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Golf Cart Guy Stops Moline Man

golf cart guy stops moline man
golf cart guy stops moline man

A viral video has come out of Moline near North Shore Drive along the Rock River of a man putting a stop to a man dealing thousands of dollars in property damage to the neighborhood.

The video starts with a group of people watching as a man in a pink shirt threw rocks through different windows, refusing to stop as people told him to stop.

Reports from other people in the neighborhood included that the man had dealt a lot of damage before the video. Kevin Nolan shared a photo of his windshield, which the man allegedly threw a rock into.

Another member of the neighborhood shared a photo of her door that had fallen victim to the man.

The video comes from a group of International Brotherhood of Electricians members who said the incident started at the Union hall.

According to Jeremy, who was seen in the video – the man appeared at the IBEW Union building, knocking over a motorcycle, trying to tear a door off a car, and throwing rocks at the vehicles.

The vehicle with the damaged door is facing roughly $4,500 in repairs from the incident.

A witness called us and told us the story leading up to the video:

From there, he proceeded two doors down the road, which is where the video started.

In the video, the man broke out the windows of one home, when suddenly a golf cart drives into the frame.

The golf cart driver and owner of the home being damaged hits the man and runs him over, pinning him underneath the cart.

The golf cart came to a stop just before the river, and the rock-throwing perpetrator was pinned underneath of the cart. Sirens can be heard in the background. From under the golf cart, the man can be heard saying “I’m sorry, bro. I’m sorry!”

Check out the full video here:

According to witnesses, the man was arrested after being pulled from under the cart. Police arrived on scene first, and had to wait for the fire department to arrive to safely remove the golf cart from on top of the man.