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When Is Golfing Season

when is golfing season
when is golfing season

If you’re an avid sports fan, you’ll know that different sports have seasons set to entirely different calendars. This can make planning tricky if you’re hoping to see your favorites play. It gets even more complicated when certain events are held in other countries.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to! We have compiled this comprehensive guide on the golfing seasons across each major continent. Read on to find out everything you need to know before heading out into golf season.

When Is Golf Season in the United States?

While many states operate on an all-year season, the more north the state, the higher chance there will be more defined seasons due to weather changes. See the table below for season start and end information on each state.

State Start End Alabama All 12 months All 12 months Alaska April 1 October 31 Arizona All 12 months All 12 months Arkansas All 12 months All 12 months California All 12 months All 12 months Colorado March 15 November 14 Connecticut April 1 November 14 Delaware April 1 November 14 Florida All 12 months All 12 months Georgia All 12 months All 12 months Hawaii All 12 months All 12 months Idaho March 1 November 14 Illinois April 1 October 31 Indiana March 1 November 14 Iowa April 1 November 14 Kansas March 1 December 31 Kentucky March 1 November 30 Louisiana All 12 months All 12 months Maine April 15 October 31 Maryland March 15 November 30 Massachusetts April 1 November 14 Michigan April 1 October 31 Minnesota April 1 October 31 Mississippi All 12 months All 12 months Missouri March 1 November 14 Montana April 1 October 31 Nebraska March 15 November 14 New Hampshire April 1 November 14 New Jersey April 1 November 14 New Mexico All 12 months All 12 months New York (Metropolitan Association) April 1 November 14 New York (State Association) April 15 October 31 New York (Rochester District Association) April 15 October 31 Nevada (North) March 15 November 30 Nevada (South) All 12 months All 12 months North Carolina All 12 months All 12 months North Dakota March 15 November 15 Ohio (Ohio Association) March 15 November 30 Ohio (Miami Valley Association) March 15 November 30 Ohio (Northern Ohio Golf Association) April 1 October 31 Ohio (Greater Cincinnati Association) March 15 November 14 Oklahoma All 12 months All 12 months Oregon March 1 November 30 Pennsylvania April 1 November 14 Rhode Island April 1 November 14 South Carolina All 12 months All 12 months South Dakota April 1 October 31 Tennessee All 12 months All 12 months Texas All 12 months All 12 months Utah (North) March 15 November 14 Utah (South) All 12 months All 12 months Vermont April 15 October 31 Virginia All 12 months All 12 months Washington March 1 November 14 West Virginia March 1 November 30 Wisconsin April 1 October 31 Wyoming April 1 October 31

When Is Golf Season in Canada?

Given Canada’s cooler climate, there must be a defined golf season. Much like many of the northern states of the USA, this season tends to run from around March or April to November. That being said, as with the USA, the unpredictability of the weather can mean each season is subject to change.

When Is Golf Season in Europe?

In a very convenient turn of events, the golfing seasons of European countries follow a similar time frame to that of the USA. The more northern countries have a shorter season, and the southerly ones can extend a little longer, but generally, the seasons will run from March to October.

When Is Golf Season in Australia and New Zealand?

On the flip side of the world, the golf seasons of Australia and New Zealand go through our winter and their summer. That means the standard is September to May. That said, some areas of Australia can play all year round; you’d just have to be mindful of the extreme heat.

When Is Golf Season in South Africa?

While a large number of countries in Africa may not be golf superfans, the sport is quite popular in the country of South Africa. Here, it’s nearly possible to play almost all year round due to the weather, but many locals will tell you the best time to play is September to May.

When Is the PGA Tour?

Unlike individual state and country seasons, the PGA Tour runs all year because it organizes the games depending on the weather in each place it plays. For the remainder of the year, the schedule is as such:

Month Date Name Location July 27-30 3M Open Blaine, MN, USA August 3-6 Wyndham Championship Greensboro, NC, USA August 10-13 FedEx St Jude Championship Memphis, TN, USA August 17-20 BMW Championship Olympia Fields, IL, USA August 24-27 TOUR Championship Atlanta, GA, USA September 14-17 Fortinet Championship Napa, CA, USA September 29-1 (Oct) Ryder Cup Rome, Italy October 5-8 Sanderson Farms Championship

Jackson, MS, USA

October 12-15 Shriners Children’s Open Las Vegas, NV, USA October 19-20 ZOZO Championship Chiba, Japan November 2-5 World Wide Technology Championship Los Cabos, Mexico November 9-12 Butterfield Bermuda Championship Southampton, Bermuda November 16-19 The RSM Classic St. Simon’sChildren’sit’s Island, GA, USA November 30-3 (Dec) Hero World Challenge

New Providence, Bahamas

December 8-10 Grant Thornton Invitational Naples, FL, USA December 14-17 PGA Tour Q-School Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the PGA Tour 2023?

The PGA Tour runs all year round, as it utilizes different locations depending on the season in that country or state. This means that no matter what time of year it is, there will be golf you can watch on TV or even visit in person. That means the season lasts for a total of 12 months.

Is the PGA Season Year Round?

Yes, the PGA season is year-round, meaning there will always be a tournament or championship for you to watch or attend – regardless of the time of year. The PGA Tour ran from September to September in previous years, but in 2024, it will be returning to a calendar year.

How Long Is the PGA Tour Season?

The PGA Tour season is a year-round season and therefore lasts all year. Up until recently, the season ran from September to September, but now it is moving towards a calendar season and will go from January to December.

What Is the Liv Golf Schedule for 2023?

There are five more tournaments left of the 2023 Liv Golf Schedule. Four of those are in the USA, covering Greenbrier, Bedminster, Chicago, and Miami, and the last is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The final tournament in Miami is from October 20th to 22nd, which will mark the end of the schedule.

Final Thoughts

Being a golf fan means keeping up with many different tournaments and season dates, but with this guide, you should be able to fill your calendar and watch everything you’re hoping to see.

The seasons run across different schedules depending on the country you’re in, but luckily, many warmer locations tend to run all year round. And you know what that means – there’s no end to the amount of golf you can watch!

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