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Golf Scramble Fun Hole Ideas

golf scramble fun hole ideas
golf scramble fun hole ideas

Searching for golf scramble contest ideas to shake things up? From low-key events to huge fundraisers, we’ve got some ideas we think you’ll like. Maybe you’ve played in scrambles before. You’re tired of the same old rules. Liven up the green and the gang with these tips. Choose one, or mix and match!

And stay tuned for awesome golf scramble prizes. Everyone will be playing for these! The competition will be fierce.

Spicy Golf Scramble Contest Ideas to Know

You know the drill. Most scramble golfers are used to arriving and hearing the same guidelines. They know them by heart. Let’s keep them on their toes, though. Let’s spice things up, shall we?

1. String Scramble

They may lookat you like you’re crazy, but you’re used to that. So, never mind them. Whodoesn’t love a little silly string? Okay. It’s not that crazy. Every team receives the same length of regular string.Give them around 10 or 12 feet to play with. Or more. Or less. Whatever you’refeeling. As long as the string lengths are equal, it’s fair.

In the stringscramble, teams get to use the string for a stroke. This saves you in the eventthat everyone misses a putt. Say the closest ball is only a couple of inchesfrom the hole. You’ll have your handy-dandy string to save the day. Measure thedistance from the ball to the cup. Cut the string and discard. But keep theunused string. You may need it again!

You get the ball in the hole without adding a stroke! Cool? Yes. If you’re under a tree, get out with ease. Bunker? Mud? You’ve got the answer: string. Best part: if the scramble ends in a low round tie, guess who wins? The team with the most string left! We love it.

2. Reverse Scramble

This one ispretty simple. But it’ll drive some of your scramblers mad! It’s all right.They’ll survive. This adds so much challenge to the day. Every shot has to beplayed from the worst spot of the group. That includes putts, y’all.

This is a great option for the guys and gals who are pretty skilled in the game. You’ll have them laughing at some of the disasters they have to get out of! We didn’t say these golf scramble contest ideas were easy, folks. We just think they’re creative. And could potentially make you pull your hair out. But hey, you only live once. Mix it up! Keep ‘em guessing.

3. One Club Per Hole Scramble

In thisscramble, each team member selects one club to play with. Now, they can changeafter a hole. But yep, from tee to cup, they’re using the same club. No matterwhat. Tee shot? Fairway? Chips and putts? Doesn’t matter. You picked that clubfor this hole. And you have to stand by it.

We like it when the players get to choose the club. But whoever organizes the event could make the choosing. Hmmm. You might want to let them give a little bit of input, though. If you tell everyone it’s their putter or nothing, you might have some grouchy grumps to contend with. You know what? To hell with it. If you like that idea, go for it. We support you 100 percent.

4. One Drive/One Putt Each Scramble

You can go withone of these or both! It’s a neat twist on the traditional scramble. At somepoint during the nine holes, you have to include one drive and/or one putt fromevery team member. Say you’re on the ninth hole. You still have one teammember, and you haven’t used their drive. You must use it. No matter what.

This certainly adds some strategy to the mix. Basically, if you’ve got a weaker player, you maybe want to use their “okay” drive up front. Don’t wait for a disaster to come strolling along last minute. Or wait… Have we stumbled onto yet another scramble idea? Ignore us. We’re instigators. Keep reading. Pretend we’re not here, trying to stir this scrambled pot.

5. Team vs. Team Scramble

We’re all aboutthis one. You get to hang out with more folks for the day. Make each hole worthone point. And it’s one team vs. another team the entire way. Keep thetraditional scramble rules, but suddenly, it’s more competitive. Every hole ison the line.

You’re digging this, aren’t you? Yeah, we thought you would. The team with the most points wins, of course. This way, everyone is focused. Seriously, you’re constantly in tune with your game and who’s either in front of or behind you. It’s wild, in the best way!

Want More Golf Scramble Contest Ideas?

Check out these tips for winning golf scrambles. Hey, every little bit helps, right? We also enjoyed this quick read about how to pick a golf scramble team.

Golf Scramble Contest Prizes

We promised a sweet golf scramble prize, didn’t we? Here it is! If your scramblers are playing for this beauty (one for each team member, naturally), why wouldn’t they give it their all? Our Golf Ball Shaped Decanter is a trophy for the ages. They’ll never forget all the fun they had at your scramble!

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And don’t forget the matching whiskey glasses. These make a cool prize as well. But the decanter set is magic. We’re just saying. Go big, or… you know the rest. Order the best golf scramble prizes today! You’re already in the right place. And it’s always the right time for decanters, glasses, and whiskey.

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Share Your Golf Scramble Contest Ideas Here!

We welcome yourideas. We know that there are a lot of different formats out there. We’d loveto hear about your favorites. Share memories, specific rules, and yourexperience overall.

Thanks forbeing a part of the Prestige family. We wish you all the success (and then some)with your golf scramble!