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Funny Golf Team Names Dirty

funny golf team names dirty
funny golf team names dirty

The sport of golf is a wonderful way to build relationships with friends, coworkers, and acquaintances on a team outing. But before hitting the links, you’ll need to think of a catchy team name.

Names for sports teams should be memorable, easy to say, and indicative of the group’s character. Whether you’re going for puns, cleverness, or wit, a great team name can help to set the tone for a fun time on the green (and even in sand dunes!).

Good Golf Team Names

An excellent golf team name is one that stands out from your competitors while also conveying something about the team’s character. It needs to be simple to say and remember. An effective team name can do wonders for team morale and cohesiveness.

  • Accuracy
  • Back 9 Bandits
  • Bogey Four
  • Dimple Dads
  • Dimples And Divots
  • Fast Golfers
  • Fore-Brothers
  • FOUR!
  • Golf Favor
  • Golf is the Least of Our Problems
  • Green Days
  • Hoes In One
  • Hole Shooters
  • How’s My Driving?
  • Jabba the Putt
  • Liar-to-Liar Victory
  • May the Schwartzel Be With You
  • Multiple Angries
  • Par-tee On
  • Play Friendly
  • Put Me Down For A Par
  • Putter Face
  • Ricochet
  • Terminator 2: Jason Day
  • The Ball Washers
  • The Bogey Boys
  • The Hackdaddeez
  • The Handicap Chaps
  • The Men with Iron Clubs
  • The Pappy Putters
  • Thorbjorn Free

🖋️ 2, 3, or 4 heads are better than one.

Whether you’re the self-appointed captain of your golf team or not, you should still get input from all teammates to ensure they agree upon the chosen name. Also, if you put your minds together, you’ll be able to brainstorm numerous golf team names from different angles. So, make sure everyone pitches in when thinking of team name ideas!

🗺️ Venture Ahead: Dance Team Name Ideas

  • BackSpiners
  • Baffy: The Ball Slayers
  • Birdie Boyz
  • Bogey Men
  • Bring in Da Fred Funk
  • Cobra Kai
  • Defense of Grass Destruction
  • Duffers
  • Far from Par
  • Foot Wedge Crew
  • Golf Warriors
  • Golfer Boys
  • Golfer Madness
  • Hackers & Packers
  • Just a Hack
  • Layin’ 4
  • Long Putters
  • Lucky breaks.
  • Never Coulds
  • Raiders of Albatross
  • Snowman R Us
  • Stiff Knockers
  • Teen Tigers
  • The Bunker Marauders
  • The Close Enoughs
  • The Custom Ferules
  • The Demolition Dimples
  • The Fair Miners
  • The Mexicanity
  • The Sand Sailors
  • Worm Burners Sandgropers

Unique Golf Team Names

A unique golf team name is one that nobody has ever thought of using before. It needs to stand out as something unique and special. One way to distinguish a team from others is to use wordplay, puns, or uncommon references.

  • Approach Us If You Dare
  • Back Spinners
  • Beach Bums
  • Bend it Like Bubba
  • Bunch o Hacks
  • Bunker Buddies
  • Chosen by Goosen
  • Cool Hookers Golfers
  • Dimpled Balls
  • Dirty Janzen
  • Droppin’ A Deuce
  • Eagles Zone
  • Enter Xan-Man (Xander Schauffele)
  • Express Pass
  • Fowl Assassins
  • Has anyone seen my balls?
  • Hole in None
  • Hole in Nones
  • Home of the Brandt
  • Iron Horse Grass Boys
  • Mizuno Manhandlers
  • No 1 Balls in Golf
  • Par-Tee Timers
  • Rough-n-it’s
  • Significant Soles
  • Team Titleist
  • Tee Totallers
  • The Bandon Dune Ducks
  • The Big Sticks
  • The Chili Dippers
  • The Whippy Links

🖋️ The sport of golf is super-serious, but your name doesn’t have to be.

Having a humorous team name can make the outing more fun for everyone. As a bonus, it can help your team stand out from the competition and make you and your members more memorable. One way to make your team’s name memorable is to use a pun or a witty reference. Feel free to inject some humor into the serious competition by giving your team a unique name infused with LOL humor.

🧭 Uncover fresh ideas: Crossfit Team Name Ideas

  • Back 9 Bandits.
  • Bag Boyz
  • Balls Deep
  • Bang Golfers
  • Birdies, Bogeys, Beer, And Bourbon
  • Bogey Bandits
  • Branch-O-Matics
  • Complete and Putter Madness
  • Dirty Birdies
  • Gophisticated
  • Grip it n’ Rip It
  • Having A Ball
  • High-Ballers
  • Lions, Tigers and Bogeys, Oh My
  • Lords of the Pin
  • Mashie Mutts
  • Mulliganoids
  • No-Fair-Ways ShankenStiens
  • Par-Tee Boys
  • Restless Doglegs
  • Shaft Shank
  • Strike With Golf
  • Strokes With Golf
  • The Birdies
  • The Drivers
  • The Holey Ones
  • The Home Based
  • The Restless Doglegs
  • The Stoned
  • The Were-whiffs
  • Weir Science

Clever Golf Team Names

It takes a certain amount of brains and imagination to come up with a clever name for a golf team. It can help teammates and fans bond while also setting the team apart from every other group in the league.

  • 19 Holes
  • Angry Birdies
  • Baffy The Ball Slayers
  • Bermuda Knights
  • Big Hitters
  • Bling Pling
  • Bogeys And Birdies
  • Fists of Furyk
  • Flying Eagles
  • Ground Control to Captain Tom
  • Hole Models
  • John Daly’s Pants
  • Keegan and Sara
  • King Of Shots
  • Knicker Knockerz
  • KnickerKnacks
  • Local Rulers
  • Mr./Mrs. One Putt
  • Natural Hazards
  • Pin Seekers
  • Seekers Golfers
  • The Chosen Ones
  • The Deuce of Hazards
  • The Fore-father
  • The Old Strokes
  • The Sweet Spot
  • The Water Wizards
  • The waterballs
  • Victory Virgins
  • Water Hazard
  • X Marks The Spot

🖋️ Try thinking of associative names.

What this means is coming up with names that have some connection to golf or to your team. The names Fore, Hole-in-One, and Eagle are all golf-related examples that are memorable, straightforward, and true to the game. Furthermore, you can think of associative names based on your team’s characteristics, such as ‘Rookies’ for a team made up of young players or ‘Veterans’ for an experienced team.

🎨 Stir your creativity with: Kickball Team Name Ideas

  • Ace Venturers
  • Balls Of Fire
  • Bogey Boys
  • Breaking Badly
  • Clean Shots
  • Club Hoppers
  • Droppin’ A Deuce
  • Fathers Of Gophers
  • Hook and Skulls
  • Hunting Eagles
  • Jonas Blixt Brothers
  • Never-Could
  • Par Tee Timers
  • Ping Pounders
  • Play Tribe
  • Rough Boys
  • Rough Riders
  • Saint Nicklaus
  • Shankendrinkers
  • Stroke of Bad Luck
  • Strokeologists
  • Team Foot Wedge
  • Tee Total
  • Teed Off
  • The Divit Heads
  • The Drunken Wankers
  • The Happy Hookers
  • The Mighty Mulligans
  • The Mull-it-overs
  • The Tree Stooges

Catchy Golf Team Names

A memorable golf team name is easy to say and spell. It could be a pun, a clever allusion, or a play on words. The fewer syllables there are, the easier the name will be to remember.

  • Ballistics
  • Barkie Babes
  • Beer Wings and Swings
  • Beer, Wings, And Swings
  • Brandel’s Hair
  • Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia
  • Charlie Woods Fan Club
  • Fore Nicate
  • Golf Killers
  • Grass Masters
  • Gretzky’s Grandkid
  • Grip It and Sip It
  • Mulligans for Everyone
  • Pin High
  • Play Misfit
  • Play Unicorn
  • Screw Balls
  • Serenity Now
  • Slice and Dice
  • Sod Saviors
  • Sultans of swing
  • Swing Mongers
  • The Four Divots
  • The Fringe Crew
  • The Never-coulds
  • The Pirates of Cypress Point
  • The Putt Pirates
  • The Shankaholics Golfers
  • The Wooden Cups
  • Tiagra Woods
  • White Tees in White T’s

🖋️ Feel free to rep your hometown.

This is a fantastic way to show off your team’s local roots while also standing out from the competition. The name of a city, landmark, or well-known resident can all serve as excellent jumping-off points for naming a golf team. Use the name as an opportunity to represent your community with pride and bring together teammates from the same region, especially if you’re playing in a local game and want to benefit from the home-field advantage.

🍱 Sample our list of: Hockey Team Name Ideas

  • A Stroke of Luck
  • Against The Grain
  • Albatross Boss
  • Back to the Kuchar
  • Bag Shaggers
  • Bubba’s Hovercraft
  • Cinderella Story
  • Dr Vijay’s Antler Spray
  • Fore Bros
  • Golf Wild
  • Hack Attack
  • High Rollers
  • Home in Two
  • Janzen in the Streets
  • Lefty’s Bombs
  • Marked Balls
  • Mastermind Of Golf
  • Never-Coulds
  • Nice Dimples
  • Pin Highballers
  • Play Amuse
  • Puff Caddie
  • Team ‘Where’s The Beer Girl?’
  • The Gold Diggers
  • The Hole-in-Fun Gang
  • The Long Balls
  • The Sand Baggers
  • The Sand Trapperz
  • Thunder Chickens
  • We Dream of Dormie!
  • Where’s Faldo

Funny Golf Team Names

A humorous golf team name is one that will get a good laugh out of spectators and other players. How hysterical would it be if your opponents couldn’t focus on their swing because they’re too busy giggling at your golf team name?

  • Barack O’Ballers
  • Chicks n Sticks
  • Chopping Rough
  • Dimpled White Balls
  • Dirty Birdie
  • Draws of Death
  • Drop Dunk
  • Fast balls
  • Golf Patrol
  • Golf Sidekick
  • Golfers Monster
  • Gopherister Golfers
  • Has-Beens
  • Hicks with Sticks
  • Persimmon Pounders
  • Sand Gropers
  • Shady Acres
  • Sir Shanksalot
  • Strokes of Luck
  • Swish
  • Tee Time
  • The Bogey Men
  • The Caddies
  • The Egg Point: Fried and Scrambled
  • The Longballs
  • The Poulter-geists
  • The RunAway Birdie
  • the wrecking balls
  • Volcanic Balls
  • Water Wizards
  • Wrenkers Golfers

🖋️ Having a backstory can make brainstorming easier.

The history of your team is the inspiration for its name. An event that occurred on the team, a humorous anecdote, or a personal story are all things you can reference in your golf team name. Having a history together with your teammates r can help you guys bond and stand out in the minds of fans. It’s a great opportunity to show off the team’s unique character and give the name of the squad some depth.

📚 Dive deeper: Running Team Name Ideas

  • All in the Hips
  • Balls In Holes
  • Best Balds
  • Billy Ho’s Before Bros
  • Bird’s-Eye View
  • Bird’s-Eye View
  • Bogie And Bacall
  • Bush Wackers
  • Bush Whackers
  • Cink Links
  • Couples Therapy
  • Divot And Goliath
  • Drunken Wankers
  • Duck Hookers
  • FIG (Thank Friday It’s Golf)
  • Fore Players
  • Golfjet
  • Hook shot Handymen
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Mulligan’s Island
  • Oh Henrik
  • Party of Fore
  • Sandy Savers
  • Shot With Fire
  • Team Green
  • Team Putt-Putt
  • The DrawShank Redemptions
  • The Egg Point
  • The Hole in None’s
  • The Sand Traps
  • Wannabes

Dirty Golf Team Names

I don’t have to elaborate on this point too much. If you want to give your team a unique name that sounds slightly offensive, feel free to take any of these dirty golf team names!

  • 1 Ball 18 Holes
  • 18 Holes Deep
  • Be Mine, Caddy
  • Extra Length
  • Grip It Softly
  • I Like Big Putts
  • In the Backdoor
  • Incredible Length
  • I’ve Got Wood
  • Lengthy Club
  • Practice Strokes
  • Pull It Harder
  • Put My Wood In It
  • Putter Around
  • Putter Length Doesn’t Matter
  • Respectable Hole
  • Shaved the Hole
  • Short Grass
  • Slip It In Gently
  • Smooth Strokes
  • Spread Your Legs
  • Stiff Shaft
  • Swingers
  • Threesomes
  • Tiger’s Wood
  • Tug It a Little
  • Vertical Shaft
  • Wash My Balls
  • Who’s Your Caddy?
  • Woody Golfers
  • Wrong Bag

🖋️ Check with the organizers to see how dirty your team name can get.

While the spectators might appreciate a bit of lewd humor, the organizers might not be too thrilled to introduce the team “Wash My Balls.” This may be due to the fact that the organization is sponsored by a company and they don’t want to associate themselves with inappropriateness, regardless of how funny it is.

In addition to reading the general guidelines on competitive golf, speak to the organizers to see how dirty your team name can get.

  • Angry Birds
  • Baba Buoys
  • Brick Heads
  • Cinderella Boys
  • Cink or Swim
  • DeLaet Gratification
  • Divot-ed
  • Don’t Be Caddy
  • Duffinoids
  • Eagle Hunters
  • Fairway Ninjas
  • Fairway to Heaven
  • Four Some Time
  • Golf Jive
  • Long Balls
  • Multiple Fore-gasms
  • Play Hex
  • Putt Pirates
  • Rage Finders
  • That’s A Gimmee
  • The Bohn Identity
  • The Brick Heads
  • The Green Rangers
  • The Mallet Mafia
  • The Mulligans
  • The Sod Slayers
  • The Stimpsons
  • The Ugly Ducklings
  • The Wedgies
  • Water Logged
  • Wrecking Balls

Creative Golf Team Names

A creative golf team name doesn’t use played-out words or double entendre. Your team’s name should convey who you are and what you hope to accomplish, whether that’s with a sense of humor (because you’re a complete noob) or seriousness (because you’re a reasonably competent golfer).

  • Ball Whackers
  • Beer, Wings and Swings
  • Better Than Most
  • Bogey Pro’s
  • Breaking Baddeley
  • Bunker Boys
  • Dippers Golfers
  • Drive A Hard Bargain
  • Everything but the Stewart Cink
  • Fists of Fury
  • Fringe Players
  • Geriatric Tigers
  • Gimmie Par
  • Gold Jacket Winner
  • Golf Babes
  • Golf Cowboys
  • Golf Delights
  • Hackers and Packers
  • Hogan’s Heroes
  • Hot Strokes
  • Misfits of Fairway
  • Phil the Thrill
  • Putt Sinkers
  • Shankapotamus.
  • Strokes of the gods
  • Tee Party
  • Tee-rific
  • Tee-totalers
  • The Shanksville Duffs
  • Tiger Stokers
  • Worm Burners

🖋️ Can’t think of a good team name? Try using our name generators.

If you and your teammates are too focused on perfecting your swings and avoiding the obstacles, I have a solution for you. Our name generators! Try giving our business name generator or team name generator a try and see how quickly and easily they come up with fantastic names for your team.

  • Ball Busters
  • Ball Movements
  • Ball Smashers
  • Birdie Babes
  • Breakers Golfers
  • Club Groove
  • Club Rentals
  • Dude, Where’s My Par?
  • Fairway Finder
  • Fairway Miners
  • Fairway Miners!
  • Fooling Abound
  • GearUnderPar
  • Golf Mashed
  • Green Thumbs
  • Guest Vijays
  • Hole-In-One-Gang
  • Make that move right now
  • No. 1 Balls in Golf
  • Par Tee Boys
  • Playsio
  • RunAway Birdie
  • Shanks-alot
  • Shooting Stars
  • Tang Bang Golfers
  • The bogey bunch
  • The Grateful Sned
  • The Hole-in-One Gang
  • The Waterboys
  • UnderParFect
  • Weapons of Grass Destruction

Masters Golf Team Names

Do you want to strike fear into your opponent’s hearts? Then try coming up with a name that conveys your golf prowess. Of course, you could throw everyone off by adopting a master golf team name, even though you’ve never held a golf club in your life!

  • “A” Game Angels
  • A Stroke Of Luck
  • Ace Achievers
  • Ball Busters
  • Birdie Bandits
  • Bogey Busters
  • Chip Champs
  • Club Crusaders
  • Eagle Eye
  • Fairway Finders
  • Fairway Flyers
  • Fore Fathers
  • Golfing Gurus
  • Green Machine
  • Hole-in-One Heroes
  • Hole-in-One Hunters
  • Long Drivers
  • Masters of Green
  • Par Masters
  • Par Pals
  • Pro Putters
  • ProLinkers
  • Putting Pioneers
  • Putting Pros
  • Sand Savvy
  • Short Game Sharks
  • Stroke Savvy
  • Swing Slingers
  • Tee Box Titans
  • Tee Time Titans
  • Tee-to-Green Titans

🖋️ Make sure you can print the golf team name on your uniforms.

Apart from being easy to read, the ideal golf team name should be easy to spell and short enough to print on your t-shirt. So, consider the length of the name before registering your team for an upcoming golf tournament. Of course, you can always separate long names into multiple lines, but that’ll make it harder to read from a distance.

  • 3 1/2 Men
  • Aces Ventura
  • Better Than Being at Work
  • Birdie Bandits
  • Brandt Awareness
  • Carl Spackler, Jr
  • Designated Drivers
  • Don’t Rory Be Happy
  • Eagles shot
  • Fore Play
  • Gang Green
  • Grip & Sip
  • Grip It ‘n Rip It
  • Hanging the Liars
  • Mix & Scratch
  • Mull It Over Again
  • Par Then Bar
  • Return to Senden
  • Smoking Tees
  • Smooth Gliders
  • Smooth spin
  • Space Hackers
  • Strokes to Par
  • Tap That
  • Team ‘Where’s the beer girl?’
  • The Has-Beens
  • The Mini Tigers
  • The Next Masters
  • The Sultans of Swing
  • The Woodsmen
  • The Wrath of Putters
  • Undisputed Champion

Don’t hold anything back when brainstorming golf team names!

You shouldn’t be afraid to get creative when thinking of names for your golf team. Embrace your individuality and take risks. Try to think of as many potential solutions as you can, and wait to consider everything too quickly. You are having a wider variety of ideas to choose from increases the chances of finding a name you and your teammates will love.

Make sure to share this guide with your golfing buddies. Also, don’t forget to comment below and let everyone know what your golf team’s name is!