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How To Test Battery Charger For Golf Cart

how to test battery charger for golf cart
how to test battery charger for golf cart

It’s cool to own an electric golf cart. These not only allow you to travel on wheels for less money, but they also help the environment. However, it is critical to keep its charge. What would it be like if you hopped onto the cart with your golf bag, but your cart refused to start and displayed NO CHARGE? What could be worse when you recall fully charging it the night before?

There are two possibilities that could have occurred in this instance: either your batteries are dead, or your chargers are broken.

Though batteries are usually to blame, you should also know how to test a golf cart battery charger for peace of mind.

How to Tell if Your Golf Cart Charger is Going Bad

It is a general question that we are analyzing and get confused between our Golf cart charger and golf cart battery. This situation occurs many times when the power supply is not up to the mark, or the charger is not getting enough voltage so that it can charge golf cart batteries. If our Golf cart charger is going bad, we need to check out that charger by keeping these points in mind below.

  • After giving power to the charger, the Golf cart charger is not showing any kind of activity.
  • If your Golf cart batteries offer a response after applying another Golf cart charger.
  • However, if it is a battery problem, then test your Golf cart charger to another cart or Do vice versa.

With the help of these key points mentioned, you can acknowledge that your Golf cart charger is going well or bad.

Why Should You Test Your Charger?

If any person has a golf cart, you must be required to upgrade your golf cart in various ways. However, users need to test golf carts in different ways. Such as checking out the output from the charger. There are various types of reasons available.

  • If your golf cart batteries are not going to charge appropriately.
  • Your charge causes a potential electric problem.
  • If your charger age expires or it is about to retire.

After all, these kinds of issues occur when the user needs to change the charger; otherwise, it may affect the golf cart batteries. After that, it may cause huge money loss. So, before a significant problem occurs, you must change your golf cart battery charger.

Another main reason is, we move towards the latest technology and our equipment becomes smarter. however, all the latest models releasing into the market golf cart battery What you need to test a charger

To test anything, we required a simple test kit. To test a golf cart charger, we required a golf cart charger testing kit. Apart from that, users need a platform where that charger performance is going to be tested. In other words, the user required batteries for the golf cart. A voltmeter tester is necessary to check the output of the charger. Minimum output is required around 20 to 35 volts.

After that, the minimum time is required to charge the golf cart batteries. Suppose your Golf cart batteries show a response after applying another Golf cart charger. However, if it is a battery problem, test your Golf cart charger to another cart or vice versa.

Process of How to Test Golf Cart Battery Charger

Testing your battery charger necessitates several steps that will assess not only the charger but also your battery and cart.


Check the battery charge to see if any power is reaching the battery. Connecting a voltmeter to the charger’s negative and positive clamps will allow you to determine how much power the battery charger is producing. After connecting the voltmeter to the battery correctly, the user needs to turn on the power supply. After that, the user needs to take a proper reading at that time in the middle of the voltmeter shift from left to right. If the voltmeter reading is near about 36 amps, then it is typical for a battery charger.


Examine the batteries charger’s cables. Set the ignition to the auxiliary position. If the charger does not turn on, there is an issue with the charger-to-battery connection.


Investigate the battery charger’s wiring circuitry. A wiring diagram for the golf cart is included in the owner’s manual. For power to run continuously, a continuous connection from the battery charger to the battery is required. Examine the battery terminals for frayed or cut wires, as well as corrosion.


Focus on the grounding wire coming from the battery charger. A single wire will be connected from the charger to the metal frame of the golf cart inside the engine housing. A broken ground wire prevents the battery charger from charging the battery.


The charger fuses can be found in the golf cart’s service panel on the back fender. The battery will not be charged if the battery charger fuse is blown.


Pull the caps off your battery terminals with care to inspect the liquid inside the battery. If the liquid is grey or brown, it means your battery is too old or degraded to charge – in most cases; this is the last issue you’ll notice.

Why Is It Essential to Test the Golf Cart Battery Charger?

Although a good golf cart battery charger will typically last for years without being upgraded, this unit will eventually wear out. A variety of issues, such as wiring issues, complications with the charger’s operating elements, and various other issues, can contribute to decreased charger effectiveness.

As a result, testing is a good idea for golf cart owners!

1) Ensure Strong Batteries

If your battery charger is in good working order, your batteries will always be fully charged when you use this device. As a result, they will be stronger and hold their charge for a longer period than if you used a less effective charger.

2) Catches Potential Electrical Problem

As your charger ages, there’s a chance it’ll develop an electrical problem. When this happens, you should test the charger to make sure it doesn’t short out when you try to power a battery.

3) Enhances Battery Life

Completely draining and recharging a battery will help to ensure that it retains a longer charge life and that your golf cart continues to run smoothly even after you have not used it for an extended period.

Due to these reasons, golf cart owners need to ensure that their battery charger is in a good position.

J’s Golf Carts

If you are having issues with your golf cart batteries or your battery charger, bring them over to us at J’s Golf Carts for an inspection. We are located in Holly Springs, NC. If you would like to have your golf cart serviced routinely to keep it in top condition, for as long as possible, we can help with that too. We offer a maintenance service that will ensure that your golf cart lasts for many years. Contact us today for more info!