf umbrellas are helpful. Rain pants and jackets will keep your body dry, but the real “hero” in the rain is a dry golf towel. You can’t play if you can’t hold onto your clubs. Your grips getting wet during a quick back 9 shower can ruin your day.

What are golf towels used for? They can keep your round together when the weather gets tough. Always check the weather forecast before you leave your house and if there is a chance of rain, bring a couple of golf towels to the course. Hang one of them on your bag and keep the other nice and dry in your apparel pocket.

4. Wiping Down Your Golf Bag & Shoes

The best time to remove dirt from your golf bag and your golf shoes is immediately after they get dirty. Don’t give the mud time to settle. This is another reason why you need a golf towel during your round. Quickly wipe down your gear and you will continue to look great (even if you don’t play great).

5. Cleaning Your Other Golf Accessories

What are your favorite golf accessories? Most golfers use gloves, golf tees, and a divot tool, but what about a water bottle to keep you hydrated or sunglasses to protect your eyes? Regardless of the size of your collection of golf accessories, they all have two things in common. They improve your experience on the course and they need to be cleaned from time to time. If only there was something you could use to keep them looking new…Oh yeah, a golf towel works!

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5 Best Golf Towels On The Market

You understand why you need a golf towel, but you might need some help picking out the best one. Don’t worry, we can help. Below you will find our list of cool golf towels that you should consider.

1. Sunday Golf Towels

Sunday Golf perfectly combines fashion and function in their line of golf towels. Made from microfiber, they can quickly clean your golf balls, clubs, and gear. The slit in the middle of the towel makes it easy to hang on any club and you can quickly access it for all of your cleaning needs.

They are great golf towels, but what truly separates them from the pack is their style. So many stylish choices that will make you stand out on the driving range or the first tee. They have options if you are proud of your region of the country or simply want to be patriotic. You must check out the “Miami Vice” golf towel. This is the one golf towel that can keep your stuff clean and make you look cool!

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2. STICKIT Magnetic Towel

The name sort of gives it away. This microfiber golf towel by STICKIT has a unique attachment mechanism. You guessed it, a high-power magnet. It will stick to your clubs, a golf cart, or any other metal surface. Do you like taking your golf towel to the green to clean your ball before you putt? This product makes that process simple.

3. Under Armour Golf Towel

If you are a Jordan Speith fan you are probably familiar with the Under Armour line of golf products. This golf towel is unique because it offers you several different surface types to leverage when you are on the course. A plush section for water absorption or polishing, a textured section for cleaning loose dirt or mud, and scrubbing patches for the tougher, dried-on dirt. The Under Armour golf towel uses a metal hook to attach to your bag (our least favorite method), but it is still a product you should consider.

4. Callaway Tri-Fold Towel

The Callaway Tri-Fold golf towel is a simple, but effective solution to your golf course cleaning needs. There is nothing flashy about this product, but it can get the job done. It has been constructed with a few different textures to help you deal with everything from dirt to sand to mud. The snap attachment works well, but we prefer a slit.

5. Titleist StaDry Towel

If you are looking for a high-end golf towel, give the Titleist StaDry a look. It is a bit more expensive than other products on our list but has been designed to help you handle any conditions you encounter during your round. The multi-material construction allows you to keep part of it wet and part of it dry. The inside has a patch to clean the grooves of your clubs. Titleist is a well-known golf brand and they make products for the competitive golfer.

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What Are Golf Towels Used For: FAQs

Why Wet a Golf Towel?

A wet golf towel does a much better job getting dirt, sand, or mud off your golf balls, golf clubs, and golf shoes. We recommend you get half of your golf towel wet and leave the other half dry. This allows you to scrub and dry.

How Many Golf Towels Should You Have In Your Golf Bag?

You should never head to the golf course without at least one golf towel in or on your golf bag. If the weather forecast is calling for rain, put a couple extra in the apparel pocket of your bag.

What Is The Slit On a Golf Towel Used For?

The slit is an attachment mechanism to give you easy access to the towel while you play. Using the slit, you can hang the towel on any club in your golf bag. We recommend your use a club that you don’t hit very often.

What Is a Microfiber Towel For In Golf?

Microfiber towels are perfect for cleaning your golf balls and golf clubs because the smaller fibers create more surface area to capture dirt, grime, and sand. You will clean more with less effort.

Get Your Golf Towel Today!

You wouldn’t try to play golf without golf clubs, right? Playing without a high-quality golf towel is almost the same. They will keep you comfortable, help you play better, and extend the life of your golf gear. There is no reason to wait – pick out a great golf towel today.