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Bobby Orr Golf Cart

bobby orr golf cart
bobby orr golf cart

Editor’s Note: May 10 marks mark the 50th anniversary of Boston Bruins legend Bobby Orr’s iconic, 1970 Stanley Cup Final-clinching goal against the St. Louis Blues. In the lead up to the anniversary, is remembering that team and Orr’s goal, which will include NESN’s airing of the “1970 Stanley Cup Playoff Rewind” on Saturday, May 9, at 8 p.m. ET. On May 10, NHL Network will air “The 1970 Bruins: Big Bad & Bobby” a documentary celebrating that team. Click here for more Bruins coverage.

Boston Bruins fans don’t have the chance to touch a piece of living history every day.

The Boston Bruins Foundation announced Wednesday it will raffle a one-of-a-kind Bobby Orr “The Goal” replica statue. All proceeds the raffle generates will benefit organizations and initiatives that assist first responders, health care providers and frontline workers, who are leading the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The Bruins raffle will run through 2 p.m. ET on Friday, May 8, and fans can enter now by visiting

“Thank you to all the first responders, health care providers and frontline workers that contribute to the daily battle against COVID-19,” Orr said in a press release. “You are all the true heroes. Your dedication and commitment to the people within your communities is remarkable and we appreciate each and every one of you.”

Harry Weber designed the original Orr statue, which depicts one of the most iconic moments in NHL history — the Bruins legend’s 1970 Stanley Cup Final-winning goal against the St. Louis Blues. The Bruins commissioned the Orr statue in 2010, and it now stands outside TD Garden.

The Boston Bruins Foundation has donated $400,000-plus to COVID-19 relief organizations to date, and the Orr statue is bound to boost that total further.

A statue of Orr which stands outside TD Garden reminds Bruins fans of the goal to this day, and a raffle for a one-of-a-kind replica of “The Goal” statue currently is taking place until May 8, with the proceeds benefitting the Boston Bruins Foundation’s coronavirus relief efforts (details here).

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