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Lionsgate Golf Membership Cost

I’m in a very similar situation, i.e., a few years left before I hit 35. Not sure about you, but I’m married to a non-golfer and have two little boys who I hope will come to enjoy golf with me.

I’m a new “member” to GreatLife, and I’d say the overall experience has been somewhere between okay and good. The staff/people are fantastic, and the pricing is great. The above comments about their intended goal of going private is something that I’ve also heard. That said, there are enough of the usual non-private headaches (slow play, poor course conditions, outside events) that have me looking at going private. Falcon and Prairie are in good shape. Deer Creek continues to have the same struggles with greens and teeboxes. I’ve also heard that GreatLife is trying to make Canyon Farms its centerpiece, whatever that means.

I’ve only spoken to Wolf Creek and Shadow Glen so far. Here are my thoughts:

Shadow Glen – It’s the best I’ve seen in town in terms of the quality of the course, practice facilities, and clubhouse/locker rooms. The handful of members whom I met seemed really nice. It had a down-to-earth and not at all stuffy vibe, which I liked. They have three membership tiers, a junior membership (under 35), an intermediate membership (35-40), and a full membership (40+). Initiations have been around 4k, 6k, and 10k, and monthly pre-tax dues are around 450, 620, and 800. They have a number of additional leagues/competitions that look like fun. If golf is the focus and the location isn’t off-putting for you, this might be your best bet.

Wolf Creek – You probably know already that this is exclusively a men’s club. Personally, I don’t mind that aspect or how far south this club is located (183rd and Lackman). That said, I was a little put off by what I thought was a high initiation of 12.5k. I think this number was much lower a few years back, but my guess is that the club succeeded in driving up membership. There are only two membership levels, junior (under 40) and full (40+), and the respective pre-tax monthly dues are about 400 and 600.

I reached out to Lionsgate, as that happens to be the geographically closest one to me. I’ve not heard anything back. Having played it a couple times before, it’s usually really well maintained. Plenty of people in the area are quick to knock it as boring, subdivision golf. I don’t necessarily share that view, but I understand it.


EDIT: Adding a note to say that I left GreatLIFE before the end of the contract and joined Lionsgate. It’s only been a few months, but I’ve been very pleased.