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How To Join The Tree Farm Golf Club

Zac Blair is not your typical golf course developer.

His preferred clothing these days is boots, jeans and a hoodie.

His preferred mode of transportation? An all-terrain vehicle.

If he looks like the guy who works on the golf course more than the one who is developing it, that’s because he is working on the golf course. A lot. Blair doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

Blair is a professional golfer by trade and a member of the PGA Tour. But the Utah native has a passion for golf architecture, and that led him on a long journey that eventually landed him in rural Aiken County.

His labor of love is a private golf club called The Tree Farm, and it’s under construction not far from Exit 33 on Interstate 20.

“I wanted to do something out in Utah, but the whole kind of model shifted a little bit throughout the years and evolved and changed,” he said. “But this is a cool opportunity, a bunch of people believed in it and are behind it, and it’s been fun.”

‘Built to have fun’

Blair’s vision for The Tree Farm is simple. He wants to bring together his buddies who love golf at a place where they can have fun and enjoy the game.

Many clubs have been built on that premise, including Augusta National Golf Club. Co-founder Bobby Jones retired from competitive golf after winning the “Grand Slam” in 1930, and set out to build a club where he could relax and play golf with his friends.

Nearly a century later, it’s a philosophy that still works.

“It’s like Augusta National Golf Club, built to have fun and bring people that love golf out here,” Blair told the Aiken Standard during a recent tour of the course.

“Really, the idea is to come here and everything’s taken care of. You just hang out and play golf. Eat good food and hang out with good people.”

Blair took a circuitous path before arriving in Aiken. He had visions of creating a course called The Buck Club in his home state, but ran into obstacles with land.