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Funny Rules Of Golf

I love telling this story, so sorry if you have heard it before.

When I was first learning golf the ‘best’ golfer I knew was my brother in law as he was a ‘scratch’ player. He lived in a different city so we never played together, but I would call him for advice on clubs to buy and all manor of things golf. A few years pass and I manage to learn the game and get down to about 18 and I now had some friends that golf that are all about the same calibre as me. We end up organising a golf trip and my BIL agrees to join us as we needed an 8th guy. We are all a bit impressed/intimidated to be playing 4 or 5 rounds with a player so much better than us and looking forward to seeing his game.

So he gets into town and we decide my wife, he and I should go play the local pitch and putt (60yard- 100yard holes). It got UGLY fast for him. Bad shot off the tee, so he takes a mulligan and misses the green, stub his chip, take a mulligan and then two putts. No big deal – he just got off a plane, it is silly golf and figure he was just trying to get loose. BUT on the next hole and the next hole and the next hole it the same sort of thing. At one point he leaves himself a 2 footer and I give it to him. I say – I’ll put you down for a 4? (ignoring the mulligans) and he says no that was a 3… I am like – what? and that is when I find out in his very unique ‘rules of golf ‘ given putts don’t count as a stroke. 🥺 Yes you read that right, a putt anyone near the hole is considered holed in the rules he plays by. And it turns out ‘near’ was about 6 feet and you could give yourself putts. He and his friends also played unlimited mulligans.

So I had to have the ‘talk’ with him and let him know that my buddies and I played by the ROG and none of his crazy rules would be allowed as we had pre-arranged betting games. His lowest score under the RoG was over 110 that trip. It was a very rude awakening for him as he actually did think he was good golfer as his regular foursomes all played that way.