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This New Method Helped Me Gain 30 Yards With My Driver!

How I Improved my Golf Driving Distance and Accuracy Without Changing my Swing


In today’s video, I will be sharing with you the journey of how I gained 30 yards with my driver and improved my accuracy without making any changes to my golf swing. This transformation has been possible through making adjustments to my setup and using a properly fitted golf club. I have seen great results with this method not only for myself but also for several of my students. Let’s dive into the details.

My Driving Woes

Over the past three to four years, my driving has been inconsistent. I had a fear of missing shots to the left and to the right, leading to a two-way miss which is never a good sign. I also noticed a decrease in my swing speed as I tried to hit the ball straight by limiting my movements and teeing the ball really low. However, this approach caused more issues as I was hitting down on the ball excessively, resulting in a lack of distance and high spin rates. My old tee height was the culprit for these problems as the ball was positioned just inside my lead heel, leading to a downward strike on the ball.

Seeking Change

Recognizing the need for a change, I sought help from Chris Trot, a golf professional who emphasized the importance of hitting up on the ball to increase launch angle and reduce spin rates. To achieve this without altering my swing drastically, I decided to move the ball further forward in my stance, almost to the extent of my big toe. This significant change in ball position allowed me to hit the ball later in the arc, promoting a more upward strike.

Adjusting My Setup

With the ball positioned forward, I realized that I needed to make corresponding adjustments to my alignment to ensure the club’s path and face angle were in sync. By aiming my feet, knees, hips, and shoulders to the right, I could counterbalance the leftward swing direction created by the extreme ball position. This setup tweak was essential in optimizing my launch conditions and achieving a more efficient strike on the ball.

The Transformation

As I implemented these setup changes and fine-tuned my alignment, I quickly noticed a significant improvement in my driving performance. The higher launch angle, coupled with reduced spin rates, allowed me to generate more distance off the tee without sacrificing accuracy. By hovering the club behind the ball and maintaining a slight tilt in my shoulders, I could ensure a neutral swing path and prevent any unwanted slices. The combination of these adjustments led to a remarkable increase in both speed and consistency in my drives.

Speed Gain

One of the most notable outcomes of this transformation was the increase in my swing speed. By achieving greater freedom in my swing and utilizing a properly fitted club, I was able to unleash my full potential and generate more power through impact. This newfound speed translated into longer drives and enhanced overall performance on the course. The key takeaway for viewers is to prioritize fitting and swing mechanics to unlock their maximum speed potential and improve their driving distance.


In conclusion, the journey of improving my driving distance and accuracy without changing my swing has been a rewarding and transformative experience. Through strategic setup adjustments and a focus on fitting, I was able to unlock new levels of performance and consistency in my game. By sharing my story and insights, I hope to inspire others to explore similar strategies and realize their full golfing potential. Remember, the key to success lies in adapting and evolving your approach to suit your individual needs and goals. Here’s to longer, straighter drives and a more fulfilling golfing journey ahead!

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### Frequently Asked Questions

#### 1. How did you gain 30 yards with the driver without changing your golf swing?
By making setup changes and using a correctly fit golf club, I was able to increase my distance and accuracy without altering my swing.

#### 2. How did moving the ball further forward and teeing it higher help improve your driving?
Moving the ball forward and teeing it higher allowed me to hit up on the golf ball more, resulting in higher launch angles and less spin for longer drives.

#### 3. Why did you aim your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders to the right when hitting the ball further forward and higher?
By aiming to the right, I offset the club’s natural path to the left, ensuring that the ball would not stray off target despite the extreme setup changes.

#### 4. Why is there a gap between the club face and the ball at address?
Having a gap between the club face and the ball helps me keep my shoulders and path neutral, preventing slices and promoting a more consistent ball flight.

#### 5. How did you increase your club head speed and distance without changing your swing mechanics?
Through proper fitting and setup adjustments, I gained more freedom in my swing, allowing me to generate more speed and hit the ball longer and straighter.