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2 Stroke Golf Cart

2 stroke golf cart
2 stroke golf cart

Due to uncertainties with the pandemic, engine remanufacturing times have increased SUBSTANTIALLY. For a current estimate, please contact us before purchasing. Until further notice, we will no longer be able accept core deposits and must receive your engine first. We apologize for any inconvenience. 10% charge for order cancellation. Component, labor, shipping and administrative costs are incurred when orders are placed.

This is a remanufactured / exchange . You must have a core

One (1) remanufactured EZGO Model EC25D 244 cc 2-stroke/cycle Robin Engine by Fuji Heavy Ind. Fits Marathon Carts: [88-93 3PG], [81-87 2PG], [76-80 1PG] 1976 to mid 1988 six head bolt model EC25-DS 244cc two stroke Robin engine made by Fugi. This engine also had an internal starter/generator that was kept until mid 1980. In mid 1980 they introduced the external Hitachi starter/generator. This model EC25-2PG engine was used until 1988. 2 pg has 1 window on the intake side of the piston and the intake on the crankcase. In 1989-1993 they used the model EC25-3PG 244cc two stroke Robin engine. 3 pg has 2 windows on the intake side of the piston and the intake on the cylinder.

Contact us with questions:3148275804

This engine is a remanufactured Long Block. remanufactured means: this engine was completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and brought to factory specs. Including at least: cylinder bore trued and crosshatched, new rings, new gasket kit, new seals. Buyer must be able to provide us with a remanufacture-able core.

Core: Customer agrees to send their engine one of two ways: 1) Customer ships their core to us at winner’s expense for inspection and exchange prior to us shipping fresh remanufactured engine. 2) Need it sooner? Only if we have in stock: Pay a $1000.00 refundable core deposit over and above the sales price of the auction ( billed under separate invoice through PayPal after close of auction).

Upon Receipt of Core; we will promptly disassemble, inspect and once the engine is deemed remanufacture-able we will 1)ship the remanufactured engine or 2) refund the $1000.00 deposit. We will not ship the Item without: 1) receiving the core in usable condition or 2) receiving the core deposit. We will notify you of damaged or non-remanufacture-able parts and any costs associated with their replacement. We will provide photos and explanations of any unusable parts. If you know you have damage, let us know ahead of time and we will provide you an initial estimate. If Item winner elects to pay the core deposit, we will deduct damaged and/or missing parts from the core deposit. Examples of a non-satisfactory core would be any of the following: A broken con rod, broken crank, hole in block, broken head, missing parts, etc. We will be fair and work to accommodate you. We charge for broken bolt extraction. If your not sure, don’t remove it. If an engine is missing a major component or the component is deemed unfit, Item winner agrees to pay for replacement of an OEM new or OEM serviceable part.

In order to guarantee the engine: You must follow the installation guide and use new fuel and oil pump and fuel filter. Many of these older engines have bad oil pumps, it is best to premix the fuel and eliminate the oil pump.

We provide shipping one way, contact us once your engine is packed and ready to send Customer agrees to provide a remanufacture-able core of same model We charge for removal and or exchange of components, we also charge for broken studs/bolts. Clutch exchange: $50 If the cylinder is damaged beyond serviceability add $150 for replacement cylinder Cylinder heads, broken rods and Blocks are case by case. We typically can fix a block with a hole To qualify for this low cost remanufacture, the engine must come to us without Flywheel, Carburetor, Ignition, Muffler, and Clutch. Customer pays shipping both ways if sale voided +$50 inspection fee. Questions? phone: three one four eight two seven five eight zero four

Available for local pickup and core delivery in Maryland Heights, MO. 63043.

To qualify for this low cost remanufacture, the engine must come to us without flywheel, carburetor, Ignition, Muffler, Exhaust manifold and Clutch.

Once item is purchased you will receive detailed instructions on how to return your core engine. You will also receive a core return label that you can use to return your core engine at your cost. Core engine of same type must be received within 30 days and be re-manufacture-able to get back entire deposit.