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What To Do With Old Golf Balls

what to do with old golf balls
what to do with old golf balls

If you have a bunch of old golf balls you’re not using anymore, don’t default to simply throwing them in the trash! Studies show that golf balls can take anywhere from 100 to 1000 years to decompose in a landfill. Instead of adding to your environmental footprint, you can find a green way to recycle your old balls. Here are a few things you can do with your old golf balls instead of throwing them away.

Use Them as Practice Balls

When your favorite golf balls get dinged up from being hit one too many times, you don’t necessarily have to retire them completely. Sure, you probably don’t want to play a round with those balls anymore because they likely don’t fly as well as they once did, but they might still be useful. Use those old balls at the driving range or to practice your putting, and save your newer balls for playing full rounds.

Better Drainage for Potted Plants

There are two reasons why you might consider adding golf balls to the bottom of a plant pot. First, if the pot you have is too deep for the plant you intend to place in it, you can use golf balls as a space-saving solution instead of using excess soil. By incorporating golf balls, you can fill some of the space without requiring the roots to reach the bottom.

Second, incorporating golf balls can help improve the drainage system of your plant and prevent issues associated with overwatering and root rot. Simply place the golf balls at the bottom of the pot and add the soil on top of them, ensuring better drainage for your plant.

Use Them to Weigh Down Containers

If you have a large container or vase that you want to place foliage, flowers, or anything else decorative in, it’s important to make sure the bottom is weighed down, so it doesn’t tip over easily. Adding a few golf balls into the bottom of the container is an easy, no-fuss way to do this!

Get Creative

You can use old golf balls in multiple craft projects. Try making ornaments out of them with your kids—we’ve seen some snowmen made out of golf balls that are pretty awesome. Another good project for kids is to paint designs on old golf balls to use as decorations. Encourage your kids to get creative with it—they could paint the golf balls to look like the earth (or make a whole solar system of planets), paint funny faces on them, or paint brightly colored patterns like zig zags and polka dots all over the balls. This is a fun, simple project that young children can have a ton of fun with, and it’s a great way to recycle those old balls.

Sell Them to Golf Ball Planet!

We might be biased here, but we personally think the best thing you can do with your old golf balls is to sell them to us! When you sell your old golf balls to Golf Ball Planet, you can feel good knowing that the balls will have a new life. They will be given use with another golfer as opposed to sitting in a landfill for over a hundred years. Not only is selling your old golf balls to Golf Ball Planet an eco-friendly choice, you’ll also make a little extra cash that you can put towards new gear or your next golf trip.