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Improving Your Golf Swing: A Detailed Analysis with Gabe

### Introduction
In this live lesson, we worked with Gabe to address his struggle with hitting the ground before the golf ball. However, by the end of the session, we saw significant improvement as Gabe consistently found The Sweet Spot, making great ball turf contact. We focused on a simple downswing move that is guaranteed to enhance your game. Stay tuned as we delve into Gabe’s golf swing and the changes we implemented.

#### Gabe’s Golf Swing Analysis
Let’s break down Gabe’s golf swing to understand the areas for improvement. Starting with the down-the-line view, we noticed that Gabe’s posture was slightly on the heels, with his backside sitting back. This led to early extension as he moved into the swing, resulting in a forward movement towards the middle of the feet. During the downswing, the club tended to move steeply and over the top, leading to a balance issue with Gabe ending up on his toes. This imbalance affected his contact with the ball, resulting in inconsistent shots.

From face-on, we observed that Gabe’s initial move from the top of the swing involved the left shoulder and upper body dipping down. This downward motion, accompanied by a steep and across swing path, caused the lower body to spin out, leading to an upper body-driven swing. Gabe mentioned his focus on hitting down on the irons to compress the ball, which altered his swing dynamics. We decided to change this concept and educate his lower body to improve overall performance.

#### Posture and Weight Distribution
A crucial adjustment we made was in Gabe’s posture and weight distribution. We emphasized the importance of having even weight distribution through the middle of the feet, ensuring balance and stability. By shifting his hips slightly over the ankles, we encouraged a more active engagement of the lower body in the swing. This subtle change in posture helped Gabe feel a difference in his legs’ involvement, making them an integral part of the swing motion.

#### Foot and Hip Movement
Moving onto Gabe’s foot and hip movement, we highlighted the significance of the right foot in the golf swing. Currently, Gabe’s right foot tended to spin out, leading to a loss of stability and power. We introduced a drill focusing on rolling the foot as weight shifted and then rotating onto the toe for better balance and control. By practicing this drill, Gabe could enhance his lower body movement, leading to improved consistency in striking the ball.

#### Lower Body Activation Drill
To reinforce the lower body activation, we conducted a drill where Gabe shifted his lower body towards the target, rolled onto his foot, and finished in an upright position. This drill helped Gabe understand the importance of leading with his hips and maintaining a solid finish. By practicing this drill consistently, Gabe could internalize the correct lower body movement, translating it into his full swing.

### Implementation and Practice
It is essential for Gabe to practice these drills regularly to ingrain the correct movement patterns into his swing. We emphasized the need for repetition, highlighting the benefits of consistent practice in improving muscle memory and swing mechanics. Gabe should aim for at least 9,000 reps a day to see significant progress in his golf swing.

#### Conclusion
In conclusion, focusing on key aspects such as posture, weight distribution, foot, and hip movement can greatly impact your golf swing. By making small adjustments and practicing specific drills, you can enhance your performance on the course. Gabe’s journey to finding The Sweet Spot and improving his ball turf contact serves as a testament to the effectiveness of targeted adjustments in golf swing mechanics. Keep practicing, stay committed, and watch your game reach new heights!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was Gabe struggling with in his golf swing before the lesson?
– Gabe was struggling with hitting the ground before the golf ball and having balance issues.

2. What was the key concept that needed to be changed in Gabe’s swing?
– The concept of trying to hit down on the irons needed to be changed to hitting past the ball.

3. How did Gabe’s posture affect his swing?
– Gabe’s posture was causing him to be on his heels and move forward into the swing, leading to balance and contact issues.

4. What was the main focus of the golf swing adjustment for Gabe?
– The main focus was getting the lower body to lead the swing and shift the weight, especially focusing on the movement of the right foot.

5. How much practice should Gabe do to improve his golf swing?
– Gabe should aim to practice the new swing movement around 9,000 reps a day before using a golf club.