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Who Makes Evolution Golf Carts

who makes evolution golf carts
who makes evolution golf carts

Right off the bat, Evolution Golf Cart reviews is the first thing you must go through when deciding on a golf cart for yourself. They can clear out a lot of your doubts regarding the usage, quality, benefits, and drawbacks of these carts.

Going through the user experiences one by one can be time-consuming and hectic. That’s why we went ahead and used Evolution golf carts ourselves to give you an insight into the carts. Also, we did our research on user reviews beforehand.

So, let’s not waste any seconds and get right into it.

Who makes the Evolution Golf Cart?

Evolution Forester-4 Golf Cart

Evolution gets its golf cart from several different sources. A lot of their core components come from Xinyang, China. HDK Electrical is responsible for making most of the metal and plastic components of Evolution Golf Carts.

Other than that, they get the speed controllers from Curtis Instruments and the charging systems come from Lester Electrical.

Once they collect all the components from different places, they bring it to Chino, California to assemble the carts in their main manufacturing plant. Simply put, Evolution makes most of the components in Asia, and assembles the carts in the USA.

The ultimate goal for Evolution is to optimize the features and details of the carts. Essentially, they aim to create what you need in a golf cart.

Let’s check out the available models of the Evolution golf carts –

We found that the prices vary a lot depending on the dealer you choose, the color of the cart, and the location you are in. So, these are some general ideas on the pricing of the Evolution golf cart.

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Evolution Golf Carts Reviews – Features We Like About Evolution golf carts

After trying out the Evolution Golf Carts there were quite a lot of features that impressed us thoroughly. Let’s take a quick look at those –

Solid yet lightweight

From our first impression of the carts, we could just feel their sturdiness. The weight of the cart was something that caught us off guard.

It was pretty lightweight, considering the heavy-duty build. The TPO injection-molded body and chassis are to thank for that.

Smart and advanced features

Honestly, we were never expecting to play movies on our golf cart, but evolution really made that happen.

We tried out the Classic 4 Plus cart, where we got a very handy display that shows us speed, has an odometer, and even features Bluetooth. Also, the speakers and mic were great for calls.

Fast acceleration

While researching Evolution golf carts, there were many remarks about the carts being quite fast.

Well, we experienced the cart going at 25 MPH. So, yes, the carts are quite fast, considering their size.

Stylish in looks.

Frankly, Evolution offers some seriously good-looking carts. The one we got for testing was no different either.

Moving away from the dull white color of golf carts, Evolution spices it up with plenty of colors. In fact, we had to spend time deciding on the color of the carts.

5-year warranty for reliability

We have to bring up the fact that Evolution provides a 5-year warranty on all their golf carts.

We felt the reliability of the carts was solely based on the warranty factor. Whether you require it or not, having such a warranty indicates that the cart is built to last.

Great customer support

Here’s the thing, having great customer support is always a convincing reason to buy something.

Our experience with the Evolution golf cart support was very satisfactory and fulfilling. They helped us every step of the way. You can surely rely on them without any doubts.

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What needs to be improved on Evolution Golf Carts?

Since we are being honest here, we can’t leave out the drawbacks of the carts, right?

While using the golf carts and from the user experiences, we found two factors where Evolution golf carts can improve to become even better. Let’s check those out.

Short range

One thing we felt the carts were lacking was range. And the previous users’ common complaint is that the range is pretty low considering the battery.

For example, we got only 45 miles of range on our cart despite having a 130 AH battery, which seemed underwhelming to us.

Limited vision

When we were driving the cart, we felt it had some problems with a lack of vision. We think the reason for that is that there are no vertical adjustment settings on the side mirrors of the golf carts. It only lets us fold the mirror in and out, and nothing more.

Who should choose Evolution Golf Carts?

After using the carts for a while, we suggest this to anyone who doesn’t like to do a lot of maintenance.

Also, if you are looking for a cart that can speed up quickly, you will probably like the Evolution golf carts a lot.

Aside from all that, anyone looking to get good value out of golf carts will easily love the Evolution as their golf cart choice.

Where can you buy Evolution golf carts?

There are plenty of places to buy an Evolution golf cart. Of course, the first and most reliable option is through their official website. Aside from that, many automobile shops are selling these carts.

But for the best support and quality, you should head over to the official website and look for dealerships near you.

Here are some tips to follow for buying an Evolution Golf Cart

We have some tips for you to follow before you buy a golf cart from Evolution. These tips help you wind up with the best possible care for your preferences –

  • Always consider the budget of your cart and look for options based on that.
  • Try to avoid carts that come with high maintenance costs.
  • If you want some accessories, get them along with the cart.
  • A good Evolution cart will typically last for years, so maybe bump up your budget a little.
  • Use the official dealerships to buy your cart to get better customer support and warranty.
  • There are many options, so make sure to compare them beforehand.

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frequently asked questions [FAQs]

For further queries, we have set up some frequently asked questions for you here. Check out these questions, and they may satisfy you with what you are looking for regarding the Evolution golf carts.


Summing up the Evolution golf cart reviews, they are great choices to try out. They are quite reliable in terms of the quality and performance they provide.

Also, we would highly recommend them for their value and low maintenance needs. Just compare the options, and you should get the perfect choice for your needs.

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