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Watch this lesson to consistently hit your driver straight!

## Fixing Jason’s Slice: A Live Golf Lesson with Golfers Transformed

### Introduction
Welcome back to Golfers Transformed. In today’s live lesson, we have Jason, who has been struggling with a chronic slice in his golf game. Despite trying everything to fix it, Jason is here to work on his slice and improve his overall game. We are excited to share a simple move that will help him fix his slice in just two shots and make his game more consistent, especially with his driving. Let’s dive into Jason’s lesson and see how we can help him transform his golf game.

### Meet Jason
Jason is a member of team me and my golf, and he recently won a brand new set of TaylorMade golf equipment and some coaching sessions with us. Today, Jason is here to work on fixing his slice once and for all. We are determined to help him improve his game and eliminate that dreaded slice from his shots. Let’s see how we can help Jason enhance his golf game and take his skills to the next level.

#### Identifying the Issue
Before we dive into the lesson, let’s take a look at Jason’s current golf swing and analyze what’s causing his slice. Based on the shots he has hit during warm-up, it’s evident that his shots are consistently slicing to the right, missing fairways and causing frustration. We need to address the root of the problem and understand why Jason is struggling with his slice.

#### Swing Analysis
As we examine Jason’s swing, we notice that on the way back, his club swings well, but on the way down, the club moves in front and cuts across the golf ball, resulting in a slice to the right. This over-the-top motion is a common cause of slicing in golfers, and we need to correct this to help Jason eliminate his slice and improve his accuracy on the course.

#### Pivot Motion Adjustment
One key aspect that we need to focus on is Jason’s pivot motion. By improving his body’s rotation and syncing up his arms and body movements, we can give him more time to square the club face and deliver straighter shots. We need to work on getting the club shaft to match his lead arm’s position and create a smoother pivot motion that will enhance his swing and eliminate the slice from his shots.

#### Body Alignment Drill
To help Jason feel the correct body motion, we guide him through a body alignment drill that emphasizes proper pivot motion and rotation. By adjusting his posture and focusing on his hip movement and shoulder rotation, we aim to instill the right feel and create a more efficient swing that will lead to better ball striking and accuracy.

#### Practice Makes Perfect
As Jason practices the new pivot motion and body alignment, we encourage him to rehearse the movements and reinforce the correct mechanics in his swing. By consistently practicing the new techniques, Jason can train his body and mind to execute the desired swing pattern and see improvements in his ball flight and overall game performance.

### Applying the Changes
After working on the pivot motion adjustment and body alignment drill, Jason takes a few shots to test out the changes and see how they impact his ball flight. With a focus on increasing the pivot motion and creating a more synchronized swing, Jason aims to eliminate the slice and improve his shot dispersion on the course. Let’s see how these adjustments translate into his shots and if he can achieve more consistent and accurate ball striking.

### Conclusion
In conclusion, fixing a slice in golf requires identifying the root cause of the issue and addressing it through proper swing mechanics and adjustments. By focusing on pivot motion, body alignment, and consistent practice, golfers like Jason can improve their swing and eliminate slicing from their shots. We hope that Jason’s lesson serves as a valuable learning experience for all golfers looking to enhance their game and overcome common swing faults. Stay tuned for more tips and insights from Golfers Transformed as we help golfers like Jason transform their game and achieve success on the course.

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### Frequently Asked Questions

#### 1. How can I fix my golf slice with just two simple moves?
Answer: By improving your pivot motion and ensuring that your club shaft is roughly 90 degrees when your lead arm is parallel to the ground, you can fix your slice in just two moves.

#### 2. What is causing my golf ball to slice so far to the right?
Answer: The cause of your slice is likely due to a lack of sync between your club’s swing path and your body motion. Improving your pivot motion and club positioning can help correct this issue.

#### 3. How can I improve my body pivot in my golf swing?
Answer: By practicing a drill where you focus on matching the club over your shoulders and creating a pivot motion that involves your hips and shoulders moving more, you can improve your body pivot in your golf swing.

#### 4. Why is it important to have a good backswing motion in golf?
Answer: A good backswing motion allows you more time to square the club face, giving you a better chance at hitting straighter shots. Rushing the backswing can lead to slicing or other detrimental ball flights.

#### 5. How can fear or anxiety about hitting the driver impact my golf swing?
Answer: Fear or anxiety about hitting the driver can lead to rushed swings and a lack of proper mechanics, resulting in slices or other poor shots. Practicing good backswing and body pivot techniques can help alleviate these issues.