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Yamaha Golf Cart Fuse Box Location

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How to Find The Fuse Box in Your Golf Cart

The golf cart fuse box and your cart’s fuses are extremely important as they protect your cart from electrical damage and, ensure that your cart runs smoothly and efficiently.

One major advantage of having the fuse is that it offers protection against fire or a short. This is because a fuse can often deliver a current higher than its rated value before it blows up.

However, these fuses can blow at various times and leave your cart unable to run.

In some cases, the problems with your cart may be quite minor and easy to fix on your own.

In other cases, you may need expert help to manage them.

Whatever the case, it is critical to understand the many reasons why your fuses may blow because they are often related to more persistent or even dangerous issues with your cart’s operation.

Golf Cart Fuse Box Location in EzGo, Club car or Yamaha golf carts

As a result, it is important that you know where to find your fuses whether it be a EzGo, Club car or Yamaha golf cart.

EzGo Golf Cart Fuse Box Location:

Even though EZGO tries to keep the fuse boxes in a simple location, they aren’t always immediately easy to find.

For example, the 2008 TZXT utilizes what is known as an inline fuse, that attaches to the key switch with a small wire.

You’ll need to open up your cart’s engine hood to find this fuse.

Then there’s the fuse box in 1990 EZGO golf carts – and those before and after. It may be located in the steering wheel of your golf cart and, you’ll need to pry off a small cover to get easier access to them.

However, in later models, this location was changed because it caused a higher risk of shortages.

For example, the 2005 EZGO electric cart put the fuse box below the driver’s seat.

Therefore, you need to lift the seat and open the box to get easier access to these fuses on your cart.

Fuse Box Location on Yamaha Golf Carts:

Yamaha normally places the fuses on its golf carts in the same location for each model.

This choice is designed to create a uniform style between each of these models. This makes it easier to work on the golf cart fuse box.

For example, the 2014 Yamaha golf cart has a fuse box on the left side of the controller. This means you have to open up the engine of the cart to look for it.

This location is common between gas and electric Yamaha carts.

However, there are also some differences here – for example, the G2 electric cart has the fuses on the rear inner fender on the front of the driver’s side.

And the G29 has fuses just below the cup holder.

Club Car Fuse Box Location:

Club Car carts are like Yamaha and EZGO as they have their fuse boxes in pretty specific locations.

For example, a 1986 CC DS gas Club Car cart has the fuse box behind the dash.

This location stayed the same for most golf carts they produced around this time.

Likewise, the 1997 Club Car and, many years in and around this model, placed the fuse box in the black electrical box by the battery.

By 2004, they had moved the fuses into two plastic holders and then put them underneath the seat for the 2005 Club Car Precedent.

You should see blue and white wires connected to these harnesses.

However, you may also find some fuses near the controller harnesses, too, particularly in later models – around the 2008 production year.

Safety Disclaimer: DO NOT attempt to fix any fuses and/or electrical issues with your golf cart as serious injury could occur.

ALWAYS use the services of a electrician/mechanic.

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How to Fix a Blown Golf Cart Fuse

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