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Ansley Golf Club Membership Cost

ansley golf club membership cost
ansley golf club membership cost

Atlanta is a historic city with plenty of history in the golf and country club business. We all think of Augusta National as the premier golf club in Georgia. However, Atlanta has many top spots that golfers like to call home. If you have been wondering how much it might cost to join a country club in Atlanta, we have you covered. In our complete guide, take a look at what Atlanta country clubs have to offer, how much they cost, and what it takes to get in.

How Much Does It Cost To Join A Country Club In Atlanta?

To join a country club in Atlanta, expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $1200 a month in dues. Initiation fees will range from approximately $5000 to $80000. Sometimes an initiation fee can be financed or paid over time, but the initiation fees are often due upfront.

Atlanta has several different levels of private country clubs. Some are smaller, with fewer amenities and a larger membership base that helps to keep the pricing down. Others, like Druid Hills or Ansley, are a bit more exclusive and require larger initiation fees, strict initiation policies, and a top-notch membership experience.

Regardless of what type of Atlanta country club membership you are looking for, here are five country clubs in the local area and what they have to offer.

5 Atlanta Country Clubs and Their Pricing

To give you a better idea as to how much it costs to join a country club in Atlanta, we thought it would be helpful to give you a sampling of some of the clubs in the area and the fees they charge. Keep in mind that fees for country clubs change on a yearly basis, and that is why we use ranges when providing these numbers.

Berkeley Hills Country Club

The Berkeley Hills Country Club has been around since 1964 and is a member-owned private country club. The club features 18 holes of golf, and it does have a driving range and practice facility.

Golfers that play Berkeley hills will enjoy the large clubhouse veranda that overlooks the final hole. One of the things that help make Berkeley one of the more affordable selections in the Atlanta area is that they offer both social membership and several different junior golf memberships.

The social membership at Berkeley Hills is an excellent choice for the occasional golfer, as it does include 8 rounds of golf per year.

Expect initiation fees to be in the $3000-$15000 range depending on the type of membership. Dues will range from under $600 a month for a social membership to $850 or more for the full golf membership.

Druid Hills Country Club

The Druid Hill Country Club is one of the prettiest in Atlanta. The first time we saw the Druid Hills Country Club was on a trip to the Fernbank museum across the street. Even from the museum, looking up at the golf course, you can tell that Druid Hills is in impeccable shape. The golf club offers a practice range, PGA Professionals on staff, a swimming pool, a tennis facility, and a first-class fitness facility.

Druid Hills has been around since the early 1900s, and they proudly host one of the country’s most impressive amateur golf championships. The Dogwood Invitational is a favorite of all members and has had several past champions go on to become professional golfers.

The initiation fees at Druid Hills are in the $50,000-$90,000 range, depending on the type of membership you purchase. Full golf, sports, and social memberships are among the choices. Annual dues should be in the $5000-$12,000 range annually.

Eagles Landing Country Club

Eagles Landing Country Club is located “comfortable south” of Atlanta. If you know anything about the Atlanta area and would rather avoid some of that traffic on your way to and from the course, Eagles Landing Country Club could be a good solution.

At Eagles Landing, you can access golf, tennis, swimming, dining, and a premium fitness facility. The Eagles Landing golf course is composed of three different nine-hole options. The Fazio design is a great choice for both low and high handicappers.

Membership initiation fees at Eagles Landing are said to be in the $5000-$15000 range, with monthly dues in that same $7000-$10,000 range. The three different membership options include a full golf membership, a lifestyle membership, and a clubhouse membership.

The Eagles Landing Country Club is owned by a larger conglomerate, so you will get national access to more than 200 golf clubs, a nice benefit for those who like to travel.

Ansley Golf Club

The Ansley Golf Club is a special place; talking to Atlanta area golfers, you will find that Ansley is an exclusive golf club that is not all that easy to get into. In fact, membership is by board invitation only, and you have to be sponsored by five current members of the club. Essentially if all your friends belong to Ansley, you’ve got a great shot at it.

Membership nominations are reviewed for 60 days, so even if you get your foot in the door, you still need to be on your best behavior. Ansley Golf Club prides itself on being family-orientated, fun, and friendly.

Two clubhouses have both fine dining and casual dining. Clay tennis courts and a full fitness center will keep you in great shape; in addition, Ansley offers 27 holes between the Midtown and Settindown locations.

If you didn’t already guess, the initiation fees at Ansley are going to be in the $60,000+ range, but to get the actual numbers; you will have to talk to membership staff. Dues will range from $8000 annually and up, depending on the membership you choose.

Hawks Ridge Golf Club

Hawks Ridge Golf Club is outside the Atlanta area in Ball Ground, Georgia. Hawk’s Ridge is a beautiful 18-hole golf course designed by Bob Cupp. If you catch the correct sunlight at Hawks Ridge, it truly is one of the most beautiful places to be.

This is a great golf club for those living within the gates of the community. However, there are membership types for all situations, including a discounted national membership for those more than 100 miles away.

Hawks Ridge has a state-of-the-art training facility for golfers that love to practice. In addition, there is a clubhouse that includes guest cottages. If you prefer to arrive for your tee time by helicopter, the helipad at Hawks Ridge can undoubtedly help. With the clubhouse here, you will have a grill room and tavern but no pool or tennis. Hakws Ridge is more of a golf club than a country club.

Initiation fees are in the $25,000-$40,000 range. In addition, the number of memberships will be limited to 290. The bottom line here is that you will never have a hard time getting out to play.

Annual dues vary greatly because of the different membership types but expect anywhere from $5000-$10,000 for the year.

Membership Types for Atlanta Country Clubs

Not all golf country clubs in Atlanta will offer the same membership types. The type of membership you choose will significantly impact the total costs you pay for both initiation fees and dues. Check with the club’s membership director you are interested in to see which types of memberships are available and which will fit your needs for an Atlanta club.

Full Golf Membership (Family Membership)

Full golf membership is usually the highest category of membership at a country club. If a club has golf, tennis, fitness, and swimming facilities, expect the full golf membership to get you full access. Most of the full golf memberships include your spouse and children up to the age of 23 (some clubs 25).

Junior Golf Membership Categories

Country Clubs in Atlanta fully understand the need to bring in young working professionals. Young working professionals will keep the financial health of the club strong. Most junior golf memberships will have a rate that increases as the junior ages. When you get close to the 40-50 year range, the pricing may go do full dues.

National Golf Memberships

For some country club members that don’t live close enough to the club to use it daily, a national golf membership can be a good solution. National golf membership allows members to experience reduced costs and use the club when they are in town.

Social Membership

Social membership can include access to club events, dining, and, many times, the pool.

Dining or Clubhouse

Dining or clubhouse memberships can be very similar to clubhouse membership at country clubs. Make sure to iron out the details as to what is included in a dining or clubhouse membership.Mmany times, the dining facilities are the only thing included.


Corporate golf memberships are for local business owners. With a corporate membership, expect a business to have several employees join under the same executive account. Many membership directors will work out a deal with a business. The deals are done to ensure they get the playing time and the pricing they need to handle their business dealings out on the golf course.


When Atlanta area country clubs also have homes surrounding them, you can ask about a resident membership. Living within the community’s gates may change and impact equity memberships quite a bit.

Summer Membership

For some prestigious clubs in the Atlanta area, you can forget about a summer membership. However, there are some areas where the population may not be as high. In these areas, the demand for membership is slightly lower. Summer membership often goes from May-September, and they have reduced rates and an incentive to join at the end of the season.

What Amenities Can You Expect At An Atlanta Country Club?

Now that you have a better idea as to how much it costs to join a country club in Atlanta let’s take a look at what you will get for your money. Of course, the country clubs in the area are all very different. You can’t expect the same features as you move from one to the next.

Our recommendation is to list the things that matter the most to you and then pick a club that can check as many boxes as possible.

  • Practice range and golf learning facility
  • Golf courses (anywhere from 18 to 36 holes)
  • Golf shop
  • Golf tournaments and events
  • Halfway house (snacks at the turn)
  • Ladies Day
  • Men’s Day
  • Social Activities (Cards, book club, volunteer opportunities)
  • Fitness center
  • Casual Dining
  • Formal Dining
  • Pool
  • Tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Bocce
  • Camps for children

What Are The Benefits of Joining A Country Club In Atlanta?

One of the great things about joining a country club in Atlanta is the fact that you will get to use it most of the year. Atlanta has a cold winter season, but it’s short. In addition, many country clubs will still create activities for their members to use from time to time. This can include special dining events, dances, and fitness classes all year long.

Here are a few of the top benefits of joining a country club in Atlanta:

Social Opportunities

Joining a country club in Atlanta will help you meet a wide range of people. These people will have similar likes and interests and may even know some of the same people that you do. Country club members in Atlanta can tell you that some of their lifelong friends are those they met at the country club.

Better Golf Course Conditions

When the number of players is limited and the golf maintenance budget increases, the direct result is better golf course conditions. Members of golf clubs in Atlanta benefit from impressive golf course conditions. In additional a wide range of tournaments and events to participate in.

Lifestyle Benefits and Family Time

Family time is easy to find when you are a country club member. Whether you decide to head to the pool, out for dinner, or enjoy some time on the tennis courts, there are various opportunities that you can get the family together for some quality time.

A Break From The Hectic Lifestyle

Have you driven through Atlanta during rush hour? If you have, then you can fully understand the need for an escape. The country clubs in the Atlanta area allow you to get away from it all. Some of these country clubs feel like a resort that will leave you forgetting how close you are to the hustle and bustle.

Atlanta vs. Country Clubs Across The Nation (Average Costs)

The average cost of country clubs in Atlanta is a bit higher than it is in other areas of the country. The most significant difference in cost is in the initiation fees category. With some average initiation fees across the country being in the $8000-$15000 range, several of the top Atlanta area clubs with triple and quadruple this number.

Atlanta is an affluent area with an 18% higher cost of living than the rest of Georgia. In our research, we found that moving just outside the city limits is a way to save a bit of money.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide helped bring you an answer to the question, “how much does it cost to join a country club in Atlanta.” Joining a country club is much more than just cost. Take a look at some of our other guides and advice for those that are ready to enjoy the country club life.