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Bob Hope Golf Cart

bob hope golf cart
bob hope golf cart

Western Golf Cart Manufacturing was a leader in the production of electric golf carts and built special editions like this one for the annual Bob Hope Chrysler Desert Classic Tournament. This one is said to be from 1985 and is the Golf & Country edition. It may or may not be one of them that ole Bob himself drove during his association with the event that lasted for more than 30 years. Located in San Diego, California, this nicely preserved example is available here on craigslist for what may be a reasonable $2,500. An unusual tip brought to us by Rocco B.

While there are a lot of golf cart makers, most have more pedestrian products, like EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car. Western Golf Cart was one of the more upscale builders, which is likely why they assembled a lot of these for the Desert Classic and other courses. They are said to be well-built and long-lasting, fitting into the latest craze where a lot of folks buy golf carts just to tour around their neighborhoods. Western began in the business in 1981 in Hot Springs and annual production may have been as high as 2,000 carts.

The roots of the Desert Classic go back to 1954 and it bore Bob Hope’s name from 1965 to at least his retirement in 1995. He was one of Hollywood’s most well-known and prolific golfers and may have been seen out of the greens not too long before his death in 2003 and age 100. It was a professional golf tournament that drew a lot of celebrity participation, as well as some of the occupants of the White House. “Thanks for the Memories,” Bob.

This cart, presumably built in 1985, looks to be in excellent condition. It was styled to mimic some of Chrysler’s cars of that era, who sponsored both the tournament and Bob for many, many years. It bears original custom-embroidered seats with Bob’s famous caricature and also has fringe around the roof and custom dash work. As you might expect, it also has goodies like a built-in drink cooler, chrome golf tee dispensers, turn signals (though not street-legal), headlights, and more. The tires are in good shape, and we’re told the cart wants nothing.

For those into the whole ecology thing, the Western cart runs on seven 6-volt batteries and will top out at 15 mph. If you need a trailer to haul it, the seller has one of those available at additional cost, though the price is not mentioned. If you need a vehicle like this to ride around the perimeter of your domain or to run down to the convenience store, this could be an interesting addition to your fleet.