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How To Be Good At Mini Golf

how to be good at mini golf
how to be good at mini golf

With Father’s Day approaching a fun family day out may be just what you’re looking for. But leave your clubs at home for this round. All you’ll need is a putter, a neon-colored golf ball and some luck. A successful round of miniature golf involves its own set of winning strategies. Here are some entertaining tips to make sure you win on the course at your next mini golf outing.

Choose your putter

When choosing a putter, make sure the top of the putter is around belt level for a comfortable swing. The club options at most mini-golf courses are limited at best and conditions are sure to vary. Play it safe and bring your own putter to give yourself an edge.

Get a lay of the land

Before you putt, walk from the tee to the cup and take note of any slopes, water traps or other obstacles. It’s not a bad idea to watch players ahead and learn from their pitfalls. It might keep you from making the same mistake.

Play with finesse, not power

“For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Newton’s Third Law of Motion

You can usually complete each hole on a mini golf course in just a few strokes. This is not the time to show off your ability to drive a ball 350 yards off the tee. Best case, you overshoot the hole and end up in a water hazard. Worst case, you knock someone unconscious. This game is about finesse, not power.

Play the angles

There will invariably be obstacles between the tee or putting green and the hole. Maybe not on the first hole. Those are there to build your confidence. When you see that first obstacle: the wall is your friend. Without a pitching wedge in your tool kit, you’ll need to look to the edge walls to find the best spot to aim your putt. Also, account for any uneven spots or cracks in the wall where you plan to putt that may throw off the rebound.

The Mental Game Is Key

From a well-timed sneeze to creating a sense of urgency during your opponent’s turn, simple actions while in-between putts can serve as the small edge necessary between victory and defeat. Unless your opponent takes their mini golf way too seriously, they will likely have their phone on them, and it will be set to ring or vibrate. Create a less-than-optimal atmosphere for their shot by giving your opponent a call while they prepare to hit the ball.

Improve your position

Obstacles work against you most of the time, but sometimes they work in your favor. If your putt was less than optimal, look to see if your opponents are paying attention. If they aren’t, use your club or foot to stealthily reposition the ball for a more optimal shot. Make sure you don’t do this too often or you will get caught.

Keep the rules to yourself

Most course rules will allow players to reposition their ball by the length of the putter if it comes to rest against the course wall. If your opponent is unaware of this rule, there’s no reason to tell them. Why not make up some arbitrary rules while you’re at it? If your birthday falls on an even day, say that anyone with an odd day must putt between their legs on every odd hole. The fun never ends!

Don’t focus on the negative

Visualize yourself sinking the putt before you take a stroke. Don’t think about missing it. Focus on basic technique – striking the ball squarely on the club face, aiming accurately and not hitting the ball too hard or soft – and you should have a great outing.

We hope these tips help you bring home the green jacket or at least a free round next time you’re playing the mini links. And while we pride ourselves on having some of the best golf courses at our properties, we also have fantastic miniature golf courses at the following properties if you are looking for an afternoon of family fun or friendly competition.

Mini Golf at Omni:

Amelia Island, Florida

ChampionsGate (Orlando), Florida

Austin, Texas (Barton Creek)

Hot Springs, Virginia (Homestead)