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This Driver Lesson Will Permanently Fix Your Slice | ME AND MY GOLF

Hitting long and straight drives can be a golfer’s dream come true. But for many, dealing with drives that veer off to the right, lost golf balls, and decreased distance can be a frustrating reality. The good news is that there are simple tips that can make a significant difference in your driving game. In this video, we’ll explore three key tips that can help you improve your drives without any extra effort.

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Welcome to “Golfers Transformed”, our new series where we showcase the incredible transformations of our members’ golf swings. In a recent lesson with Jimmy, a member of our team, “Me and My Golf”, we tackled his two-way miss with the driver that was costing him valuable distance on his shots. By addressing a couple of key factors, we were able to make a significant impact on Jimmy’s driving game.

Let’s take a closer look at the two main issues we identified in Jimmy’s swing. Despite his impressive club head speed of 117 to 119 miles per hour, Jimmy was not maximizing his distance due to his inconsistent ball flight. The first thing we noticed was Jimmy’s ball position, which was too far back in his stance. This positioning resulted in a club face that was open at impact, leading to a high launch with excessive spin, robbing him of valuable distance.

By making a simple adjustment to his ball position, placing it opposite his front heel, Jimmy was able to square the club face and achieve a more optimal launch angle. Additionally, we addressed the issue of his grip, which was causing the club face to remain open throughout the swing. By repositioning his grip to sit in the base of his fingers, Jimmy was able to close the club face and achieve a more predictable shot shape.

The combination of these changes resulted in a significant improvement in Jimmy’s driving game, with straighter shots and increased distance. It’s essential for golfers to pay attention to the basics of their setup and grip, as these factors can have a significant impact on their overall performance on the course.

Now it’s your turn to assess your own ball position and grip. Take a moment to pause the video, grab a golf club, and check the placement of your ball and grip to see if any adjustments are needed. Remember, the details of your setup can make a world of difference in your driving performance.

In conclusion, by making simple adjustments to your ball position and grip, you can significantly improve the length and accuracy of your drives. Don’t underestimate the impact of these basic fundamentals on your overall game. Stay tuned for more tips and insights to help you transform your golf game and achieve your best possible performance on the course.

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### Frequently Asked Questions

#### 1. How can I improve my drives in golf?
To improve your drives in golf, focus on your ball position and grip. Make sure the ball is positioned opposite your front heel and adjust your grip to place the club more in the base of your fingers rather than in the palm of your hand.

#### 2. Why was the golfer losing distance and hitting a two-way miss with their driver?
The golfer was losing distance and hitting a two-way miss with their driver due to incorrect ball position and grip. The ball was positioned too far back in the stance and the grip was too high in the palm, causing an open club face and a loss of distance.

#### 3. How can I correct my ball position for better drives?
To correct your ball position for better drives, ensure the ball is positioned opposite your front heel. Use alignment sticks to practice setting up correctly on the range and make adjustments as needed to improve your ball position.

#### 4. How can adjusting my grip help improve my driving accuracy?
Adjusting your grip to place the club more in the base of your fingers can help improve driving accuracy by closing the club face on the way down. This adjustment can help prevent shots from going to the right and promote straighter shots.

#### 5. What other factors can contribute to improving driver performance in golf?
In addition to adjusting ball position and grip, other factors that can contribute to improving driver performance in golf include swing mechanics, posture, and alignment. Taking lessons or working with a coach can help address these areas and further enhance your driving performance.