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How To Start Golf Cart Without Key

how to start golf cart without key
how to start golf cart without key

Golf carts were initially designed to carry golf players short-distance trips around the golf course. However, nowadays, people use them in resorts, construction sites, etc., carrying people to and from their destination. In some tropical areas, homeowners also use them to travel around the neighborhood and to the beach.

They have become a handy mode of transport even for small businesses. They look like a small car and start by switching on a key. But what if your golf cart key is lost or stolen? Since it is an essential accessory, it is vital for you to know about its universality. So, let’s begin!

Losing keys is indeed annoying, especially when in a hurry or an emergency. One of the common questions that people have in mind when it comes to golf cart keys is whether they are universal or not. A key will not work on every golf cart unless it belongs to the same manufacturer. We listed the top golf cart manufacturers and the functionality of their keys:

1. E-Z-Go

The golf cart keys numbered 17063G1 are specially made to function on any of the TXT EZ-Go golf carts manufactured after 1976. Though, these keys will not work with the RXV or gas carts models. The RXV vehicles and EZ-Go gas carts manufactured after 2008 require a key numbered 606993 to be compatible.

2. Club Car

The versatility of the Club Car keys is no mystery. You’ll be able to enjoy the liberty of one key that fits in every cart constructed by the company after 1982.

3. Yamaha

When it comes to Yamaha, there are ideally two kinds of keys. The first set of keys, numbered J17-82511-yy, works well with the G1, G2, G8, G9, and G11 models. Remember, the last two digits of Yamaha’s golf cart keys indicate the year in which the keys were manufactured.

Thus, the last two digits always varies, rather than being “yy.” Generally, these keys work with golf carts constructed between 1985 and 1995. The second set of golf cart keys functions with gas carts and electric golf carts, i.e., G14, G16, G19, G22, and G29.

Yes, you can easily get a copy of a golf cart key made by a golf cart manufacturer, retailer, or locksmith. But these have some challenges. Duplication of the key will become an effortless process if you have an original key, as it helps in copying. There’re two easy ways in which you can get a new copy of the key. The first way involves finding someone who has the right tools to make an exact duplicate piece of the original key.

Second, you can head back to the store from where you have purchased the golf cart. Sometimes it becomes challenging to find a person who possesses the specialized tools that can make a duplicate copy. However, if you’re hunting for a quick solution, then it is suggested to contact your local golf cart dealer. J’s Golf Carts in Holly Springs, North Carolina is happy to help with any golf cart issues – we have all the required equipment to get your cart running.

There is nothing more relaxing than rolling down the pathway of a resort or golf course on a golf cart. Certainly, it feels luxurious to own a golf cart, but often some of its parts wear out with usage. When it comes to keys, they are generally stolen or lost. It can be supremely irritating to constantly be trying to figure out how much does it cost to replace golf cart keys.

The process of duplicating keys differ on the basis of where you reside and how fast you need the replacement. Some specialist key companies charge a price ranging from $85 to $150 per set. Such companies cost more than local dealers or locksmiths. But their services are fast, so if you are in need of quick assistance, then you can consider taking their services.

It is inevitable that something as small as golf cart keys will be lost. If you need to move your golf cart in a hurry, you can take up the keyless method to get the golf cart running until you find the next pair of keys. Some call this the “Screwdriver Approach.” Starting your golf cart without a key using a screwdriver is a straightforward process. Here are the instructions that you need to follow:

  1. Locate the ignition switch next to the steering wheel of the cart and ensure that it is switched on.
  2. To avoid any fire damages, blow into the ignition switch of the cart with your mouth to help in removing out any dust or debris.
  3. Insert the screwdriver into the switch as far as you can. Stop inserting it when the tip of the screwdriver hits any resistance.
  4. Move the screwdriver in different positions to start the golf cart. This step can take several attempts to get the desired result. So, try until the cart starts.

This approach works well because it doesn’t require any specialized skills or tools. You can also contact your local golf cart dealer to have them start your cart. If you are going to try this method, please be careful and do it at your own risk.

You won’t find any difficulty using the same golf cart key on the carts produced by the same manufacturers and sharing the same serial number. However, to make things manageable for you, we have introduced a simple guide as well. If you need a replacement key for your cart or have any other questions regarding the key for your golf cart, please do not hesitate to contact J’s Golf Carts using the form below. We are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.