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Funny Golf Tournament Names

funny golf tournament names
funny golf tournament names

Golf tournaments: serious, competitive, and sometimes, just a tad too formal. Ever felt that familiar itch to infuse a dash of humor into the mix? Why not start with a chuckle-worthy name?

Think about it: Wouldn’t a light-hearted moniker set the tone for a day filled with laughter and camaraderie on the greens?

Why do we always stick to the tried and tested, when a sprinkle of humor can make all the difference? Remember those times when a simple play on words brought a smile to your face in the most unexpected situations?

Let’s harness that power. What if your next golf event could be remembered not just for the game, but for its unforgettable, grin-inducing title? Ready to dive into a world where golf meets giggles?

Let’s tee off into the realm of funny names for golf tournaments and discover how a name can change the game!

Why a Great Name Matters for Top Golf Tournaments?

Power of a Name

Ever wondered why the biggest golf tournament names like “The Masters” or “The Open Championship” resonate so deeply with fans and players alike? It’s not just a name; it’s a brand, an identity, and a legacy rolled into one.

A great name can set the stage for a tournament’s success, making it one of the top golf tournaments in the world. But why does a name hold such sway?

The Allure of Prestige

Imagine you’re a golfer, and you have the option to play in either the John’s Backyard Classic or the International Golf Championships. Which one would you choose? The name of a tournament can instantly convey its level of prestige.

Golf championships with a name that screams elite” or world-class attract the best talent. This is why you’ll find the crème de la crème of golfers at professional golf tournaments like the U.S. Open or the PGA Championship.

Gender Inclusivity

Why should men have all the fun? The naming of ladies’ golf tournaments like the Women’s British Open or the ANA Inspiration has done wonders for the sport.

These names not only signify the tournament’s importance but also empower women in the sport. A great name can be a rallying cry for gender equality and inclusion.

The Genius Behind the Name

Ever heard of golf genius tournaments? These are events that go beyond the traditional setup, offering unique formats and challenges. A catchy, innovative name can set these tournaments apart, attracting a different set of golf enthusiasts who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Charity Begins on the Green

What’s in a name? When it comes to charity golf tournaments, a name can be a powerful tool for fundraising. Names like Drive for a Cure or Tee Off for Tots immediately tell you the cause you’re supporting, making it easier to draw participants and sponsors.

Global Stage

In a world that’s more connected than ever, international golf tournaments like the Ryder Cup or the Presidents Cup bring together the best players from around the globe. The name itself becomes a symbol of international camaraderie and competition.

The Best of the Best

So, what makes the best golf tournaments stand out? It’s a combination of the name, the players, the venue, and the fans. A great name is the first step in this journey, setting the tone for everything that follows.

Pro Experience

Even if you’re not a pro, tournaments with names that evoke a sense of professionalism can make amateur players feel like they’re part of something bigger. Pro golf tournaments set the standard, and their names often inspire the naming of amateur events, elevating the entire sport.

Funny Names For Golf Tournaments (with Meaning)

1. Fairway Funnies

This name encapsulates the idea of a tournament where humor is a focal point. It suggests that players can expect more than just the regular fairway drama; they should be prepared for laughs, pranks, and unforgettable moments.

2. Giggles and Greens

Perfect for a light-hearted event, this name indicates that laughter will accompany each swing and putt. It emphasizes the social and fun aspects of golf, making it a tournament more about camaraderie than fierce competition.

3. Putter Pandemonium

This name is ideal for tournaments where putting takes center stage in the most unpredictable ways. Whether it’s a putt that circles the hole before dropping or incredible bank shots off of hazards, expect chaos and laughter.

4. Duff Dynasty

The phrase is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the less-than-perfect shots known as “duffs.” While these shots may be frustrating in a serious setting, in a Duff Dynasty tournament, they’re the source of amusement and collective giggles.

5. Chuckle Chips

By using this name, even chip shots, often the most nerve-wracking part of a hole, will be approached with humor. Mistakes aren’t just tolerated; they’re expected and laughed off, setting a relaxed tone for the event.

6. Wacky Wedges

This moniker suggests a tournament that welcomes daring wedge shots, even if they land you in a bunker or the water. The focus is less on the perfect shot and more on the adventurous spirit and the laughs that come with it.

7. Snicker Slices

If you’re always slicing the ball, this tournament name implies you’re in good company. Far from being a disadvantage, here slices are something to snicker about, embracing the imperfections that make the game relatable.

8. Tee Hee Tournament

This straightforward name is an open invitation for laughter from the first tee to the last. It sets the mood for a relaxed, joyful day where the focus is on fun, not just the score.

9. Grin and Bear It

Everything—good shots, bad shots, sand traps, and water hazards—should be taken in name during this tournament. It’s about appreciating humor in all aspects of the game.

10. Par-Tee Animals

It suggests a tournament that revels in the social aspect, from lively conversations at every hole to a festive after-party. Golf is merely the opening act for the fun to come.

11. Loony Links

There is a sense that this is a tournament set in an unusual or quirky course layout. Expect unexpected challenges and hilarious obstacles, all designed to keep players laughing and guessing.

12. HeeHaw Handicaps

According to this one, handicaps are more about keeping the game fun than rigidly balancing skill levels. No one takes themselves too seriously here, and every handicap is just another reason to laugh.

13. Lol-obsters

This coastal-themed name adds an extra layer of humor by combining “LOL” with “lobsters.” Ideal for seaside courses, where water hazards come with a salty breeze and perhaps a side of seafood.

14. Guffaw and Golf

With a name like this, it is clear that hearty laughs are as much a part of this tournament as any golfing skills. If you like your birdies and bogeys served with a side of hilarity, this is the tournament for you.

15. Smirk and Swing

This title suggests that every swing—whether it ends in triumph or in a sand trap—should be made with a smirk. Golf is a game of highs and lows, and this tournament aims to find the humor in both.

16. Knee-Slapper Cup

The name promises a tournament filled with moments that elicit knee-slapping laughter. Whether it’s an unexpected hole-in-one or an unfortunate stumble into a water hazard, every moment is ripe for comedy.

17. Jolly Drivers

For those who enjoy taking big swings off the tee, this name emphasizes the joy of driving the ball. Forget about where it lands; it’s the sheer act of swinging hard that brings joy and laughter.

18. Rofl Range

“ROFL” stands for “Rolling On the Floor Laughing,” and this name suggests that even the driving range is not safe from bursts of laughter. Expect trick shots, epic fails, and a whole lot of fun.

19. Titters and Taps

This name points to a tournament where even the most straightforward tap-in putts become a source of entertainment. Whether you make it or miss it by a mile, each putt is an occasion for shared laughter.

20. Belly Laugh Bogeys

Rather than moaning about bogeys, this tournament name encourages players to laugh them off. Each bogey becomes an amusing anecdote rather than a point of frustration, making for a jovial, uplifting atmosphere.

Famous Golf Tournament Names

Golf is a game steeped in tradition, skill, and fierce competition. Some tournaments have risen to legendary status, watched by millions, and played by the best in the sport. These are the events where history is made and champions are crowned. Here is a list of 20 famous golf tournament names along with the locations where they are held.

1. The Masters (Augusta, Georgia, USA)

2. U.S. Open Championship (Various Locations, USA)

3. The Open Championship (United Kingdom)

4. PGA Championship (Various Locations, USA)

5. Ryder Cup (Alternates between Europe and the USA)

6. Presidents Cup (Various Locations, International)

7. Tour Championship (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

8. World Golf Championships (Various Locations, International)

9. Players Championship (Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA)

10. Arnold Palmer Invitational (Orlando, Florida, USA)

11. Waste Management Phoenix Open (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)

12. AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am (Pebble Beach, California, USA)

13. Sentry Tournament of Champions (Kapalua, Hawaii, USA)

14. Solheim Cup (Alternates between USA and Europe)

15. Deutsche Bank Championship (Norton, Massachusetts, USA)

16. BMW Championship (Various Locations, USA)

17. Memorial Tournament (Dublin, Ohio, USA)

18. Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

19. DP World Tour Championship (Dubai, UAE)

20. Scottish Open (Scotland)

PGA Golf Tournament Names

1. Valspar Championship (Palm Harbor, Florida, USA): This tournament is part of the PGA Tour and is played at the Innisbrook Resort in Florida.

2. RBC Heritage (Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA): An annual golf tournament on the PGA Tour held at Harbour Town Golf Links.

3. Zurich Classic of New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA): This tournament features a unique team format, where players partner up to compete.

4. Farmers Insurance Open (San Diego, California, USA): Held at the Torrey Pines Golf Course, this tournament often serves as an early indicator for the season’s strongest players.

5. Genesis Invitational (Pacific Palisades, California, USA): Played at the Riviera Country Club, this tournament attracts some of the top names in golf.

6. CIMB Classic (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): One of the few PGA Tour events held in Asia, this tournament offers a different backdrop for players and fans alike.

7. Barbasol Championship (Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA): This event serves as an alternative PGA Tour event that runs concurrently with The Open Championship.

8. Charles Schwab Challenge (Fort Worth, Texas, USA): Held at the Colonial Country Club, it is one of the oldest non-Major PGA Tour events.

9. John Deere Classic (Silvis, Illinois, USA): Often serving as the last PGA Tour event before The Open Championship, it’s a final chance for players to get into top form.

10. Shriners Hospitals for Children Open (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA): This tournament benefits a charitable cause and is held at the TPC at Summerlin.

Funny Golf Tournament Ideas List!

Transform your golf tournament into a comedy fest with these hilarious and creative ideas! Make everyone laugh so hard, they’ll have to work on their composure before that crucial putt.

  1. Jester’s Jaunt
  2. Comedy Cup
  3. Putt Jokes
  4. Prankster’s Paradise
  5. Tee Hee Open
  6. Trick Shot Tourney
  7. Silly Swings
  8. Par-Tee Time
  9. Laugh & Drive
  10. Joke Hole Invitational
  11. Gagster’s Classic
  12. Belly Laugh Bash
  13. Smirk Shootout
  14. Putter Puns
  15. Whoopee Open
  16. Clown Classic
  17. ChuckleFest
  18. Wisecrackers Cup
  19. Jest Quest
  20. Satire Scramble
  21. Tee Giggle
  22. Zany Zone
  23. Snicker Showdown
  24. Groaner’s Green
  25. Par-dy Time
  26. Wise Quip Classic
  27. Comic Relief Cup
  28. Wisenheimer Open
  29. Chortle Challenge
  30. Jest-ival of Golf
  31. Laugh Links
  32. Guffaw Grind
  33. Chuckle Classic
  34. Smiley Scramble
  35. Loony Loop
  36. Peculiar Putts
  37. Smile Mile
  38. Rib-Tickler Rally
  39. Humor Hustle
  40. Pun Putt
  41. Giddy Green
  42. Giggle Gauntlet
  43. Banter Battle
  44. Jest Jamboree
  45. Fun Fairway
  46. Chuckle Chuck
  47. Witty Wins
  48. Absurd Albatross
  49. Yuck Fest
  50. Mirth Masters

Funny Golf Tournament Team Names

Get ready to tee off with a smile! When it comes to naming your golf tournament team, a funny moniker can make the game even more enjoyable. So, if you’re looking for a name that will have everyone at the course laughing, you’ve landed at the right spot.

  1. PuttLuck
  2. Mulligan Maniacs
  3. Fairway Fiends
  4. DivotDynasty
  5. Slicers Anonymous
  6. Bogey Busters
  7. Green Goblins
  8. Putt Pirates
  9. Swing Kings
  10. Gopher Hunters
  11. Shank Happens
  12. Hole Lottalove
  13. Tee-Rex
  14. Chipocalypse
  15. Grip It & Sip It
  16. Swing Shifters
  17. Fairway to Heaven
  18. Ball Whackers
  19. The Wedgemen
  20. Golf Nomads
  21. Divot Divas
  22. Sand Savers
  23. Wedge Wizards
  24. Iron Giants
  25. Eagle Chasers
  26. Tee Party
  27. Under Par-tiers
  28. The Puttsketeers
  29. Grassmasters
  30. Laugh Strokes
  31. Drive for Show
  32. Caddyshackers
  33. Big Tee Theory
  34. Green Dreamers
  35. Albatross Crew
  36. Green Avengers
  37. Putt Whisperers
  38. Wedgies
  39. Swing and a Beer
  40. Link Lovers
  41. Putter Face
  42. Sandbaggers
  43. The Hole-in-Fun Gang
  44. Swingers Club
  45. Fore Play
  46. The Subpars
  47. Birdie Bandits
  48. Break Ninetee
  49. Rolling Greens
  50. In the Rough Crew

Dirty Golf Tournament Names

Add some risqué humor to your golf tournament with names that push the boundaries of good taste. If you’re planning an adults-only event and want to stir the pot, check out these tongue-in-cheek monikers.

  1. Dirty Divots
  2. Swingin’ Skirts
  3. Risky Strokes
  4. Balls Deep
  5. Naughty Niners
  6. Foul Fore
  7. Fore Play
  8. Quickie Putts
  9. Double Enten-tees
  10. Below Par Behaviour
  11. Innuendon’ts
  12. Holey Moley!
  13. Nasty Nineties
  14. Off the Fairway
  15. Misbehaving Mulligans
  16. Wedge Wink
  17. Racy Roughs
  18. Skanky Skimmers
  19. Club Cougars
  20. Adult Eagles
  21. Tease & Putt
  22. Guilty Grips
  23. Steamy Slicers
  24. 50 Shades of Fairway
  25. Dirty Birdies
  26. Sordid Sandtraps
  27. Groove Grinders
  28. Putter Provocateurs
  29. Iron Infidelity
  30. Shaft Shenanigans
  31. Green Teasers
  32. Double Bogey Booty
  33. Cheeky Chippers
  34. Hasty Hookers
  35. Putt Plunge
  36. Stroking Pros
  37. Below the Belt
  38. Grass Gropers
  39. Hazard Hotties
  40. Wild Wedgers
  41. Caddie Lads
  42. Fringe Flingers
  43. Bush Whackers
  44. Kinky Clubbers
  45. Drive and Thrive
  46. Risky Rebounds
  47. Fore Your Eyes Only
  48. Sunk Holes
  49. Undercover Putters
  50. Club Casanovas

Catchy Golf Tournament Names

Elevate your golf tournament’s appeal with a name that sticks. Memorable and snappy, these catchy titles are perfect for catching attention and drawing a crowd to your event.

  1. Swingo
  2. Golfalooza
  3. PuttPalooza
  4. Fairway Frenzy
  5. SwingFest
  6. DriveMania
  7. GreenSprint
  8. BirdieBlast
  9. Eagle Extravaganza
  10. MulliMingle
  11. Iron Invitational
  12. Linksy
  13. TeeBash
  14. WedgeWave
  15. ChipCraze
  16. PuttRave
  17. Divot Derby
  18. Bogey Bonanza
  19. SandTrap Soiree
  20. Slicepocalypse
  21. Divot Disco
  22. Grip Gala
  23. Swing Sizzle
  24. Putt Plunge
  25. Club Carnival
  26. Fairway Fiesta
  27. Tee Time Tango
  28. Hook Hootenanny
  29. Stroke Surge
  30. Swing Sensation
  31. Green Groove
  32. Ace Amaze
  33. Putt Pulse
  34. Wedge Whirl
  35. Bunker Bash
  36. Par Party
  37. Tee Tempest
  38. Chip Chaos
  39. Swing Symphony
  40. Link Fling
  41. Drive Dive
  42. Putt Pop
  43. Grip Groove
  44. Fairway Flash
  45. Club Clash
  46. Iron Ignite
  47. Sand Surge
  48. Putt Pizzazz
  49. Golf Glam
  50. Strokerama

Ladies Golf Tournament Names

Empower your all-women golf tournament with names that celebrate the strength, skill, and sass of female golfers. Make your tournament not just a game, but a statement.

  1. Diva Drives
  2. Lady Links
  3. Femme Fairway
  4. Iron Maidens
  5. Swing Sisters
  6. SheStrokes
  7. Tee Goddesses
  8. Queen Greens
  9. Divot Divas
  10. Pink Putters
  11. Lady Eagles
  12. Birdie Babes
  13. Fairway Femmes
  14. Sassy Swingers
  15. Classy Clubs
  16. Glam Golfers
  17. Chic Chips
  18. Posh Putters
  19. Elite Eagles
  20. Fairway Fashionistas
  21. Wonder Women of Golf
  22. Par Princesses
  23. Golf Goddesses
  24. Fab Fairways
  25. SheGolfs
  26. Mulligan Mavens
  27. Lush Links
  28. Swingin’ Sirens
  29. Putt Princess
  30. Daring Divots
  31. Ladies of the Link
  32. Green Glam
  33. Hole-in-One Hotties
  34. Swingin’ Divas
  35. Tee Time Queens
  36. Putt Couture
  37. Iron Elegance
  38. Femme Fairways
  39. Sunkissed Swings
  40. She-Ra Putters
  41. Graceful Golfers
  42. Divot Duchesses
  43. Chip Charms
  44. Ladybird Classic
  45. Fabulous Fairways
  46. Golf Gals
  47. Classy Caddies
  48. Vixen Vardons
  49. Chic Classic
  50. Swing Queens

Cancer Golf Tournament Names

Golfing for a cause can be fulfilling, especially when that cause is cancer awareness or fundraising for research. Make your charity golf tournament memorable and inspiring with these heartfelt names.

  1. Hope Drives
  2. Cure Cup
  3. Ribbon Rally
  4. Survivor Swing
  5. Healing Holes
  6. Tee for Treatment
  7. Research Range
  8. Pink Putt
  9. Fairways for Fighters
  10. EndCancer Open
  11. Conqueror’s Cup
  12. Recovery Rounds
  13. Brave Birdies
  14. Faith Fairway
  15. Strength Scramble
  16. Lifeline Links
  17. Charity Chips
  18. Remission Rally
  19. Victors’ Voyage
  20. Grace Golf
  21. Angels on the Green
  22. Hope Hole-in-One
  23. Triumph Tee
  24. Love Links
  25. Care Cup
  26. Hero Holes
  27. Wellness Wedge
  28. Grateful Golf
  29. Awareness Albatross
  30. Inspire Invitational
  31. Unity Open
  32. Ribbon Range
  33. Heartfelt Holes
  34. Courage Classic
  35. Charity Champions
  36. Resilience Rally
  37. Support Swing
  38. NeverGiveUp Open
  39. Fighters’ Fairway
  40. Wellness Woods
  41. Strength Series
  42. Brave Birdie Bash
  43. Healing Hurdles
  44. Crusader Cup
  45. Love Links
  46. Relief Rally
  47. Miracle Masters
  48. Hope Holes
  49. Victory Voyage
  50. Soulful Swing

Golf Tournament Names for Charity

Charitable golf tournaments are about more than just the game. They are opportunities to give back to the community or to causes you hold dear. Name your tournament in a way that reflects the spirit of generosity and goodwill.

  1. Giving Greens
  2. Philanthropy Fairway
  3. Benevolence Bash
  4. Charity Champs
  5. Compassion Cup
  6. Heartfelt Holes
  7. Goodwill Golf
  8. Generosity Games
  9. Altruism Albatross
  10. Kindness Classic
  11. Charity Champions
  12. GiveBack Open
  13. Fairway Fundraiser
  14. Cause Cup
  15. Charity Chase
  16. Benevolent Birdies
  17. Aid Ace
  18. Love Links
  19. Outreach Open
  20. Harmony Holes
  21. Mercy Masters
  22. Fairway for Good
  23. Kindness Cup
  24. Empathy Open
  25. Care Classic
  26. Mission Masters
  27. Gift of Golf
  28. Grace Games
  29. Noble Niners
  30. Hope Holes
  31. Virtue Voyage
  32. Generous Golfers
  33. Friendship Fairway
  34. Selfless Swings
  35. Caring Cup
  36. LoveOpen
  37. Unity Unveil
  38. Outreach Open
  39. Noble Nine
  40. Heartfelt Hurdles
  41. Gratitude Games
  42. Peace Putt
  43. Harmony Open
  44. Unity Unveil
  45. Benevolent Bash
  46. Fairway to Fund
  47. Kind Cup
  48. Golf for Good
  49. Generous Greens
  50. Outreach Open

Halloween Golf Tournament Names

Creep it real this Halloween with a themed golf tournament that is sure to be a ghoul time! Give your tournament a spook-tacular name to get everyone into the spirit of the season.