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Funny Golf Names For Teams


Here are the top five golf team names to use right off the bat:

  1. Back Spinners

  2. Ballistics

  3. Balls Of Fire

  4. Balls Deep

  5. Exterminators

Golf is a game played by millions worldwide. Although it is frequently thought of as a “one-man sport,” playing with a team can help you stay motivated.

Having a catchy and fitting team name will give an added sense of excitement and togetherness to any sport, regardless of whether it is a recreational game amongst friends or a competitive tournament between opposing teams. We’ve compiled a list to help you get some ideas about a name to use for your team.

Funny golf team names

Here are some funny golf names for your team:

  1. Putt pirates

  2. Putt Putts

  3. Wrecking balls

  4. Beer wings and swing

  5. angry birdies

  6. Grass Bandits

  7. ball slayers

  8. designated drivers

  9. big sticks

  10. Grass Cutters

  11. Fore-Shadow

  12. dude, where’s my par

  13. hole in fun gang

  14. brick heads

  15. Struck a nerve

  16. Beer Wings And Swings

  17. Greener pastures

  18. End of da line

  19. Runway birdies

  20. Chicks N chips

  21. Drive hard

  22. Putt N roll

  23. Misfits of the golf course

  24. Stick balls and grass

  25. Wood whackers

  26. Golfers groove

  27. Sinking balls

  28. Shooting sticks

  29. Balls N Bros

  30. Lazy champions

  31. Swing to heaven

  32. Runaway golf ninja

Best Golf Team Names

The best golf teams have legendary names that are evergreen in the hearts of their fans. Here are some of the best golf team name ideas to make your golf team unique:

  1. Burly Birdies

  2. Hole Packers

  3. Natural Hazards

  4. Fairway To Heaven

  5. Tee Box

  6. Lazy Birdies

  7. Golf Machines

  8. Mini Golf Sweaters

  9. Golf Tournament Contenders

  10. Golden Golfers

  11. Golf Gold And Grass

  12. Wavy Golf Course

  13. Flaming Birds

  14. Ironclad Club

  15. House Of Golfers

  16. Barracuda Woods

  17. American Swingers

  18. Golf Rangers

  19. Wood Vikings

  20. Ball Wonders

  21. Pro Spinner

  22. Green Champions

  23. Stroke Kings

  24. Queen Birdies

  25. Shot Of Luck

  26. Ball Troopers

  27. Swing that in

  28. Perfect woods

  29. San Traps

  30. Elite golfers team

  31. Wild shooters

  32. First-class beers

Fantasy Golf Team Names

This is a list of fantasy golf team names.

  1. sultans of swing

  2. green rangers

  3. Putter’s Tavern

  4. Swing shot

  5. Straight shooter

  6. angry birds

  7. Green grass Yankees

  8. Wonder and Shine

  9. Weekend golfers

  10. Golf down, balls up

  11. Golf Club wizards

  12. Sunny ball espellers

  13. Putt masters

  14. High-priced ballers

  15. Slice cowboys

  16. Bros N sticks

  17. Nominated adventure drivers

  18. Colossus and green grassroots

  19. Wedge wild cats

  20. Match play giants

  21. The hole busters

  22. Kraby caddies

  23. highway Drivers

  24. Sticky balls

  25. Unnamed hookers

  26. Wild west golfers

  27. Stick hit in

  28. Bros for hole

  29. Inglorious drivers

  30. Dukes of golf

Cool golf team names

Are you considering getting a cool name for your team? Check below.

  1. Long shot

  2. Golf hounds

  3. Golf fire club

  4. Green Hazard

  5. Ice tee

  6. Par-Tee trick

  7. weapons of grass destruction

  8. Par-Tee crashers

  9. Live of the Par-Tee

  10. The Last Swing

  11. The Grim putter

  12. Screw Drivers

  13. Par-Tee fore fun

  14. Hole in fore

  15. big putts

  16. golf buddies

  17. bogey men

  18. party of fore

  19. young golfers

  20. Hole crackers

  21. Precision

  22. Neat sweepers

  23. Sharp dunkers

  24. Smart play crew

  25. Ballers association

  26. Green and enthusiastic

  27. Sticky fame

  28. Ground rollers

  29. High and fine

  30. Grass rippers

Clever Golf Team names

The following are clever golf team names:

  1. tee party

  2. happy hookers

  3. Big swing theory

  4. Chip on the shoulder

  5. Top of the rack

  6. The fire hazard

  7. Hurricane birdie

  8. Putt in boot

  9. The ’90s golfers

  10. The fantastic fore

  11. Five golf men

  12. Drive course

  13. Par-Tee putters

  14. Pink bandits

  15. Golf Marchant

  16. Men in hats

  17. Tiger’s Hood

  18. The wrenching wench

  19. Fore aces

  20. The joker’s ace

  21. Cotton caddies

  22. Green hat rangers

  23. Balls on a stick

  24. The bird spot

  25. Hookers, fun, N games

  26. Pin bandits

  27. Green ogres

  28. Space shooters

  29. Mini tee toppers

  30. Plot Hole golfers club

Unique Golf Team Names

These are unique names for your golf teams:

  1. bogeys beer and bourbon

  2. mini tigers

  3. multiple fore gasms

  4. rough boys

  5. gold diggers

  6. stroke of bad luck

  7. par tee

  8. The ParFect Hookers

  9. Full swing

  10. Run for your money

  11. Highway drivers

  12. Blue Phoenix

  13. Duff bags

  14. Green tee bag

  15. Praying ManTees

  16. Ace’s club

  17. Divot rollers

  18. Double bogey beasts

  19. Miniature swingers

  20. Bunker warriors

  21. The elite fore

  22. High way rangers

  23. Ice Chip

  24. Gravy wackers

  25. Kill shot

  26. The Hackers club

  27. Playtime is over

  28. The legendary Ace

  29. Rocky ride

  30. no course for alarm

Good Golf Team Names

The following is a list of good golf team names:

  1. Top spinner

  2. Red riot

  3. Steel scope

  4. Raging bulls

  5. Ball launchers

  6. Club hoppers

  7. Fore man’s game

  8. Iron lads

  9. Backspinners and ball wonders

  10. Birdie, caddie N grace

  11. Dogleg stars

  12. Caddie paddlers

  13. Shank shooters

  14. Rough N sway

  15. Bogie and a hole

  16. Smooth swing

  17. Fore runners

  18. Ace hitters

  19. Golfer eagles

  20. Toe to toe ball giants

  21. Swing and hit

  22. Masters of the ace

  23. City Boyz golf club

  24. Barbies caddie

  25. Kings of the Green

  26. Par-Tee Rangers

  27. Golf fiction

  28. Par-tee next door

  29. Sneaky hookers

  30. Smash and dash

Awesome Golf Team Names

Do you need names for your golf team that are awesome? Here is a handful of them:

  1. fore horsemen

  2. golf warriors

  3. Mini golfers

  4. golf cowboys

  5. long balls

  6. ball washers

  7. foot wedge crew

  8. Pirates Hook

  9. golf babes

  10. beach boys

  11. hack attack

  12. Whack a’ ball

  13. Club mobile

  14. Pro heros

  15. Tee Rex

  16. Wall Street drivers

  17. Magic wonder

  18. End of the stick

  19. Rabbit and the stick

  20. The Fore-ever par-tee

  21. Roaring lions

  22. The golf captains

  23. Royal course golfers

  24. The kingdom of hookers

  25. Flipping birdies

  26. The Queen’s course

  27. The bogey knights

  28. We slay with the stick

  29. Ladies with da’ groove

  30. Fore the love of golf

Great Golf Team Names

Here is a list of great golf team names from which you can choose.

  1. hole in one gang

  2. hook shot handymen

  3. reckless drivers

  4. where’s the beer girl

  5. grip it and sip

  6. Bye bye birdies

  7. fringe players

  8. beer girl

  9. Play golf N Relax

  10. Pro ball swingers and hackers

  11. Golden grass pirates

  12. Smooth whackers

  13. Wall street golfer gang

  14. The ball wedgers

  15. Drive slayers

  16. Lady ball miners

  17. Girls with big sticks

  18. Lady ball sinkers

  19. Meet the Greenland ballers

  20. Bunker paradise

  21. Curvy birdies

  22. Chosen by golden grass

  23. Green knights

  24. Fore fathers and sons

  25. Golf hearted

  26. Posts and sticks

  27. Teen golf club

  28. Thundery balls

Choosing the perfect golf team name can be a creative and exciting effort that improves your entire golfing experience. A strong team name should be unique, memorable, and expressive of the group’s character or basic principles.

The options are unlimited, from pun-like names to names that honour legendary golfers. Don’t delay another minute. Get your team names ready and play golf like a pro.


Here are some frequently asked questions about golf team names:

What is a good golf team name?

Good team names are Water Hazards, Wonder Whackers, and Wannabes.

What are good fantasy golf names?

Good fantasy golf names include Sir Shanksalot, Jabba The Putt, and Bag Shaggers.

What are some golf expressions?

Some golf expressions are swing easy, good luck, play well, and only birdies.