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Larry Bill’s Fun Time Golf Photos

larry bill's fun time golf photos
larry bill's fun time golf photos

One cool summer night, which doesn’t happen to often in North Carolina we decided to check out a local attraction that is literally within 5 miles of my house. My girls had been there before but my husband and I had not. My husband’s brother and his wife were visiting from Mexico and Mikaela wanted to impress her aunt and uncle with her putt putt skills, so we decided to all go as a family to Larry Bill’s Funtime Golf.

It is hidden gem in Wayne County. Tucked in behind a strip mall and beside our Walmart, this oasis is welcome site to any family looking for a nice night out without the stress of trying to plan something that everyone will like. When we arrived we were treated with a friendly smile and tips on how to play the course.

The course is absolutely beautiful. The way it was planned out as well the landscaping was just breathtaking. I found myself concentrating on the surroundings than the actual game. Good thing I wasn’t playing right?

Gracie’s favorite hole was number #9, which we were told was the fun hole. We were given the tip to put the ball in the water on this hole. I know you are probably thinking aren’t you supposed to keep the ball out of the water? But this tip was spot on, Gracie ended up scoring a hole in one on this hole. So now you can see why it was her favorite.

Our whole family had so much fun my husband, his brother Jesse and Mikaela and Gracie had fun playing and my sister-in-law Sarah and I had fun watching them play. We can’t wait for them to come back and visit again.

Larry Bill’s Funtime Golf is an 18 Hole Miniature Golf Course, Bumper Cars, and Train Rides. And is located beside the Rosewood Super Wal-Mart at the intersection of US Highway 70 West and NC Highway 581 in Goldsboro, NC.

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