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Get ready to be amazed by my lesson with Tiger Woods’ former coach!

Improving Iron Play with Shan Foley

A Mind-Blowing Golf Lesson

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to have a golf lesson with Shan Foley, the former coach of Tiger Woods. My main focus for the lesson was to work on compressing my irons. The level of detail in Shan’s coaching was truly mind-blowing. He made two small changes to my swing that already feel fantastic, and I can’t wait to practice and share this lesson with you.

During the lesson, Shan and I discussed the importance of accuracy and solid contact in golf. While increasing speed is always a welcome bonus, the main goal should always be improving accuracy and striking the ball well. Shan emphasized the significance of good contact leading to longer shots and better overall performance.

Identifying Areas for Improvement

As we delved deeper into my swing, I expressed my desire to compress the ball better with my irons. I mentioned feeling a bit “spinny” with my shots and wanting to improve my consistency. While I felt confident with my driver, I knew there was room for improvement with my iron play.

Shan paid close attention to my swing, analyzing my movements and identifying issues that were affecting my contact with the ball. We discussed the importance of understanding the root causes of directional misses and how they were linked to contact issues. Shan’s keen observation skills helped me see my swing from a different perspective.

Uncovering Hidden Challenges

Throughout the lesson, Shan emphasized the importance of self-awareness in golf. Many players struggle to accurately assess their own swings and often come to lessons with misconceptions about their abilities. Shan shared anecdotes of working with players who had surprising revelations about their game after hours of practice.

We also touched on the role of weight shift in the swing and how natural movements like walking can inform proper swing mechanics. Shan’s holistic approach to coaching highlighted the interconnectedness of different body movements and how they contribute to a successful golf swing.

The Role of the Trail Arm in the Golf Swing

One key aspect of the lesson was the focus on the trail arm in the golf swing. Shan emphasized the importance of the trail arm, particularly for right-handed players. Drawing parallels to throwing and pitching motions in other sports, Shan highlighted how the trail arm plays a crucial role in generating power and accuracy in the golf swing.

We explored exercises to isolate the trail arm’s movements and enhance its impact on the swing. By understanding the different roles of the lead and trail arms, I gained a deeper appreciation for the biomechanics of the swing and how each arm contributes to a well-executed shot.

Driving Towards Improvement

As the lesson progressed, Shan introduced drills to help me improve my contact with the ball and optimize my launch conditions. We focused on refining my technique to achieve a more consistent and powerful ball flight. Shan’s expertise and attention to detail were evident as he guided me through each drill.

By the end of the lesson, I felt more confident in my ability to compress the ball with my irons and make more efficient use of my trail arm in the swing. Shan’s coaching had not only improved my technical skills but also deepened my understanding of the game.

Reflections on the Lesson

Looking back on my time with Shan Foley, I am grateful for the insights and knowledge he shared with me. His unique approach to coaching and emphasis on fundamentals have had a profound impact on my game. I look forward to applying the lessons learned and continuing to refine my swing with Shan’s guidance.

Overall, the experience of working with Shan Foley has been invaluable, and I am excited to see how his coaching will transform my game in the future. With a renewed focus on accuracy, contact, and consistency, I am confident that I can take my golfing skills to the next level.

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### Frequently Asked Questions

#### 1. What did you focus on during your golf lesson with Shan Foley?
I wanted to work on compressing my irons and improving my contact with the ball.

#### 2. How important is good contact in golf?
Good contact is crucial for accuracy and distance in golf. It is the key to hitting the ball further.

#### 3. How does weight shift affect the golf swing?
Weight shift naturally occurs in the golf swing as it mimics the movement patterns of walking. It helps create friction against the ground and generates power in the swing.

#### 4. Why is the trail arm important in the golf swing?
The trail arm, often the dominant arm (right arm for right-handed players), plays a significant role in the golf swing as it provides extension, pro-nation, and athletic movement similar to throwing or pitching in other sports.

#### 5. Should golfers focus on keeping their left arm straight during the swing?
While keeping the left arm straight is commonly taught, focusing on the trail arm (right arm for right-handed players) and its role in the swing may be more beneficial for power and control.