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Bill Miller Golf Carts

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Our Story

Carts Gone Wild started as a dream for Tony and Dana Hallam in 2003 while both were working full time. Tony started building customized golf carts out of their home garage. He had a vision of starting a company which produced highly customized golf carts used by the rich and famous. He envisioned a business similar to the TV reality show Orange County Choppers. Tony always had a love for automobiles. During college, he worked as a Crew Member in competitive auto racing and spent time working at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky as an intern. He graduated from Indiana State University in 1996 and went on to spend 15 years working as a Quality Engineer for Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana. Dana spent 12 years working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing. Both shared dreams of someday building a small business from the ground up. Building something special, unique, and out of the ordinary. That dream became a reality when Tony and Dana outgrew their home based location and moved to a more business friendly location in 2010. They purchased their dream business property from friends in 2013, which is a 8.5 acre facility located in Haubstadt, Indiana.

In the fall of 2021, Tony and Dana sold Carts Gone Wild, Inc. to a long time business partner, Midwest Golf and Turf. Midwest Golf and Turf is owned by Bill Miller of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Our new owner is very versed in the golf cart world with more than 20 years experience in the industry. Midwest Golf and Turf is a Club Car distributor for Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. They specialize in selling golf course fleet cars along with consumer and commercial Club Car golf carts such as the Onward, CarryAll and Tempo Walk. This acquisition opened up even more opportunities for us here at Carts Gone Wild, as we now have expanded access to used golf cart fleets. This allows us to focus and specialize in what we do best – customize and refurbish used golf carts for our customers. Carts Gone Wild has been customizing and building unique golf carts since 2003. We have a long list of famous clients and sports figures who have enjoyed our products over the years. The clients include NFL coaches, NFL team owners, NBA coaches, and NHRA drag racing champions. Carts Gone Wild is the ultimate one stop, complete custom golf cart shop. We specialize in everything from mild restoration to wild custom cart building and design. We have a 7000 sq. ft. showroom to showcase our new and refurbished golf carts along with a full warehouse of golf cart parts and accessories. Carts Gone Wild has perfected the cart building process. We provide a unique, high quality product while offering unbeatable customer service at competitive pricing.

Carts Gone Wild thrives on providing a positive buying experience for all customers. Our main business revolves around referrals and repeat customers. We truly appreciate and enjoy all of our customers. Every customer is a Carts Gone Wild family member. We welcome you to stop in and become part of the Carts Gone Wild family!

Contact Us

Call us at (812) 615-5050 or come by today and experience our superior service and selection! We look forward to serving you!