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Funny Golf Costume Ideas

We created this short list of 10 super easy and excellent golf costumes for any Halloween event!

If you have any ideas of your own be sure to comment below.

1. Old Tyme Golfer

This one is fun and easy! Go to this year’s Halloween party as an old-time golfer. You can source some old clothes yourself or pick up a costume online like the one HERE. This costume is great for work parties or nicer Halloween events, where you might not want to go completely crazy yet… Regardless of where you go, this would make an excellent costume choice!

2. Happy Gilmore

One of the most famous golf movies of all time also created one of the most famous “fictional” golfers of all time. Happy Gilmore inspired children, young adults, and even some older adults with his bold golfing form. This year you can easily go as Happy Gilmore. All you’ll need to get is his iconic black jersey, which is available HERE pretty inexpensively.

3. Caddyshack Carl Spackler

Caddyshack is a comedy classic. The characters are iconic and the humor is fairly timeless. You can dress as Bill Murray’s character Carl Spackler. Spackler was the assistant greenkeeper who wages war against a mischievous gopher. The best part is, this costume mostly just requires the hat! Which can be found HERE.

4. Caddyshack Gopher

The most iconic character from Caddyshack is certainly the gopher. While we could not find a fun gopher costume, we did find a beaver costume. Beavers and gophers are pretty similar and honestly, unless all your friends are wildlife biologists, no one will notice! You can find this fun costume HERE.

5. Caddyshack Al Czervik

The last iconic Caddyshack costume on this list is Al Czervik. This rainbow and the very colorful outfit are easily recognizable. You can bring sarcasm and humor to any Halloween event this season! Pick up this costume HERE.

6. “Tiger” Woods

Some of the best costumes are pun-related. This costume is of an actual Tiger. Just add a golf club or even a golf hat and you got yourself the best “Tiger” Woods costume available. Pick up this fun Tiger onesie HERE.

7. Golf Beret

Honestly, this golf costume is pretty strange. You can wear this beret, which disguises you as a golf hole. If you need a silly or super easy golf-related costume then this HERE may be good. Just be sure to not become as eerily happy and photogenic as this man…

8. Zombie Golfer

Zombies are Halloween classic monsters. This costume combines the classic zombie aesthetic with golf. Throw on some zombie makeup, tear up some old golf clothes, and become a zombie golfer. You could also pick up this complete costume HERE.

9. Toddler Lil Bearded Golfer

The best Halloween costumes are always reserved for little kids. This Halloween costume available HERE allows your toddler to dress up as an old-fashioned golfer. The best part of this premade costume is that it includes a BEARD! The BEARD makes this costume so much better. It is definitely my favorite on this list.

10. Golfer Dog

While little kid costumes are the best, there are one set of costumes that is a close second; pet costumes. This dog costume created by an Etsy seller available HERE lets your dog dressed like a golfer. This is undeniably adorable!