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Cohasset Golf Club Membership Cost

cohasset golf club membership cost
cohasset golf club membership cost

COHASSET – Cohasset Golf Club won’t celebrate its125th anniversary until next year, but the membership has reason to celebrate this year, too.

The private club with more than 600 members, will hold a grand opening of its newly renovated clubhouse on Friday, the sparkling result of a $3 million, membership-supported overhaul begun Nov. 1.

“All of this was done . . . to try to stay relevant,” club general manager Jim Simmons said. “The golf industry is changing, trying to get younger people involved in the game. One thing that’s happened is that we’ve gone from 18 junior program families to 62 in the last two or three years, so they’re coming in younger. Then you start developing golf and tennis programs for different age levels.”

The new-look clubhouse has been granted high marks by members who followed it from blueprints to completion, said Paul Tedeschi, who took over as Cohasset Golf Club president last year.

“Great changes, for sure,” said Tedeschi. “It was a response to our members’ realizing that our club is shifting and constantly growing, and the new trend seemed to be toward younger families, younger couples and singles joining the club. That’s great for us because it solidifies our future.”

The Ross Lounge, serving appetizers, light fare and cocktails, the 1894 Grille Room for formal dining and the Cohasset Room function hall for bridal showers, weddings, golf and tennis tournament award dinners – all renovated areas – along with a new wraparound mahogany deck, exceeded Simmons’ expectations. He was on hand daily during construction, observing close-up the contractors’ execution of the architectural plans.

“The new Ross Lounge used to be a formal dining room,” Simmons said, “but when you’re trying to attract younger membership, the trend is to move toward more casual dining. When it was formal, it wasn’t getting used very much.”

Bearing its new identity, and amenities, the Ross Lounge is expected to gain in popularity with a new bar, granite counter tops, fireplace, big-screen TV, and lots of windows overlooking the 18th green and the club’s four tennis courts.

The lounge is named for Donald J. Ross, the legendary golf course architect from Scotland, whose redesign around 1909 increased Cohasset from six to nine holes, then expanded the course from nine holes to 18 in 1922.

The deck extends to a point where members can view the first tee and leads to the 1894 Grille Room, where formal dinner offerings can be selected from a menu devised by executive chef Chris Finn from his newly situated kitchen. 1894 refers to the year in which the golf club was founded.

When warmer weather sets in, members and their guests can dine outdoors on the deck, which will be covered as protection from the sun.

Whichever dining spot is chosen, indoors or out, the accent is on allowing for expansive views of the golf course and tennis courts. Hence, the removal of walls in favor of windows . . . and windows . . . and more windows.

“We’re trying to take advantage of the spectacular views, which was never done here before. The dining was all indoors,” said Simmons, whose Scottish lilt filled the space when he guided an inquisitive reporter on a recent tour of the clubhouse.

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Simmons has been in the United States since 1995. He’s in his sixth season as club general manager, preceded by stints as GM at North Andover Country Club and food and beverage manager at Winchester CC.

One of the big challenges, Simmons said, is developing new programs but retaining the tradition of the club, paying homage to its history and those who were part of it. Plaques listing former club presidents, past tournament golf and tennis champions adorn the walls.

If you think things are popping this spring, wait till next year when Cohasset Golf Club celebrates its 125th anniversary. Melissa Browne, former club golf champion and the club’s only female president (2006-08), is co-chairwoman of the 125th committee with Deb Flanagan.

“We’re just starting the planning now, putting a committee together to think about possible events, how we can include as many members as possible in the celebration and make sure that everybody has a good time and can participate at some point during the summer,” Browne said. “We know there’ll be a gala, family events, a golf event, tennis event, everything we can do to help all the members appreciate what a wonderful club they have and how lucky they are to be members.

“Deb Flanagan, Jim Simmons and I are just now identifying the people who will be on the committees to spearhead the various events. We’ll be working with all the incredibly talented members and staff we have here. I’m sure they’ll do all the hard work. We have the easy part. They’re the ones who’ll make it happen.”