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Average Width Of Golf Cart

average width of golf cart
average width of golf cart

What Are The Dimensions Of A Golf Cart?

The average golf cart dimensions are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 5.5 feet high.

These dimensions are common to smaller golf carts that are commonly found for sale.

For a larger golf cart that seats up to six people, the dimensions rise to 4 feet wide by 11.5 feet long, and 5.5 feet tall.

Depending on the make and model of the golf cart in question, there will be a large difference in dimensions. Below we’ve covered some of the most popular brands brands, Yamaha and E-Z-GO and Club Car.

EZ Go Golf Cart Dimensions

E-Z-Go was founded in 1954 and has its headquarters in Augusta, Georgia, the home of the Masters. They are a major rival to golf cart company Club Car who are also based in Augusta.

Below are the dimensions for three of the company’s common golf cart models:

E-Z-GO Freedom TXT:

Golf cart length: 5 feet (or 60 inches)

Width of golf cart: 3.9 feet (or 47 inches)

Golf cart height: 3.6 feet / 46.5 inches (without canopy). 5.6 feet / 67.5 inches (with canopy)


Golf cart length: 5 feet (or 60 inches)

Width of golf cart: 3.9 feet (or 47 inches)

Golf cart height: 3.8 feet / 45.7 inches (without canopy). 5.7 feet / 68.5 inches (with canopy)

E-Z-GO Hauler Pro Electric:

Golf cart length: 9.5 feet (or 115 inches)

Width of golf cart: 4.1 feet (or 49.4 inches)

Golf cart height: 3.6 feet / 46.5 inches (without canopy). 5.8 feet / 70.5 inches (with canopy)

Club Car golf cart dimensions

Club Car are based in Augusta Georgia and make some of the best carts. If you’ve ridden in a golf cart, you have more than likely used a Club Car cart at some point.

Club Car Tempo Fleet (Electric)

Golf cart length: 91.5 in. (232 cm)

Golf cart width: 48 in. (166.4 cm)

Golf cart height: 68.5 in. (174 cm)

Club Car Onward 2

Golf cart length: 92 in.

Golf cart width: 49 in.

Golf cart height: 71 in.

Yamaha Golf Cart Dimensions

Yamaha is one of the most famous golf cart brands in the world. Here are three models from the Japanese company with their dimensions.

Yamaha Umax Two

Length: 10 feet (or 119.3 inches)

Width: 4.1 feet (or 49.3 inches)

Height: 6 feet (or 71.8 inches)

Yamaha Drive 2 Fleet:

Length: 7.8 feet (or 93.6 inches)

Width: 3.9 feet (or 47.3 inches)

Height: 5.8 feet (or 70.2 inches)

Yamaha Concierge 6:

Length: 13.4 feet (or 161.4 inches)

Width: 3.9 feet (or 47.2 inches)

Height: 6.2 feet (or 75.2 inches)

Golf Cart Trailer Dimensions

When purchasing a golf cart it is important to know how you’re going to transport it around.

Many people choose to do so using a trailer. Most trailers that are 5 feet wide by 9 or 10 feet long will fit most carts.

Smaller trailers such as 5×8’s should work fine as well. A 4×6 trailer is certainly pushing it though.

Will A Golf Cart Fit In The Back Of A Truck?

A full-size pickup truck with a four-foot wid truck bed should allow a cart to fit nicely.

Should the cart be a little longer or the truck be a standard size pickup, the owner of the truck can leave the tailgate down to increase the length.

It is important to use a ramp to help load the golf cart. You can use one large ramp or two separate for the tires. For more info on tires for golf carts, you can check out our article, best golf cart tires.

On average, golf carts weigh between 900 and 1100 pounds. It’s not the easiest item to lift up.

Some are lighter than others depending on the material it was made with and if they include a battery or not.