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Funny Golf Nicknames For Guys

funny golf nicknames for guys
funny golf nicknames for guys
What’s the best nickname you’ve given a golf buddy? Credit: Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

Golfers at all levels have ridiculous, but clever, nicknames that they give one another. Whether it’s calling Jack Nicklaus the “Golden Bear” or calling your buddy “Big Tuna,” all nicknames are well thought out and can last a lifetime.

We asked the TCN Twitter community to fill in the blank: “The funniest nickname you’ve given a golf buddy is ________.”

Here were the top 25 responses. Click here to follow – or add – to the thread.

25. “‘Shrapnel.’ At impact, nothing was safe.” — @brockgolfer

24. “My buddy pulled a pull cart for high school tryouts. Got saddled with ‘Wheels.’” — @Greggness

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23. “‘Shot Clock.’ The pre-shot routine was brutal. We even made the buzzer sound if it got too bad.” — @FrankWintin

22. “‘T-Rex.’ Could never reach in his wallet to pay up.” — @drframp

21. “‘Cod Lock’ – never made a bad bet. ‘Steam Whistle’ – bad temper. ‘Bomb’ – bad temper x 3.” — @burneyjarvis

20. “‘Red Face.’ He’s already got a bit of a temper, but get in his kitchen and he boils. Unfortunately, he also usually shoots par.” — @MrBDoo

19. “‘Wildcard.’ You never know what you are going to get from shot to shot!” — @gmo407

18. “My brother is a short a**. His buddies call him ‘Sea Level.’” — @Woodoggydogg

17. “‘Madonna.’ He was new to golf and had a narrow stance. Kept telling him to spread his legs. He was like a virgin.” — @ginzugolfer

16. “‘Otis,’ like the elevator. He ALWAYS got up and down.” — @RingerAZ

15. “‘Raisin Bran’ – cause his divots all take 2 scoops to fill.” — @JeffroySommers

14. “I have a friend we call ‘Thickie Fowler…’” — @talkinstatic

13. “After wearing a very tight pair of pants, we named a guy ‘Moose Knuckles’ for their snug fit in the lower zipper zone.” — @BlairNealGolf

12. “‘Honey Baked Hams.’” — @robmillertime

11. “‘Rain Man’ (short for The Human Rain Delay).” — @jwasports

10. “‘Hozzlehoff.’ My buddy always hozzles his wedges into the sand. Spends more time in the sand than Hasselhoff.” — @wardlyone

9. “I did have a player years ago named ‘San Diego’ because he was always in the 70s.” — @brockgolfer

8. “‘ShankAPotomus.’ We eventually made a headcover, gave it the name and the highest score in the group had to put it on his driver until he next played and didn’t have the highest score.” — @PSU_Ithaca

7. “His last name was Hardup, so I called him ‘Softdown’ and he hates it which makes it even better.” — @aussiedavepga

6. “‘Scotchy Cameron!’” — @bemil

5. “‘The Sprinkler,’ after a certain number of beers, wherever he’s standing or aiming, he’s ‘The Sprinkler.’” — @GGPSmith

4. “I received ‘great A&W root bear’ from@HacquoilScott.” — @mike_greeley

3. “‘Blow Torch’ cause it doesn’t take much to set him off. That goes for on/off the golf course.” — @Wallajay

2. “An old club pro mate of mine was nicknamed ‘Tenerife’ as he was always in the eighties…” — @ByTheMinGolf

1. “‘Tractor’ because he wore green pants and a yellow shirt and looked like a John Deere Tractor.” — @MarkBuettner