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Funny Golf Instagram Captions

funny golf instagram captions
funny golf instagram captions

Golf is an incredible sport! It’s one of those activities that you can do with your friends and get out in the fresh air, while also getting some exercise. Plus, it’s actually quite a challenge – so you’ll never be bored on the course.

Today’s blog is dedicated to our love of golf! In this blog post, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite golf captions for Instagram. From short golf captions to funny golf captions, you’ll find a ton of examples that you copy-paste and use for your snaps of your day at the golf course!

So grab your golf clubs and let’s drive off into the sunshine with these top picks for the best golf captions for Instagram!

Best Golf Captions for Instagram

Best Golf Captions for Instagram

Let’s begin with some of our favorite golf insta captions!

  • 🏌️‍♂️ Put the tee in Tee Time!
  • Golf: when you care enough not to take the shortcut 🤔
  • When life gives you a sand trap, hit it out of bounds ⛳
  • If I’m ever lost on a course, just follow my divots 🗡
  • Getting my swing back in shape ✨
  • Drive for show, putt for dough 💰
  • Never up, never in⚡
  • Dropping Birdies like it’s hot 🔥
  • Lining up for Par or better 🎯
  • Keep calm and drive on! ✨
  • Tee off to success ⛳
  • Going for the green in two! ♠️
  • Focus on keeping the ball rolling ⚡️
  • Mastering my backswing with finesse 🤩
  • Aiming for Ace-y Deucey! 🙌
  • Savoring that sweet taste of victory ☕
  • Smiles all around as we explore the golf course 😁
  • Smiling from ear to ear as I tackle this golf course 😁
  • Nothing beats a day out on the green, playing golf with friends ⚡️
  • Old golfers never die, they just play on different courses ⚡️
  • Pro golf tip: a smooth swing is key to success ⛳

Short Golf Captions for Instagram

Short Golf Captions for Instagram

Add the perfect swing to your golf snaps with these short golf IG captions!

  • Take a swing at it 💥
  • Keep the ball rolling 🔄
  • Let’s ace this round 🎯
  • Par for course? 🤔
  • Birdie is the word ♣️
  • Short game, long results! 💰
  • Take your shot ⚡️
  • Going for glory ⛳
  • The perfect backswing 🏌️‍♂️
  • A hole in one 🎯
  • Calm and Collected 🤔
  • Game on point! ⚡️
  • Follow the fairway 🔄
  • Par or better 💰
  • Swing away! ♣️
  • Find your aim ⛳
  • A well-struck golf ball is a thing of beauty ⛳

Funny Golf Instagram Captions

Get your audiences laughing with these funny golf captions for Instagram!

  • If you don’t hit it straight, try again tomorrow! 🤣
  • I got a hole in one…in my pocket! 💰
  • Going for green in two but more of a ‘Fore’ situation! 🤪
  • Par not good enough? Let’s get an Eagle instead! ⛰️
  • Let the good shots fly and the bad ones stay home! 😉
  • Keeping my head down to stay focused on the game ✅
  • Feeling ready to take this round by stroke! ♣️
  • Tee-rific day to play a few rounds 🐦
  • My aim is true, no pun intended! 🎯
  • Golf: Where the only thing I yell is “Fore!” 💥
  • Putting it all on the green 👊
  • Golf: Because nothing says success like an Ace! 🤩
  • Perfecting my swing stroke by stroke 🔥
  • Got my clubs and ready to rumble! ⛳
  • Ready to take this golf course by storm 🌪️
  • Gotta be quick, because time isn’t on the green! ☄️
  • Driving for glory, not for doughnuts 🍩
  • You can call me a golf master or a putting wizard! 🧙‍♂️

Mini Golf Instagram Captions

Mini golf captions? Yes, please!

  • Putt-ing it all on the line 💪
  • Home sweet golf course 🏰
  • Ready to ace this round of mini golf! 🎉
  • Always happy to take part in a little friendly competition! 🔥
  • Experiencing a mini golf miracle ✨
  • Let’s take this game one putt at a time ⛳️
  • Sometimes, playing mini golf beats the real thing! 🎉
  • Got my clubs and ready for some fun! ♣️
  • Lace up, it’s mini golf time 🏌️
  • The only thing that can stop me is a bunker! ⛰️
  • When life puts you in the rough, hit it to the green 💪
  • Feeling lucky? Let’s putt for glory then! 🤞
  • Aim high and always land on the green ✨
  • Gonna be a master of this mini golf field 👌
  • Mini golf beats sitting at home any day! ⛳️

Clever Golf Instagram Captions

Clever Golf Captions for Instagram

Get clever with these inspiring golf captions for Instagram!

  • Golf is a game of confidence🔥
  • Good shots come from good decisions 🤝
  • One shot can change everything ✨
  • Take dead aim 🎯
  • Golf is 10 percent mechanics and technique, and 90 percent mental 💪
  • The harder I practice, the luckier I get ☘️
  • Concentrate on your target ⛳️
  • Hit only the shots you have rehearsed ♥️
  • Confidence breeds success 🏆
  • Concentrate on the process 📝
  • The only shot in golf that you can’t learn is the one you’re hitting right now 🏌️
  • It’s all about discipline and control 🎯
  • Golf isn’t a game of perfect 🙌
  • Haste makes waste ⏳
  • Commit to every shot ⛳️
  • Hit down through it, never up ♦️
  • You drive for show and putt for dough 🤑
  • Golf clubs may be simple, but they sure can make a difference in the game ✨
  • Always make sure to stock up on golf balls before hitting the links ⏳
  • A good golf score is the cherry on top of a great round ⛳️