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Eagle Point Golf Club Membership Cost

Raleigh native here..

So much to consider here..

First off – some of the clubs in NC will be off limits to a northerner coming down – its one of those situations were it doesn’t matter how much money you have; its “who is your family and who do you know”…. Eagle point is awesome, super heavy on golf and amazing conditioning.. basically a mens golf club.. playground of the rich and famous of Charlotte and Raleigh that have homes on Figure Eight island..

The Raleigh clubs –

Carolina CC – unless your family is a member, don’t worry about it.. bad golf course.. more of a social scene than golf club.. great club house.. very old membership

Raleigh CC – just now redoing its course.. was D. Ross’s last course before he died.. cutting down a ton of trees and should be great when its done.. look into the whole McConnell golf club thing cause you can play a ton of clubs in the area with membership to one club.. RCC is only really golf.. terrible pool.. okay food.. ugly clubhouse.. but the golf is good..

**The McConnell thing is kind of unique and you can find something that you are looking for there – farther north of raleigh is Wakefield (they have a Korn Ferry event there every year).. Treyburn is great, but basically in Durham..

North Ridge CC – two courses that are in good shape, but I wouldn’t call them top tier courses.. good golfers.. every hole is surrounded by homes.. lots of walking and gets a ton of play (its a kinda oversold and can be hard to get a tee time) .. getting a younger membership.. more family oriented.. clubhouse is very dated..

Prestonwood CC – huge club with probably >1000 members – 54 holes – have a senior tour even there every year – Its in Cary (raleigh suburb) – I personally think the courses are pretty boring layouts – don’t see alot of people walking the times that I have been there (but thats only twice)

Old Chatham – another mens golf club that super focuses on golf.. good conditioning.. the kinda course you take a caddie and really try to get good at golf.. in the woods.. had a USGA event recently.. I too was surprised it was in the mid 50s in golf..

If location doesn’t matter to you and you can work from anywhere – keep in mind that Pinehurst is only like 1 hour from Raleigh – you cant fall out of bed without landing on a good course around there.. Pinehurst is a blast, mid-pines, pine-needles, mid-south, tobacco road.. CCNC.. all amazing tracts..