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Electric Golf Cart Maintenance

electric golf cart maintenance
electric golf cart maintenance

When you own a golf cart, it’s important to keep it maintained for a smoother and trouble-free ride. Regular golf cart maintenance will keep your golf cart running for a long time without any issues.

Here’s an important checklist for golf cart maintenance that every golf cart owner should follow.

1. Charge Your Cart’s Batteries Every Day

When you use an electric golf cart, you need to make sure they’re charged. Once a golf cart’s battery dies, you need to charge it thoroughly before you start using it again. That’s why it’s best to charge your golf cart batteries after every use.

This way, you will always know your batteries are fully charged.

2. Check the Water Levels in Batteries

Keep a close eye on the water level in your batteries. If the water level is too low, you’ll need to add water to bring them back up. First, charge your batteries. Then, fill water directly in the batteries until the water level reaches about 1/2 inch above the lead plates. Make sure to add distilled water, not tap water.

3. Clean Batteries

When you are checking water levels in your batteries, check connections within batteries. All of the connections need to be tight. Clean all the batteries properly and remove any dirt or corrosion.

4. Check Tires Pressure

Make sure to check the air pressure in your golf cart tires every week or so. If you inspect that air pressure is low, fill air in your tires right away. By doing this, you’ll protect your golf cart tires from wearing out. If you own a street-legal cart, you also need to make sure that your cart is equipped with street-legal tires that have a thread.

5. Inspect Brakes

Usually, people do not give much attention to the golf cart brakes, but it is important to have an efficient and functioning brake system to reduce injury. You need to inspect your brakes every few months. Your brake pads, drums, and cables all need to be checked and even adjusted to keep them working correctly.

6. Check Steering Wheel

The steering wheel rack needs greasing, and you need to check it yearly. Do not forget to check the steering yoke system to ensure all bolts are tight.

7. Battery Replacement

When you need to replace your golf cart batteries, it is best to replace all of the batteries simultaneously. If you put a new battery with an older pack of batteries, then the older batteries will reduce the new battery’s life. The older batteries take a longer time to charge than the new ones, and eventually, you will destroy the new ones by overcharging.

8. Inspect Lights and Mirrors

Street legal golf carts are equipped with a street legal light package and side mirrors. If your cart is street legal, do not forget to check turn signals, brake lights, headlights, and mirrors. If any of your lights are not working, read out the owner’s manual to find the fuse location.

9. Lubrication Schedule

Like other vehicles, golf carts also require regular suspension lubrication. The steering wheel rack and pinion also need to be greased regularly. The frequency of lubricating varies by model, so be sure to read the owner’s manual for the required timeframe. If you ever notice oil on the ground near or around your golf cart, get underneath your cart and inspect or just connect with a mechanic.

10. Golf Cart Storage

The golf cart checklist is not just about its parts and accessory checks, but also includes how and where you store your cart when not in use. During winter, you’ll need to give some extra attention to storage. Check out how to winterize a golf cart to learn more.

11. Visit for Professional Service Every Year

No matter how much effort you put into golf cart maintenance, certain things are still left behind. So, it’s better to arrange professional service for your golf cart once a year. A professional will address any issues with your cart that you might miss.

Electric Golf Cart – Quick Checklist

  • Daily – Charge Daily
  • Weekly – Check battery electrolyte levels
  • Monthly – Clean batteries properly, add water if required, check tires, Inspect light and mirrors, check the steering wheel, replace engine oil, Inspect fuel system for leaks
  • Yearly – Check the entire brake system and replace it if needed. Annual servicing with a trained technician

Gas Golf Cart – Quick Checklist

  • Weekly – Check fuel gauge operation and clean fuel cap
  • Monthly – Inspect gasoline engine, Inspect light and mirrors, replace engine oil, Inspect fuel system for leaks
  • Yearly – Check the fuel and air filters, and replace them if required. Inspect brakes, exhaust system, fuel filter, and spark plug. Annual servicing with a trained technician

Final Words

By checking the items listed here and performing regular maintenance on your cart, you can enjoy hassle-free rides. If at any time while you are driving a golf cart and face a problem with it, stop using it and put it in the garage. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, but never hesitate to contact an expert when needed.

For any concerns, be sure to get in touch with one of our experts at Golf Cart Garage.