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Vivid Golf Cart Problems

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Video vivid golf cart problems
vivid golf cart problems
vivid golf cart problems

While others are claiming to transition to all-electric, VIVID EV jumped in from the get-go. VIVID EV was the first Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) company to go 100% in on lithium powered batteries. There are no inefficient gasoline-powered engines or messy lead acid batteries with us – just the easy to maintain, clean power of lithium fueling the adventures of outdoor fun, family memories, and unstoppable moments for people who crave a better vehicle experience.

VIVID EV delivers reliable performance with the clean and robust power of lithium in one smooth ride. Some people have the misconception that all-electric means sub-par battery life and wimpy horsepower, but not here. The VIVID EV next-gen technology ensures drivers can go farther on a single charge – up to 50 miles per charge*. So go ahead and push the pedal a bit – we dare you. Drivers have reported their VIVID EV takes various terrain with ease and with enough power to dominate hills. Plus, the Eco Battery® Lithium Battery recharges 3X quicker than traditional lead batteries so you can charge up and get back to what you love, quicker.

VIVID EV is based in Fort Myers, Florida, and just opened a brand new 46,000-square foot facility to facilitate the exponential growth of their company. They are quickly growing to become a leader in the NEV market all over the country. Wherever people need a mobility solution that’s fuel-efficient, powerful and stylish—you’ll find a VIVID EV in the neighborhood.

Well-built and beautiful, the VIVID EV lineup is revving up an antiquated golf car industry and turning heads with its modern designs. Although golf cars were originally designed for the course, more people are hitting the streets as an alternative form of transportation. People are taking advantage of this convenience and using NEVs for such events as dropping the kids off at school, running some errands, and even still taking in a few rounds of golf.

VIVID EV has taken this market by storm and is delivering exciting options with two different lines within its vehicle family—the V Series and the Peak Series. Regardless of which model you choose; luxury comes standard in every VIVID EV. Items that are typically considered upgrades on other brands are included in the pricing. You will explore with peace of mind knowing that generous warranties are included with each VIVID EV; 8-year limited warranty on the battery life and 4-year limited warranty on the vehicle.

VIVID EV knew that not only did the NEV marketplace need an all-lithium solution, but that dealers would also benefit from being empowered to capitalize on a NEV brand that keeps everyone moving forward. They’re committed to ensuring their dealer community has non-stop attention, the parts they need, when they need it, and the support that keeps them rolling out those beautiful vehicles to the customers they serve.

To learn more about VIVID EV, to find a dealer, or to become one, please visit VIVID-EV.COM.