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Who Makes Icon Golf Carts

who makes icon golf carts
who makes icon golf carts

Icon Electric Vehicles is the manufacturer of Icon golf carts, founded by Roy Williams and Terry Trekas. Being comparatively new in the golf industry, many people don’t know who makes Icon Golf Carts.

Basically, the company produces and launches its carts at a market-challenging price! Just because Icon costs less doesn’t mean they don’t configure high-end safety and performance.

Specifically, their motor specs and frame structures steal the show! And their unique battery type saves money. Let’s get to know all the nooks and crannies right here.

Brief Overview of the Icon Golf Carts

Icon Golf Carts offers only electric carts that have been in the industry since 2017. For golfers who want to ride an affordable cart without compromising speed, Icon carts are the best choice.

It comes in four different varieties. And this includes the I20, I40, I60, and I80 series. These varieties mainly differ in their seating capacities. They can carry 2, 4, 6, and 8 passengers, respectively.

The tubular steel chassis framework provides a sturdy construction to the cart. Also, the structure’s material makes it resistant to corrosion and fire.

Therefore, it doesn’t require heavy maintenance. Also, Icon carts are smoother and faster on any terrain, thanks to their anti-corrode wheels and 25 mph power!

The best part is that Icon carts are street-legal. So, you can drive it around the neighborhood and streets other than the golf course.

Good Sides

  • Faster on flat roads
  • Premium design that gives an aesthetic appeal
  • Easy-peasy to maintain
  • Tubular steel chassis structure makes it stress-resistant
  • Quick-charging battery


  • doesn’t come in gas-powered series
  • It’s hard to find the spare parts

What Are the Different Models of Icon Golf Carts?

Indeed, there are four different models of Icon golf carts, and they mainly vary in passenger seat capacity.

From what we have seen over the years, their external looks are also different, but their structure is the same as a steel chassis.

Other than that, the safety features and performance are the same in the series. Let’s get to see their basic differences on the chart below:

ModelsPriceSeating Capacity

Here is what the initials mean in the chart:

  • L – lifted
  • U – Utility cart
  • UL – Utility and Lifted Cart
  • F – All seats are front facing

Where Are Icon Golf Carts Made?

Icon Electric Vehicles has been producing golf carts in Tampa, Florida since the company was founded there in 2017. They used to manufacture their carts in China.

To date, the manufacturers have imported some parts of the carts from China.

In our opinion, as raw materials cost less in China, Icon takes advantage of it to lower their overall labor cost!

Most retirees and locals love to cart around the streets. In our defense, the FLHSMV agency has registered almost 1900 carts in Florida.

As their prospective customers are higher in Florida, Icon produces their carts there.

How Do Icon Golf Carts Compare to Other Brands?

The Icon Golf Cart has some high-end features compared to its counterparts in terms of build quality and performance.

Specifically, Icon provides more speed and passenger seats than Garia, EZ-Go, and Club Car at an affordable price. And here are its features in detail that make it a stellar –


This electric golf cart provides a better speed performance than many of its counterparts.

Some contemporary golf carts like the EZ GO and Garia can drive at an average speed of 12 to 19 mph, which isn’t an ideal deal for golfers who prefer to explore the golf course at a quicker pace.

whereas carts from Icon can go on at a speed of 25 mph. What amazes us most is that you don’t need to upgrade the cart or install an after-market for riding with such speed!

Their LSV plug-in carts can max out at 35 mph. Don’t worry that going more than 25 mph is illegal. We assure you that in most states of the USA, they are legal to ride at this range.


You’ll be happy to hear that Icon has designed its cart bodies with tubular steel chassis. This body structure makes the cart highly rigid, but it doesn’t add weight to the vehicle.

So, it feels lightweight to drive. And its structure does not easily break due to shocks as this framework material has high tensile strength.

On the flip side, its counterpart, the EZ GO has a regular steel body. That is more prone to erosion to humidity.

The manufacturers have configured aluminum wheels rather than common steel wheels in these electric carts. And we appreciate that they have made the wheels corrosion-resistant. Otherwise, alloy corrosion can cause air leaks and wear and tear on the rim. With such damage, you can’t expect a safe ride.

Talking about the body, it is coated with anti-corrosive powder. This technology makes the vehicle durable and rust-resistant. So, the cart won’t cause you to spend bucks anytime soon on the damage repairs.

Dual Power Source

Icon carts have dual power sources, as the motor and battery supply power to the carts. Therefore, it increases speed and performance. Many standard carts have 36-volt motors. But to provide more power, Icon has installed a 48-volt motor.

The standard battery type used in most electric golf carts is lithium. But guess what? Icon carts have fitted Lead-acid batteries. That doesn’t mean it makes the vehicle any less!

Lead-acid cells are durable if used properly. And their self-discharge rate is lower than any other battery in contemporary vehicles. So, the cell won’t drain faster than the lithium cells.


Icon golf carts offer versatile features at an affordable cost, which is cheaper than many of their competitors.

Based on our research, we didn’t find any electric golf carts that provide 25 mph for under $10000.

Rather, Yamaha, EZGO, and Garia that do not top 19.5 mph cost between $6000 to approximately $15000. (Source). On the contrary, Icon carts range from $8500.

As the self-discharge rate is lower in Icon cart batteries, the cells do not lose their power faster, unlike the Lithium equipped carts.

So, there is no need to go for aftermarket or an upgrade often for the battery. And it saves bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Being a golfer, you’ll need more details on Icon carts. But as they’re relatively new, many people have a limited idea about them. Hopefully, the answers below might help you out:


Icon Golf Cart features lure most golfers to buy it. However, as its battery is not of standard type it can demotivate buyers who prefer Lithium cells on carts.

If you take our advice, don’t miss out on this cart due to the lead battery. This is because the founder of Icon EV has shared that they’re working on configuring the lithium battery in their vehicles in the near future.

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