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Updated for 2024: Check out my newest post from 2024 of my ideas of what to wear to a golf tournament here!

Happy Wednesday! Are you attending a golf tournament soon? We are a big golf family and we always look forward to attending THE PLAYERS here in PVB. I’m doing something a little different this year for sharing outfits when attending a golf tournament. THE PLAYERS is next week and I know there’s so many looking forward to it. Only 20% were allowed to attend last year so it’s going to be an exciting one! Of course, the ladies show up in their Sunday best basically, dressed and ready to watch or ready to socialize. One of my favorite things to do is look to see what everyone is wearing. Instead of sharing a bunch of dresses and shorts with tops in one collage, I broke it down this year to the different types of watchers. I really had fun with this! My husband, who is in the golf business even thought it was quite funny and accurate might I add. These outfits can be for any golf tournament you are attending this year. My advice is to figure out which type of watcher you are and then decide your outfit from there. I would say I’m the walker watcher so I mostly go for shorts and an easy, breezy top or a dress with sneakers. I mostly included long dresses because most golf courses that I have been to are very windy. Just keep that in mind! And if you are doing lots of walking, I highly recommend some comfortable shoes. Let’s check out what I came up with for the different watchers – the sporty outfit, the walker outfit, the sit and watch outfit and the socializer outfit.

First up is the sporty outfit. This is for the lady who is tagging along with her husband who is a hard core golf watcher. He wants to keep up with the leader of the tournament, walking all 18 holes and he wants you right by his side. I say, keep it comfortable and cute! Wear that cute little tennis/golf dress with tennis shoes. You could even throw on a baseball cap to keep the sun off your face. A long sleeve like the one below with UPF will keep you from getting too much sun too! Have fun and get your steps in!

white sleeveless golf dress | longsleeve UPF dress | navy sleeveless sport dress

tennis shoes | belted bag

This is for the lady who wants to sit on a hole and watch as each group comes around. You can bring a blanket to lay on the grass or a nice chair to set up and stay all day. Stay comfortable and shaded in a long dress with a nice sun hat. Personally, for me I don’t like sitting on the ground in shorts all day. Enjoy that cocktail with lunch while lounging and people watching!

floral sleeveless maxi dress | striped dress | wide brim roll up sun hat

hoop earrings | sunglasses | slip on sandals

The walker outfit is for the lady who’s going to be doing quite a bit of walking but not the whole golf course. You watch a few holes, grab a drink and some lunch, watch a few more holes then take a rest on a hole and then you’re back at it. With that, I say wear a comfy pair of sneakers, shorts that you won’t be fidgeting with the whole time or a dress with a little arm coverage from the sun. Don’t forget your hat! I also love these seersucker shorts, these herringbone tweed shorts and these blue and white pull-on shorts.

flutter sleeve blouse | striped shorts | rattan earrings | wide brim straw hat

blue floral swing dress | sneakers | clear cross body bag

Lastly, this is for the socializer watcher! She’s attending with her best girlfriends, they have tickets in the suites and they are there for the drinks and to hang out for the day. Wear your best dress, throw on cute accessories with an oversize panama hat and enjoy yourself!

floral shirtdress | white whicker earrings | gathered waist maxi dress

wide brim panama hat | clear clutch purse | ruffle sleeve babydoll dress | sleeveless v-neck dress | braided sandals

Which golf tournament watcher are you? Don’t forget your sunscreen too!