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Star Wars Golf Cart

star wars golf cart
star wars golf cart

Hi everyone!

This is the 6th year we’ve posted about Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade (as well as other seasonal golf cart parades). It is one of our favorite events of the Halloween season, because it brings out the creativity of guests staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. We posted yesterday about the Fort Wilderness Pet Costume Parade and other events from Halloween eve.

1 GolfCartParade

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This is the busiest Halloween I can recall at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, with chairs lining the parade route many hours early. The area we usually stand for the parade (and it has always been pretty empty) was extremely busy, so we chose a new location. There still was plenty of room along the route, it would be hard to fill it all up with guests.

2 FortWildernessParade

Before checking out our photos, here is the video of the entire parade – all the carts. I’m posting many carts, but not nearly all of them. I was told there were 140 this year, I’m not sure if that is correct – but it was the longest golf cart parade I’ve ever seen.

Last year, Woody and Jessie were in carts to kick off the parade. Woody was by himself this year.

DSC 0017

Woody waves to the crowds.

DSC 0024

I had a couple of comments on my Instagram account about non-Disney entries. This is a Halloween parade. There are so many themes, Disney and non-Disney.

DSC 0029

This theme is a cabin at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.

DSC 0034

Spiders can be seen on many carts.

DSC 0039

A New Orleans cart is up next.

DSC 0049

Stitch is everywhere on this one!

DSC 0059

Star Wars was a big theme this year, with several carts entered.

DSC 0067

Darth Vader is also on the back.

DSC 0070

Indiana Jones passes out candy.

DSC 0072

A giant spider sits atop a golf cart.

DSC 0075

This skeleton sits on a toilet!

DSC 0082

Here is a close-up of it.

DSC 0082 5

I think I’ve seen this spooky one in previous years.

DSC 0084

Another skeleton rides atop a golf cart with horses on the sides.

DSC 0086

Disney themes mix with skeletons.

DSC 0093

Kristoff drives a golf cart sleigh.

DSC 0094

This Dunkin’ Donuts cart was a huge hit, very colorful!

DSC 0097

Another donut is on the back.

DSC 0106

The back of this cart has a Fort Wilderness theme.

DSC 0116

Candy is passed out to kids from another cart.

DSC 0123

Skeletons are a recurring theme.

DSC 0126

The ESPN Wide World of Sports was a terrific cart.

DSC 0137

This cart felt like Spring!

DSC 0140

A Star Wars Tie Fighter passes guests.

DSC 0143

Ursula is under the sea on this cart.

DSC 0145

There were two monorail carts (and one bus, also coming up).

DSC 0150

There are many dogs that take part in the parade.

DSC 0153

This monorail cart was very popular!

DSC 0159

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are next.

DSC 0165

The witch offers an apple.

DSC 0166

A pirate ship is next.

DSC 0173

Baymax sits atop this cart – and drives also!

DSC 0182

These Green Bay Packers fans decorate both their cart and their campsite with Green Bay Packer items.

DSC 0186

The Neverland Express.

DSC 0191

A boat is next, with Ariel looking on.

DSC 0194

This looked like a fun cart to drive.

DSC 0196

A ghost fronts this cart.

DSC 0201

The Hulk drives a Marvel themed cart with Disney characters.

DSC 0212

Two very different carts are next.

DSC 0219

My favorite of the two is the Minion cart, and the Minion is a costume!

DSC 0221

You can see the driver of the cart wearing it.

DSC 0225

I love the Minions! Mickey here shakes hands with one.

DSC 0228

A costumed Woody and Jessie drive a Toy Story cart.

DSC 0238

This was very nicely done as well.

DSC 0243

Buzz Lightyear sits on the back.

DSC 0246

Next is a second Toy Story cart in the set, with a Green Army Man.

DSC 0248

DSC 0250

Herbie the Love Bug is up.

DSC 0253

A witch is on the bumper.

DSC 0256

This cart enters every year, though it looks like a few additions were made for 2015.

DSC 0262

Tombstones top this cart.

DSC 0265

This was another favorite, a Disney bus.

DSC 0269

Here is the side of the bus.

DSC 0271 Ariel waves from the back of this cart.

DSC 0302

And one of the overall favorites was this imposing Millenium Falcon. The family had entered the Pet Parade the previous day in the same costumes, and didn’t disappoint with this cart.

DSC 0304

Darth Vader waves to the crowds.

DSC 0310

It is interesting to see each year what will be the most popular theme. Star Wars was certainly one of the most popular! Each of the Star Wars themed carts was really well done.

DSC 0312

That is the end of our coverage for the 2015 Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parade! We usually stay a little longer and photograph in other locations, but we had to leave for an event. Enjoy the video to see all of the carts.

DSC 0313

Which is your favorite cart from the Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parade?