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Ezgo Golf Cart Oil

ezgo golf cart oil
ezgo golf cart oil

Since a golf cart is a motorized vehicle, it requires oil to run. If you use your cart regularly, oiling at timely intervals is essential. Oiling your cart is critical to the efficiency and protection of the engine. Initially, you should change the engine oil at an interval of 125 hours of running or filter it annually. Changing oil helps remove particles that cause damage, and keeps engines at peak condition. We will be discussing this topic later on.

Yes, a golf cart needs to change its oil depending upon the frequency of use. A golf cart carries both the golf kit along with the golfers. If you golf or simply use the cart often, change the oil more often for the better working condition of the carts engine. A golf cart should also undergo regular maintenance like any other vehicle.

EZ-GO recommends owners change their oil at 125 hours of operation or at least twice a year. If you don’t use your cart often, you should still change your oil regularly because otherwise, it can rust in your engine. So, yes, your golf cart needs to have its oil changed often. Golf oil needs to change to optimize your machine and operation.

No, electric carts do not contain oil. The electric motor functions before the internal gas engine. Gas vehicles need oil to lubricate several parts of the car, while electric ones don’t. Electric and gas carts get serviced like any other vehicle. You can take your electric cart for servicing after it has operated for 5,000-10,000 miles. Gasoline engines require an oil change just as regular engine oil, but electric carts need battery maintenance.

One of the most asked questions is how frequently you should change your golf cart’s oil. According to EZ-GO, the answer is straightforward: you should change your cart oil every 125 hours of operation for smoothest functioning and better optimization of your engine oil. At least change it twice a year for better stimulation of the engine. Lifted or non-lifted stocks both require an oil change and service regularly. Overall, regular oil changing stimulates your engines and optimizes your workflow.

Different brands suggest certain types of oil, but the most generic choices remain as motor oil, engine oil, or gear oil. EZ-GO suggests or uses 10W-30 grade engine oil. However, Club Car manually calls SAE 30w oil. You may use a heavier weight of gear oil for added protection. In this case, electric vehicles don’t require any oil because it depends upon the battery, not on the oil.

Electric cars have less than fifty moving objects inside the vehicle whereas, and gasoline has more than 1,000. There are funnels that you can use for filling oil. Oil filters are also found in EZ-GO and Club cart oil. Oil grade is a term that relates to oil’s performance at an operating temperature. The higher grade of the oil, higher the thickness.

You can fill your cart with engine or motor oil by placing a funnel on the open oil cap and then pouring around 1 1/4 quarts of oil, then screw the top of the oil cap back on tight and let it be for 1 minute. The quantity of oils depends upon the capacity of the motor. Brands like EZ-GO recommend filling their carts with around 6 cups of motor oil. Golf carts have about 5-6 gallons of power in them. These gallons can last up to 40 miles. In electric carts, fully charged batteries can last up to 35 miles until required to charge again. The universal size of the engine in a golf cart is around 10-12 horsepower.

Different golf cart brands recommend different oils and batteries for their gas and electric carts. J’s Golf Carts in Holly Springs, North Carolina offers a variety of different materials to suit the needs of each brand of cart. We also can service your cart for you, including oil changes! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the oil or battery of your golf cart, we are happy to help. Feel free to contact us today using the form below so we can address your questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!