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How To Jump Start A Golf Cart

Golf is a pleasurable sport as players can test their skills while enjoying remarkable scenery and light physical activity. A golf cart will enhance a day spent on the course since players can easily zip from hole to hole. However, a golf cart battery can quickly mar a pleasant day on the course when it fails to start the motorized vehicle.

Assess the Golf Cart Battery

Before completing a jump-start on a battery, players should inspect the device to make sure the cart’s connections are complete. In addition, players should check the battery for corrosion on the cables along with the contact points.

In order to remain safe during a battery assessment, players should turn the vehicle’s engine off and wear gloves. Keep in mind that golf cart batteries feature battery acid, which can cause burns if it touches human skin. During the battery assessment, players should use a wrench to shift the contacts, and with a rubbing alcohol doused towel, they can safely remove the battery’s built up corrosion.

How to Jump Start a Golf Cart Battery

Once players have confirmed the battery’s wire attachments and eliminated the corrosion, it is safe to jump-start the battery. Most golf carts feature an emergency jump-start kit, which includes an extra battery or charging device. Therefore, players will not require another golfer to provide a charge with their motorized vehicle. With a charging device, golfers will have a unit that will circumvent the golf cart’s computer in order to charge the battery. In fact, the device may provide longer lasting batteries.

While jump-starting the battery, players should locate the positive battery terminal and then connect the red clamp. The next step is to connect the black clamp to the negative battery terminal. Stranded players can now try to start their golf cart’s motor. If the motor starts, then golfers should allow it to run with the spare battery or charging unit connected for about 30 minutes.

If the motor fails to start, then golfers should wait for approximately five minutes before trying to start the motor again. When players have a golf cart motor that does not start by the second try, they should wait for about an hour before making a third attempt. After using the spare battery or charger to jump-start the golf cart’s original power source, players should thoroughly charge the battery.

Safety Recommendations

Before attaching the charger’s clamps, golfers must make sure that they have turned off the golf cart’s motor since leaving it on could cause electrocution. In addition, they should check the clamps after attaching them to ensure that the motor’s wires and belts are unobstructed.

With today’s luxury golf cart features, batteries lose their charge more quickly. Therefore, golfers should check rented golf carts for an extra battery or charger prior to their rental. If they own a golf cart, then they should purchase spare batteries for golf carts for their vehicle. Once players can jump-start their golf cart’s battery, they will feel confidence that their cart will not leave them stranded.