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Unlocking the Secrets to Hitting a High Bomb in Golf


When it comes to improving your golf game, hitting a high bomb off the tee can make all the difference. But what exactly does it mean to “hit a high bomb”? In this article, we’ll explore the technique behind this powerful shot and how you can incorporate it into your game to see drastic improvements in your distance and accuracy.

Understanding the Mechanics

To hit a high bomb, it’s essential to focus on a few key mechanics that will help you achieve the desired result. One critical aspect is ensuring you have a wide stance to provide stability and generate power from the ground up. By creating intra-abdominal pressure and engaging your core muscles, you can create a solid foundation to hit from.

Initiating the Downswing

Once you’ve established a strong base, it’s time to focus on the downswing. To maximize your speed and power, try winding up at the top of your swing and then initiating the downswing with vigor. As Bryson DeChambeau often emphasizes, focus on driving your right pocket or hip towards the ball, allowing for a clear path to create whip-like speed through impact.

Building Excitement in Your Nervous System

One technique that can help you hit a high bomb is to get your nervous system excited before making contact with the ball. This can involve mentally preparing yourself for the shot, visualizing the trajectory you want to achieve, and mentally rehearsing the swing in your mind. By building anticipation and excitement, you can unleash a powerful shot that soars down the fairway.

Putting It All Together

As you prepare to hit your high bomb shot, remember to maintain a relaxed yet powerful grip on the club. This will allow for a smooth transition from backswing to downswing and ensure maximum speed and accuracy at impact. As you approach the ball, focus on explosive power and a smooth follow-through to generate maximum distance and trajectory.


In conclusion, hitting a high bomb in golf requires a combination of technique, power, and mental focus. By mastering the key mechanics discussed in this article and incorporating them into your swing, you can unlock the secrets to hitting powerful and accurate shots that will leave your playing partners in awe. So, the next time you step up to the tee, remember to channel your inner power and unleash a high bomb that will soar through the sky with precision and grace.

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### Frequently Asked Questions

#### What is the key to hitting a high bomb in golf?
To hit a high bomb in golf, it is important to focus on creating a wider stance, maintaining intra-abdominal pressure, and ensuring a strong core. By shuffling your feet, keeping your core strong, and initiating your downswing with force from your right pocket or hip, you can generate the speed and power needed to hit a high shot.

#### Why is it important to wind up to the top during a golf swing?
Winding up to the top during a golf swing helps you generate more power and speed when you initiate your downswing. This motion, similar to what Bryson DeChambeau talks about, allows you to clear the club through impact and create a “whip” effect, resulting in increased distance and accuracy.

#### How can I excite my nervous system during a golf swing?
To excite your nervous system during a golf swing, focus on getting your core engaged and your stance stable. By maintaining a strong core, shuffling your feet, and feeling the energy build up as you prepare to swing, you can create a more dynamic and powerful motion.

#### What should I do to hit a golf shot with extra speed?
To hit a golf shot with extra speed, focus on generating power from your right pocket or hip during the downswing. By driving your hip towards the ball and creating a “whip” effect through impact, you can add speed and distance to your shot.

#### How can I ensure my golf shot goes straight?
To ensure your golf shot goes straight, focus on maintaining a stable core, a wider stance, and a powerful downswing motion. By keeping your core strong, shuffling your feet, and generating speed through your hips, you can produce a straight and accurate shot.