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Dean Chitren Golf Cost

Golf is a popular sport played by millions of people around the world. It is a game that requires a combination of physical and mental skills to succeed. The objective of the game is to hit a small ball into a series of holes using a variety of clubs, with the lowest number of strokes possible. It is played on a large outdoor course with natural obstacles such as trees, water hazards, and sand traps. One of the most famous golf courses in the world is Augusta National, which hosts the annual Masters Tournament.

Who is Dean Chitren?

Dean Chitren is a professional golfer who has gained popularity for his golf instruction and coaching videos on YouTube. He has been playing golf for over 30 years and has competed at the highest levels of the sport. Chitren has won several amateur and professional tournaments and has played alongside some of the greatest golfers of all time, including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

Dean Chitren Reviews

Dean Chitren has gained a following on YouTube for his informative and entertaining golf instruction videos. His reviews of golf equipment, courses, and techniques are highly respected by both amateur and professional golfers.

Equipment Reviews

One of the most popular aspects of Chitren’s channel is his equipment reviews. He provides in-depth analysis of the latest golf clubs, balls, and accessories on the market. He also offers tips on how to choose the right equipment for your game based on your skill level, swing speed, and other factors.

Course Reviews

Another popular aspect of Chitren’s channel is his course reviews. He travels to some of the most famous golf courses in the world and provides a detailed analysis of each hole, as well as tips on how to play each one. His reviews cover both the physical layout of the course and the mental strategies needed to succeed on each hole.

Technique Reviews

Chitren’s instructional videos cover a wide range of golf techniques, from the basics of grip and stance to more advanced techniques like the draw and fade shots. He provides clear and concise explanations of each technique, as well as tips on how to practice and perfect them.

Dean Chitren’s Teaching Philosophy

Dean Chitren’s teaching philosophy is based on the idea that golf is a mental game as much as it is a physical one. He emphasizes the importance of mindset and focus in achieving success on the golf course. He also stresses the need for consistency in technique, and encourages his students to practice regularly to improve their skills.

Chitren believes that golf is a game that can be enjoyed at any age or skill level. He encourages his students to have fun while playing and not to get too caught up in their scores or performance. He also stresses the importance of good sportsmanship and respect for other players on the course.

Chitren’s approach to teaching is to break down complex techniques into simple, easy-to-understand steps. He uses a variety of teaching methods, including video analysis, hands-on demonstrations, and drills to help his students improve their skills.

Dean Chitren’s Golf Instruction Videos

Chitren’s golf instruction videos cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of grip and stance to more advanced techniques like the flop shot and bunker play. His videos are highly visual, with clear demonstrations of each technique and tips on how to practice and improve.

One of the unique aspects of Chitren’s videos is his use of slow-motion footage to highlight key aspects of each technique. He also provides helpful tips on how to correct common mistakes and improve consistency in your swing.

Chitren’s videos are also highly engaging and entertaining, with a lighthearted and humorous approach to instruction. He uses anecdotes and personal experiences to help his viewers relate to the challenges of the game and to inspire them to keep working on their skills.

Dean Chitren’s Top 10 Golf Courses

Course NameLocationRating out of 10Difficulty levelOverall experienceAugusta NationalAugusta, Georgia10HardExceptionalPebble BeachPebble Beach, CA9.5ModerateAmazingSt. AndrewsSt. Andrews, UK9HardUnforgettablePinehurst ResortPinehurst, NC8.5ModerateChallengingBandon Dunes GolfBandon, OR8HardBreathtakingWhistling StraitsKohler, WI8ModerateScenicKiawah IslandKiawah Island, SC7.5HardRelaxingRoyal County DownNewcastle, UK7HardPicturesqueBethpage BlackFarmingdale, NY7HardDemandingTPC SawgrassPonte Vedra Beach, FL6.5ModerateMemorable

Dean Chitren’s Top 10 Golfers of All Time

Golfer NameMajor WinsCareer WinsWorld RankingPGA Tour WinsTiger Woods1582182Jack Nicklaus1873N/A73Ben Hogan964N/A64Sam Snead782N/A82Arnold Palmer762N/A62Gary Player9163N/A24Phil Mickelson5452745Tom Watson839N/A39Bobby Jones713N/A13Walter Hagen1145N/A45

Dean Chitren’s Top 10 Golf Accessories

Accessory NameDescriptionPrice RangeUser RatingProsGolf GPS WatchGPS-enabled smartwatch that provides yardage and scores$100-$5004.5/5Accurate yardage readings, easy to use, no subscription feesGolf RangefinderHandheld device that measures distances to the green$100-$4004/5Accurate measurements, lightweight and portableGolf BagBag to carry golf clubs and accessories$50-$5004/5Durable, spacious, easy to carry, multiple pocketsGolf ShoesShoes designed specifically for golfing$50-$2004.5/5Comfortable, good grip, waterproof, stylish designGolf UmbrellaUmbrella designed to protect golfers from rain and sun$20-$504/5Large size, sturdy, windproof, UV protectionGolf Push CartCart designed to carry golf bag and accessories$100-$3004.5/5Easy to push, foldable, durable, saves energyGolf GlovesGloves designed to improve grip and protect hands$10-$304/5Good grip, comfortable, durable, affordableGolf Training AidDevice designed to improve swing and putting technique$20-$1004/5Effective, easy to use, portable, affordableGolf Club HeadcoverCover designed to protect golf club heads$10-$504/5Protects clubs from scratches, stylish designs availableGolf Ball RetrieverDevice designed to retrieve golf balls from water hazards$20-$504/5Easy to use, lightweight, durable, saves money on new balls

xDean Chitren’s Top 10 Golf Courses in the USA

Course NameLocationRating out of 10Difficulty levelOverall experienceAugusta National Golf ClubAugusta, GA10HardExceptionalPebble Beach Golf LinksPebble Beach, CA9.5ModerateAmazingPinehurst ResortPinehurst, NC8.5ModerateChallengingBethpage BlackFarmingdale, NY8HardDemandingTPC SawgrassPonte Vedra Beach, FL7.5ModerateMemorableTorrey Pines Golf CourseLa Jolla, CA7.5ModerateScenicKiawah Island ResortKiawah Island, SC7.5HardRelaxingWhistling StraitsKohler, WI7ModerateScenicBandon Dunes Golf ResortBandon, OR7HardBreathtakingErin Hills Golf CourseErin, WI7ModerateUnforgettable

Dean Chitren’s Top 10 Golf Tournaments

Tournament NameLocationPrize Money (in millions)Field SizeDefending ChampionThe MastersAugusta, GA$11.588Hideki MatsuyamaU.S. OpenVarious locations in the US$12.5156Jon RahmThe Open ChampionshipVarious locations in the UK$10.8156Collin MorikawaPGA ChampionshipVarious locations in the US$11.0156Phil MickelsonRyder CupVarious locationsN/A24EuropeFedEx Cup PlayoffsVarious locations in the US$60.030Patrick CantlayPlayers ChampionshipPonte Vedra Beach, FL$15.0144Justin ThomasWGC-Dell Technologies Match PlayAustin, TX$10.564Billy HorschelBMW PGA ChampionshipVirginia Water, Surrey$8.0156Tyrrell HattonDubai Desert ClassicDubai, UAE$3.0126Paul Casey


Dean Chitren’s reviews and instructional videos are a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their golf game. His emphasis on mindset, consistency, and enjoyment of the game make him a popular and respected voice in the world of golf instruction. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Chitren’s videos are sure to provide helpful tips and insights to help you take your game to the next level.