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How To Speed Up A Golf Cart

how to speed up a golf cart
how to speed up a golf cart

If you are searching for ways to get more power out of your golf cart, this guide is for you. Although you won’t want to go over 35 mph, and the Department of Motor Vehicles also doesn’t recommend this, you might sometimes crave a little more speed in your golf cart. Don’t worry if you are unsure how you can improve your vehicle’s top speed—we have you covered.

Quality Golf Carts is a one-stop destination for all your golfing needs, and we want you to make the most of your big-ticket investment—your golf cart. Our experts have created this guide to discuss a few strategies to speed up your machine. Keep reading this guide to learn more, and for more information, contact our friendly team in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The Basics

As you might know, most vehicles have a maximum speed that shouldn’t exceed, and your golf cart is no exception. Going faster than the manufacturer-endorsed speed can impede your vehicle’s performance and put your safety at risk.

Typically, golf carts are designed to go 15 mph on golf courses, and most manufacturers would recommend that you avoid going faster than 25 mph. Due to a high center of gravity, these machines are prone to tipping over when driven at faster speeds. However, these additional ten miles per hour can improve your riding experience and help you arrive at your destination faster.

Speeding Up Gas Carts

The simplest way to speed up a gas golf cart is by removing the speed governor on your gas engine. The governor is a device to limit the amount of throttle you can open on your golf vehicle. The more you open the throttle, the more the air enters the engine, enabling your machine to reach higher speeds.

You can also improve your gas golf cart’s speed by replacing its standard air filter with one that has a higher flow to push more air into the intake system.

Speeding Up Electric Carts

Your electric golf cart can come with either a Shunt or Series system. Determine which type of engine your model has, and then try to boost its speed. You can look up your owner’s manual to figure this out or hop online to find the answer.

If your golf cart has a Shunt system engine, you can program a new speed parameter without upgrading the parts. This component separates the machine from its field circuit, allowing them to function independently. On the other hand, a Series system is an all-in-one engine system that requires you to consider every part of the engine when planning a performance upgrade. This is a complex task, and it will need you to replace various parts when changing one. To avoid damaging your golf cart, you will want to let the professional mechanics tackle it.

We hope this guide helps you speed up your golf vehicle so you can make more exciting memories of your rides. If you need more advice or are still in the market for a new golf cart, visit Quality Golf Carts in Rock Hill, SC. We are happy to welcome our patrons from Charlotte, NC, so stop by today.