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Harley Davidson Golf Cart 4 Wheel

Harley Davidson no longer manufactures golf carts, but you may find one on the market or own one already. And if you do, you might want to know the year of your golf cart model.

How do I find out what year my Harley Davidson golf cart is?

There are different ways to find the year of your Harley Davidson golf cart. You will examine different elements like serial number arrangements or the solenoids in your electrical cart.

The Serial Plate

Step 1: Find the Serial Plate – The easiest way to find the age of your Harley Davidson golf cart is to use a serial plate. You can find this plate somewhere on the rear wheel of the cart. On models with a lifetable rear end, you will notice a hinge near the back, which allows you to lift the back and work on the engine and chassis. You will find the plate on a frame rail on either left or right side of your rear wheels. In electric carts without lift up bodies, you will find the serial plate underneath the driver’s seat. Usually, it’s placed towards the passenger side of the cart.

Step 2: Check the Format – Once you get the serial number, you’re going to notice one of two different formats.

  • Format Number 1 – The first of these were used during the 1960s and featured eight different numbers. The first two numbers indicate the year of the cart. The next digit/letter shows its model. The last five characters identify the specific product model.

For Example: Serial Number – 63D38422 : This serial number indicates that this golf cart is built in 1963, based on the first two digits. The D represents that it’s a gas golf cart model.

  • Format Number 2 – If your cart is built in the 1970s or 1980s, then the format will be – 7C 12234 H6

This format indicates that Harley Davidson made the cart. In 1976 (H6) and it’s a four-wheel gas model D4 (7C). 1982 was the LAST year that AMF Harley Davidson produced golf carts.

Step 3: Check the Letter – The letter H = 70s or J = 80s indicates Harley Davidson manufactured the cart. The letter C means the 80s, and D represents the 90s designating Columbia as the manufacturer. The last number shows the year of the decade.

D – Gasoline Golf Cart (3 Wheel)

DE – Electric Golf Cart (3 Wheel)

DF – Gasoline Personnel Carrier (3 Wheel)

DEF – Electric Personnel Carrier (3 Wheel)

DC – Gasoline Utilicar (3 Wheel)

DEC – Electric Utilicar (3 Wheel)

D4 – Gasoline Golf Cart (4 Wheel)

DE4 – Electric Golf Cart (4 Wheel)

MG IV – Electric Master Glide IV (4 Wheel)

Step 4: Identify Your Cart More Easily

1963 – 1969 – First three Digits XXD and First Four Digits XXDE

1970 – 1979 – Hx (H1 = 1971, H3 = 1973, etc.)

3B – 2 Wheel Gas D3

4B – 71-76 = 3 Wheel Electric D3, 77 – 83 = 3 Wheel Electric DE3

7C – 4 Wheel Gas D4

8C – 4 Wheel Electric DE4

8D – 4 Wheel Electric DE-40 76-78

1980 – 1982 – Jx ( J1 = 1981, J2 = 1982 etc)

3B – 3 Wheel Gas D3

4B – 3 Wheel Electric DE3

7C – 4 Wheel Gas D4

3K – 4 Wheel Gas D4 80’s classic

8D – 4 Wheel electric MG IV Challenger

5K – 4 Wheel Gas DX4 ’82

Check Solenoid Arrangements

If your serial number plate is worn down, then for further identification, you can check solenoid on electric models by comparing its arrangements. All you need to do is open up the engine and take a look at the solenoid arrangements. Remember, the solenoids are present in electric carts only and work as powering elements for the engine. Although it’s easy to read if you know what you are looking for inside your engine.

Model DE – 1963 to 1966

The first three years of Harley Davidson golf cart manufacture included the simplest solenoid layout. There will be six 12-volt connectors in the engine, and they all will be arranged in a two-by-three grid.

Model DEC – 1966 – 1968

In these years, Harley Davidson was adding some new elements to their carts that required more electricity, like horns. So they added two more 12-volt connectors in this arrangement. The solenoid arrangement will be the same as previous models, but you will find two more in a vertical format.

Model DE – 1967 – 1971 AND Model DEC – 1969 – 1971

These models indicate types of electrical models – three and four-wheel types, but the solenoid layout is similar in both of these models. In this model, you will find two rows of connectors in the engine. The top row will feature two six-volts, the first available in this type of cart. The bottom row will feature three connectors, including two 12-volts on the side of a single six-volt.

Models DE And DE4 – 1972 – 1975 And Models DE-3 – 1977 – 1982

The large range of years available here from 1972 to 1982 may make the solenoid arrangement one of the least effective in determining your cart’s age. Although, this pattern is one of the simpler ones and shouldn’t be too hard for you to understand successfully. It starts with three 6-volt connectors in a single row, and next, you’ll have two 12-volt connectors for a single row.

Model DE-40 – 1976 – 1978

This particular model was manufactured for only a handful of years but was one of the most popular choices for Harley Davidson cart buyers. You will be able to identify solenoids quite easily here as it has just three. There should be only three connectors in your solenoid, and there are 12-volts arranged individually. The first two should be on the top row of your engine and the third just below the first in a second row.

Model MGIV – 1979 – 1982

Lastly, the solenoid for this engine is somewhat unique, and it features three staggered rows of five connectors, both 6 and 12-volt. The first row of these connectors includes 12-volt connectors followed by two 6-volt. In a row that’s half between the first and third, there is another 6-volt connector. The complex arrangement is because of the wiring of these models which is unique among Harley Davidson golf carts.

Learn From Cart Size

What happens if you cannot read the solenoid or if you have a gasoline engine instead? You can use the size of the cart to determine its age. For example, models between 1963-1963 should have a wheelbase of 59.5 inches and a length of 92 inches.

Check out all length measurements in inches and weight in pounds.

DC 1966-68 – 60.5 base, 93.5 length, 755 weight

DC 1969-72 – 70.5 base, 98.5 length, 760 weight

D 1963-66 – 59.5 base, 92.5 clearance, 624 weight

D 1967-76 – 60.5 base, 91.0 length, 694 weight

D 1977 And Later – 60.5 base, 91.0 length, 693 weight

D4 1972-76 – 67.0 base, 102.0 length, 821 weight