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Ez Go Golf Cart Headlight Fuse Location

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Video ez go golf cart headlight fuse location
ez go golf cart headlight fuse location
ez go golf cart headlight fuse location

If you’re an avid golfer, you’ve probably heard of the EZ-GO golf cart. It’s a great way to get around the golf course without tiring yourself out. But like all machines, it needs a bit of maintenance and care.

An essential part of proper maintenance is knowing where the critical component is. The fuse box is one of the most important parts of the cart, and knowing where it is and how to fix a blown fuse is an essential skill for any owner of an EZ-GO golf cart.

In this blog article, we’ll answer the question of where the fuse box is located on an EZ-GO golf cart and how to replace a blown fuse. So, read thoroughly to find out the Ez-GO golf cart fuse box location and how you can fix a blown fuse.

Fuse Box Location On E-Z-GO Golf Carts

The Ez Go golf cart fuse box location can vary depending on the year and model of the cart. Generally, the fuse box is located on the charging container on your EZ GO golf cart.

2008 Ez-Go Txt Gas Golf Cart

The EZ-GO TXT gas cart (2008 model) has an inline fuse box located near the key switch. These fuses, which are connected to the key switch, prevent potential harm to the electrical system.

1990 Ez-Go Golf Carts

The fuse box in 1990 EZGO golf carts is in the cart’s wheel. This differs from the common location of fuse boxes.

2005 Ez-Go Electric Cart

For the 2005 EZGO Electric Cart, the fuse box in Ez-Go’s electric cart models is now located underneath the driver’s seat.

This change was implemented to ensure the vehicle’s and its passengers’ safety. When it was put back in its original location, there was a greater chance of a shortage.

Once you have located the fuse box, you can start troubleshooting any electrical issues you may be having with your E-Z-GO golf cart.

Before you do anything else, it is important to check the fuse box for any blown fuses. If a fuse is blown, you need to replace it.

How To Replace an EZ GO Cart Blown Fuse?

Replacing a blown fuse is a fairly straightforward process. Here is a step by step guide, but to determine the reason for a blown fuse, the circuit system must be carefully inspected.

Step 01: Locate Your Fuse and Check If It Is Burned

First, you need to get access to your fuse box. You probably have a clear idea of where your fuse is located if you are reading from the beginning of this article. You can easily identify a burned or blown fuse by sight.

Step 02: Removing The Blown Fuse

Grab a needle-nose plier and firmly grip the fuse. It’s okay to apply force since you’ll be discarding the fuse. Gently wiggle and pull the fuse backward until it is disconnected.

This should only take a few seconds, so be cautious not to overdo it to avoid damaging the fuse connectors.

Step 03: Choose Replace Fuse

Making sure the replacement fuse is compatible with the voltage level is important when choosing a replacement fuse.

If your current fuse is rated at 60 amps, you must purchase a fuse with the same configuration.

Step 04: Placing the New Fuse

Whether inserting the fuse by hand or using pliers, make sure it is aligned and not being pushed into place. Once it’s been put in place properly, you should hear a clicking sound.

Step 05: Testing

After you insert the new fuse, it’s likely to be safe if it does not burn out after 10-20 minutes. However, keeping an eye on repeated burnouts of the same type of fuse in your cart is advisable.

Things To Check If You Face Frequent Blown Fuse In Your Ez GO Cart

A fuse is a safety feature to save your Ez-Go car components from excessive voltage. However, if you frequently blow fuses, there could be a problem with your Ez-Go golf cart. Here’s a list of things you can check:

Ground Wire

Your electrical system may be harboring a grounded wire waiting to be discovered. Examine every connection and make sure it’s secure to prevent future problems.

Loose Cable

Another issue in your cart might be loose cables that may be improperly connected to the terminals. For instance, a positive wire connecting to a negative terminal could cause short circuits.

Short Circuit

The electrical system of your golf cart may be susceptible to short circuits, which frequently occur close to the start switch.

Melted plastic around the key switch may signal an electric short in the cables and should be addressed immediately to avoid any dangerous outcomes.

Gas Pedal Relay

Misbehaving gas pedals are a common culprit behind fuse failures. Typically, the start/stop switch or starter relay connected to the gas pedal is the culprit.

Closed Solenoid

A starter generator with a short circuit may keep the solenoid closed, leading to too much power consumption and causing issues.

Faulty Battery Terminal

A depleted battery or broken terminals could overload your system and trigger a fuse to save the day.

Excessive Vibration

Vibrations from the cart, including the starter generator, can cause wires to loosen and trigger excessive electrical flow – a common cause of fuse-related issues.

Using the wrong fuse could also result in the Ez-Go golf cart being unable to handle the electrical flow.

This is a mistake that, believe it or not, is more common than you may think. So, be careful while choosing replacement fuses.


Now that you know where to locate the fuse box in your Ez-Go golf cart and how to fix it, here are the answers to some FAQs to satisfy your further curiosity!


Knowing the location of your E-Z-GO golf cart fuse box and how to replace a blown fuse is essential for any golf cart owner.

By applying the knowledge from this article, you can keep your fuse box in good shape and ensure that your E-Z-GO golf cart is running smoothly.

A small, ignored issue today can turn into bigger trouble tomorrow. A wise and responsible person like you should always consider the safety of the vehicle and its owner.

So, we recommend you take good care of your fuse box as well as other components to avoid further problems with your Ez-Go golf cart in the future!

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