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What Length Should Golf Shorts Be

what length should golf shorts be
what length should golf shorts be

Golf shorts are a must for those hot days when the green looks too cool to resist. The standard golfing uniform might be khakis and a polo, but trekking potentially miles over multiple 18-hole courses would be uncomfortable if you had to do it in heavy pants.

So you want to buy golf shorts but don’t know how long they should be. Should they pass your knee? Stop at mid-thigh? Here’s everything you need to know about golf short length and wearability.

What Makes the Best Golf Shorts?

It sounds like a cop-out answer, but the best length for golf shorts really depends on the golfer. Some prefer the added coverage of a “long short,” whereas some think if you’re going to go short, you may as well go short-short.

There is, however, a standard length that most pairs conform to. That would be between one and two inches above the knee. It’s short enough to offer you maximum breathability and comfort, but not so short that you feel exposed. Neither is it too long that you feel it’s interfering with your walking, squatting, or bending over while playing the game.

Aside from length, there are several other factors that make or break good golf shorts. They include:

Water Resistance

There are plenty of golf courses in tropical locales like Hawaii and southern Florida. Going out for a full round in the middle of July doesn’t even guarantee you protection from the rain.

You’ll want to wear something that will be resistant to falling rain, humidity, and inevitable sweat. Water resistance is a must-have quality in any pair of golf shorts (or pants) that are worth your money.


The great thing about this sport is that the clothes you have to buy to play it are often versatile. This is certainly the case when it comes to shorts.

The standard shorts design is minimal and sleek, which means you can pair them with clothes meant for different activities that suit different moods. Investing in a nice pair doesn’t mean you’ll only get your money’s worth on the green. You can wear them off the green to maximize your style.


Studies have shown that golf is beneficial to both mental and physical health, especially when you consider how much walking is involved in a regular game of golf. All that walking may help prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

When you’re out on the green walking over hills, back and forth the clubhouse and to your car, around hazards, and from hole to hole, you want your clothes to be breathable.


Another ideal quality is that the shorts be lightweight. This isn’t just because you want to feel unencumbered as you move through the course. It’s also because bags only have so much room for apparel storage. The lighter your clothes are, the easier it will be to carry them with you.


It’s a common misconception that golf isn’t a physically rigorous sport. But it’s called a sport for a reason! Anyone who’s played 18 holes in one go can tell you: this game involves a lot of movement – a lot of bending, twisting, reaching, turning, and striding.

You want your golf shorts to move with you, so flexibility is a highly important quality.

Where Can You Wear Golf Shorts?

A 2022 survey indicated that an estimated 20.8 million people expressed that they were “very interested” in trying out golf. If you count yourself among those 20 million, but you’re intimidated by all the money it seems like it’ll take to get into playable form, you can rest easy.

Most of the gear and accessories that go into a fully stocked bag (your clubs, apparel, the balls, a hat, and sunglasses for blocking out shade) can be used in more settings than just on the green. Maximize your style points!

That’s especially true of apparel. There’s a particular golf “look” that you can probably immediately call to mind. It consists of a visor, a polo, slacks or shorts, sensible sneakers, and statement socks. You can repurpose all of these garments for other occasions, both formal and informal. The investment is worth making.

Where To Buy the Best Golf Shorts?

You can find quality golf shorts in many places. Visit your local mall or outlets and check out the department stores, sporting apparel boutiques, and outdoor and fitness shops. Each of these stores will have their own take on the golf short.

You can also visit online retailers like Stitch Golf to find an excellent array of golf shorts. You can get so many specifications from online listings, including reviews and images, that you won’t even need to try them on before you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 7″ Shorts Too Short for Golf?

It depends on your comfort level. If you feel hemmed in by long and bulky shorts, go for 7″ or less. If you feel too exposed or have sensitive skin you want to protect from the sun and wind, go longer. It’s all about your comfort and your preference.

What Is the Inseam Length for Golf Shorts?

Fit is just as important as length, if not more so. You should be able to wear these shorts without having to strap them on with a belt. But they shouldn’t be so tight that you feel your circulation cutting off. A good inseam for these kinds of shorts would range between 8″ and 10.5″.

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