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How To Cut Graphite Golf Shaft

how to cut graphite golf shaft
how to cut graphite golf shaft

Safety First: * Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying graphite particles. * Use a dust mask to prevent the inhalation of graphite dust. * Wear work gloves for added protection against sharp edges and improved grip.

Gather Your Tools: *saw, making tape, sandpaper, etc.

Measure and Mark: * Decide how much length you want to remove from the shaft. * Use the measuring tape or ruler to measure the desired length from the tip (or butt) of the shaft. * Mark the cutting point clearly using the pencil or marker. * Wrap masking tape around the shaft where you intend to cut. This helps in reducing splintering.

Secure the Shaft: * Place the shaft into the vise, ensuring the part you want to cut is exposed and easy to access. * Use protective rubber vise clamps to avoid damaging the shaft. * Make sure the shaft is held firmly, but don’t over-tighten the vise.

Cut the Old Grip:

* Using a hook blade or utility knife, make a cut along the length of the grip, being careful not to damage the shaft.

* Peel off the grip from the shaft.

Remove Old Tape:

* Peel off as much of the old double-sided tape from the shaft as you can by hand.

* For stubborn areas, you can use grip solvent or lighter fluid to help break down the adhesive. Rub the shaft with a cloth until it’s clean.

Make the Cut: * Using your fine tooth hack saw or specialized blade, begin your cut at the marked point. Apply gentle, consistent pressure. * Continuously rotate the shaft as you cut to ensure an even cut and minimize splintering. * Remember to cut slowly and steadily.

Smoothen the Edges: * Once the cut is complete, you might notice rough or jagged edges at the cut end. * Start with the medium-grit sandpaper to smooth out the rough areas. * Finish with the fine-grit sandpaper for a polished edge.

Re-Gripping the Club:

Measure and Mark:

* Slide the new grip onto the shaft without adhesive to check how far it will go.

* Mark the shaft where the grip ends to indicate how far up the shaft the new tape should go.

Apply New Tape:

* Apply double-sided grip tape along the length of the shaft, ensuring it extends slightly over the butt end.

* Peel off the tape’s backing to expose the adhesive.

Use Grip Solvent:

* Pour a generous amount of grip solvent into the open end of the new grip, covering the vent hole with a finger and shaking the grip to cover the entire inside.

* Pour the excess solvent over the entire length of the tape on the shaft, ensuring it’s thoroughly wet.

Slide On the New Grip:

* Position the grip over the butt end of the shaft, and push it onto the shaft in one smooth motion, ensuring it aligns correctly with any markings or logos you want facing up.

* Adjust the grip as needed to ensure proper alignment.

Let Dry:

* Once the grip is in place, give it time to dry. It’s typically best to wait a few hours before using the club, though the drying time can vary based on the solvent used.

Trim Excess Tape:

* If any tape extends beyond the grip, trim it off using your utility knife.

Clean Up: * Brush off any graphite dust from the shaft. * Clean your work area to ensure no graphite particles remain.

Remember, if you’re ever uncertain about the process or lack confidence in your ability to make the cut, consulting with a golf club professional or technician is the safest route.

Video below is a steel shaft, but same method is applied to graphite. Just be sure to incorporate the correct tools.